" Asthama is Gone ! "



My fortune has been so kind that I have found the way to a spiritually enriched life !


I had met Patri Master in October of 1997 among a group of fifteen meditators in Mrs. Geetha Reddy’s house. Although from a religious and philosophical family, I had no true knowledge of meditation or experiences in this path.


However, I am now a realized soul and I perceive a great development in myself. I so cherish the past few years ! My continuing practice of meditation and scope for personal development in the future is something I look forward with great hope !


I was an asthma patient right from my birth. My father was in the army so I received every kind of treatment in my early years. I was treated by allopathic doctors and in Kerala I was treated with a course of ayurveda.


At the age of twelve, my life was a total misery ! For one whole year, I was given a penicillin injection every day and one intravenous calcium injection every week ! No child must go through such a torture and that to for so long !


After my marriage, I went to Calcutta where a doctor started treating me with cortizone. Because of this strong drug, I got a disease called ‘ moon face ’ due to the extra water retention in my body. I switched to homoeopathy.


Thus, till my 49th year, I was under various treatments ... and I was finally found to be allergic to no less than 27 items with milk being the main item.


For over a year and a half I had no significant experiences in my meditations. My sisters and I would sit for hours in meditation and my younger sister, who is quite gifted, would have lots of wonderful experiences.


I had none ... till one day I was sitting in meditation and went into my past life ! There I was a man and another man is stabbing me on the back. I am not dead but he ties a big rock on my chest and drops my body into a deep well. I am unable to breathe and I die.


In Calcutta, I have seen this person who had murdered me in that past life. I was sitting in my car when a boy crossed the road in front of us. The slightest glimpse of him caused a panic in my heart without knowing why. In my meditation I have seen that it is the very same boy’s face on a man that had stabbed me in that life.


A few days later Master Patri came to Hyderabad and I told him about this experience. He made me sit in meditation and made me forgive that boy for whatever he had done to me in the previous incarnation. After that I felt an absolute peace in myself ! That very day Master Patri offered me a cup of curd ... which I took with glee !


I had not eaten anything made of milk for about twenty years. From that day till now I have never again had an attack of asthma ! I might have had a cold or the flu, but it has never turned into a form of asthma. I would have had this disease in my old age but now I feel free. I am a new person now !


Now I read lots of New Age books. Every book I read changes something in me, the inner me, into a new form. I am not jealous of another person anymore and many of the ‘ wants ’ in me have considerably lessened.


I used to hoard things for a ‘ rainy ’ day ... but now I take one day at a time there is a lot of peace and joy in me !


Thanks to Master Patri for teaching me meditation and asking me always to go inside and change myself into a better person.



Sherin Banerjee
#24 Park View Enclave, Manovikasnagar P.O., Secunderabad – 500 009

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