" We are a part of the Great Cosmic Plan ! "



Since my childhood, I had many queries ... and almost everything happening around me look like a mystery.


I could never understand why we follow only certain customs and not others. If ‘ God ’ has created us and if we are playing according to ‘ His ’ wish, what is this ‘ karma ’ people talk about ? What is life ? And meny more such qustions used to cross my mind !


All these remained a puzzle to me until I met Prerana, my friend, who led me to meditation. She introduced me to Parimala Patri ... younger daughter of Brahmarshi Patriji with whom I had lots of discussions, and group meditation sessions.


We talked about the Extra sensory perception ... but it was really hard for me to believe them. I was, rather afraid of them. At this moment, books like “ The Prophet ” by Kahlil Gibran, “ You Forever ” by Lobsang Rampa, “ Illusions ” by Richard Bach, etc., fell into my hands. like, I also started reading magazines like “ Pyramid Times ” and “ Pyramid Light ”, published by The Pyramid Spiritual Societies, India.


All these gave me sufficient information ... yet I was reluctant to believe all these because these were contradictory to what I was told since all my early days ! However, I strongly made up my mind to pursue meditation and know the Truth by myself.


One fine day, I met Patriji ... and my interaction with him was the turning point ! I asked him to explain what is fear. He said ... “ You become afraid of something when you are ignorant of it ”.


This made me realize the role of my fear. He asked me to do more meditation and finally reiterated the famous words of Richard Bach :


“ The mark of your ignorance is the depth of your belief in injustice and tragedy ! ”


The task before me then was to get out of my fear by gaining knowledge. By practicing more meditation the first thing I observed was improvement in my health. I started getting visions and also had telepathic communication with my neice Shivani. All these made me realize that there is absolutely something more than the physical senses. However, it was hard for me to digest my own experiences.


Meeting and interacting with many pyramid masters made me realize that acceptance is the key to gain knowledge. I started practicing this ‘ acceptance ’ in everything I received. Since then I observed a great change in me. There was nothing left for me to feel sad ! simultaneously, I started spreading the message of meditational experiences . I also realized that as I started teaching, I started learning more !


Once I met with an accident and had a near-death-experience. I could see myself from outside ! Then I understood that I’m not just body and a mind. There is some thing more !


In one of the meetings with Brahmarshi Patriji, I got the message that “ Awareness is the key for enlightenment ”. In the beginning it was a herculian task to be ‘ aware of everything ’.


With intense practice, however, it became possible and I also could do conscious dreaming !


All these made me realize that we are in a multi-dimensional existence !


One fine day I had a strong thought to start a Meditation Centre in Hindupur. This soon came into reality with the help of masters there. We have group meditation sessions every week and also conduct full-moon meditations. On one such full-moon day, we all had been to ‘ Kailasakona ’ where we meditated the whole night. There I happened to witness a high energy light which gave me the message ... “ Every event in this plane is around the cause and effect phenomenon ”.


Later, reviewing my life, I found this to be true. Since then I started receiving knowledge from within and finally the grand truth ... “ You create your own reality ! ”... revealed itself in all its magnificence to me !


Dear friends ! My message, for everybody, is “ Learn to be a learner ! Have acceptance and awareness to reach the goals ! “


When we are actually creating our own realities, why do we regret for what we are ? We are an invisible part of the great cosmic plan. We are here not to suffer but to enjoy and to learn. We are here not to just live ... but to experience life, in all its intensity !



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