" Meditation is my Life "



I am Indira, a qualified Medical Doctor.


I am also the Secretary of Pyramid Doctors Association, Kurnool, and the Treasurer of Buddha Pyramid Meditation Centre, Kurnool.


I attended Dhyana Maha Yagnam at Kurnool during the period December 25th to 31st December, year 2000. I listened to Patriji’s speech ... which simply mesmerized me !


Around the time I got a spiritual magazine “ Self Realisation ” from Kolkata. In that, one sentence attracted me very much ... “ The soul, the form of god, is within you. If you delay in doing meditation even for five minutes you are wasting decades in your life ”. I realised that my immediate task is to do regular meditation.


On 1st January, 2001, I started meditation in my house. In my very first sitting, within minutes, I went into deep meditation. Shirdi Sai talked to me. He gave me the message “ Dukharahithy amannade janma rahithyam ... If you spend your life without sorrows, then that will be your last life ! ”. He advised me to follow this through out my life.


However, how can I get rid of the sorrows ? The only way ... I discovered ... was to do meditation !


Ever since, I am following his advise, and doing regular meditation. I have splendid meditational experiences !


I saw many masters and gods. I experienced bliss internally which I had never experienced in my earlier life ! I am now doing meditation every day. The benefits which I got through meditation are :-


  • I got relief from my migraine headache totally.
  • My relations with all my people improved.
  • Meditation gave me constant positive attitude. The attitude of helping others increased.
  • Previously I had no great interest in life. However, after meditation, I began to understand the specific purpose of my life.
  • I have completely lost the fear of death ! And I am able to face the challenges in life more courageously.
  • The zeal to know more about spirituality increased. Because of that I met many spiritual masters.
  • I realized that everything has its own importance in nature. Nature treats everybody equal.
  • I realized that the soul within me and in others is equal and the same !

I am now giving more importance for meditation and meditation teaching programmes.


All unnecessary desires in me decreased. However, I carry out, enthusiastically, all my duties !


My husband used to suffer from backache, he was advised surgery. The backache subsided through his continuous meditation.


Meditation and my profession


As mothers look after their babies with utmost care, masters do take care of the meditators. My patients are being looked after well by me because of the suggestions ... that I keep receiving from masters from time to time !


One day, a pregnant woman was admitted at Mother Theresa Hospital, Kurnool, A.P. with labour pains and with full dilation, about to deliver.


However, I was busy otherwise. I gave a thought in my mind that the woman should not deliver till I reach ... it would take hours for me to reach.


After completion of my work, I went to the hospital. By then the pains ceased, and I attended to that woman’s delivery. I was astonished to see that my thought power stopped labour pains !


A pregnant woman with labour pains was admitted at midnight. I advised the sister to give Cyfron and Dezolic injections. I came back home, and after half an hour, I received a phonecall that the patient is getting allergic reaction to drugs.


I advised the sister some drugs to nullify the allergic reaction. After half an hour, I received yet another phone-call from the same sister requesting me to come to hospital to conduct the delivery.


I rushed to the hospital and found that the patient was in a state of shock. With great difficulty, with the help of other specialists, I made the patient survive. The woman delivered a healthy male child after recovery from the shock. Actually the patient was not attended by the sister ! I asked sister why she requested me to come to attend the patient. The sister told that ‘ somebody ’ forced her to do the phone-call. Had that phone-call not come, the patient would have been lost !


Masters have given the message through the sister even though the sister has not attended to the patient !


One day, I was doing meditation. In that, I saw some problems and got some solutions also. Later, when I attended to a particular surgery, I encountered the same surgery problems and the same solutions which I earlier experienced in my meditation !


A pregnant woman usually gains weight between 9 to 11 kgs.


One of my patients who is a meditator became pregnant. She gained weight about 20 kgs during her pregnancy. She was maintaining absolute silence throughout pregnancy and also doing meditation. Because of these, the blood pressure was stable.


Usually, a weight gain upto 20 kgs will cause ‘ pregnancy-induced hyper-tension ’. At the time of labour, blood-pressure of this patient shot up, she delivered a male child of 4 kgs though an operation.


It clearly shows that doing continuous meditation throughout pregnancy will reduce all pregnancy problems !


life has totally changed !


My life has totally changed now because of meditation. I am progressing in all directions, in all aspects, especially in my profession where my patients are getting more and more benefits through suggestions I receive from my meditation.


My ambition in life is to teach meditation to all. This is to fulfil Guru Patriji’s desire of ‘ Dhyana Bharath ’ by the year 2008, and ‘ Dhyana Jagath ’ by the year 2012 !



Dr. B. Indira
4/1-203-B3, Kottapeta, Kurnool. A.P.

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