” As we keep to the practice of anapanasati meditation, we enter into the phase of VIPASSANA and we begin to understand that we are essentially a THIRD-EYE. We understand that we are a SOUL. This is called ENLIGHTENMENT. “– Brahmarshi Patriji


Patriji“Enlightenment” is defined as … understanding one’s own vast multi-dimensional existence.

The purpose of all life is to enjoy.

Enjoyment is at directly proportional to “Enlightenment”.

“Enlightenment” is of the intellect. And, Intellect is the child of Meditation.

When you become “enlightened”, you come out of misery, you come out of indolence, you come out of frustration, you come out of the fear of failure. And, you acquire a rustic spiritual common sense .. and at the same time a crystal-clear scientific common sense.

Meditation is the only way for “Enlightenment”. Meditation Procedure…

– Brahmarshi Patriji


PSSM is a grand New Age Movement. We are all in a great New Age. The old age is fast receding and the New Age is dawaning.

PSSM is a great New Age Movement, founded in India and rapidly spreading all over the world.

About 30 years back when one person become enlightened, the Movement began. When any person becomes enlightened, a Movement begins all over the world. Like when you throw a stone in a pond, then the ripples will start and will spread all over the pond.

“When Mahaveer become enlightened, a whole new Movement started. When Buddha got enlightened, a whole new Movement started. When Adi Shankaracharya got enlightened, a whole new Movement started. When Jesus Christ got enlightened, a whole new Movement started. When Mohammed became enlightened, a whole new Movement started.”

Before enlightenment, there is always search for truth. When the search for truth gets culminated in personal experience of truth, then that is called as “Enlightenment”.

Without a search for truth, there is no beginning of “Enlightenment”. What is truth? Truth that transcends all limitations of space, time and situation. That’s truth. If something is constant in all times and in all spaces and in all situations, then that particular ‘thing’ is called truth.

Meditation is the only way for Enlightenment. Brahmarshi Patriji