" I Experienced Spiritual Ecstasy "



Trekking with my Dad in my childhood brought me face to face with the wonders of nature.


In the wilderness of Karnataka and Goa, trekking generated an inner enthusiasm to learn and know everything that I did not know.


This urge gave me ... on the knowledge front ... extensive hobbies viz., book reading, philately, coins, stones and shells collection. On the emotional front, I saw myself imbibed with nature while doing gardening or rearing pets like dogs, cats, rabbits, deer, fish and birds. Also it helped me to enjoy my studies and to be a sportsman. Understandings from these varied interests helped me to hold myself.


Deep inside, I always felt this nagging void of lack of knowledge about Life and its purpose. The question “ What is Life ? ” always used to haunt me. I gazed at stars and dreamt of Himalayas and the great mythological Sages. Regardless of this, life went on in its own typical way, as I set about living in its most materialistic form.


Sometime, in August 1994, I stumbled on this book titled “ Be a Master ” written by Brahmarshi Patriji and was instantly drawn towards it. My sister-in-law Sridevi informed me about Brahmarshi Patriji and his spiritual works. I read the book many times and started practicing meditation as suggested in it. I couldn’t progress much. However, I developed a deep desire to personally meet Brahmarshi Patriji.


This desire was fulfilled on 24th July 1996. I met Patriji at his residence in Bagh Amberpet, Hyderabad. At that time he was in a vow of silence.


Nevertheless, he dispelled all my doubts ... writing all the answers to my queries in a note-book ! His awesome enlightenment and bold statements filled me with the needed understanding and knowledge about Life, which I was yearning for since my childhood. In this process he made me abstain from the stupid ‘ meat eating ’ habit, which he confirmed was the sole obstacle in my spiritual pursuits. He put me into meditation then and there and played the flute. He also wrote out a list of books suggested for immediate reading. Those three hours that day was the experience of a life-time ! And I knew that I had met my spiritual master ! That day changed me inside out !


Returning home, I started practicing meditation in right earnest and started reading the recommended books everyday. My spare time ... after office hours ... was totally dedicated for these learnings, which sometimes had a toll on the domestic front. However, my quest for this adventure was supreme and I continued with my new obsession.


In the meantime, through Dr. K. Newton, I acquired spiritual friendships with Gopal Krishna, Srinivas, Sadashiv ... all of them medical stundents in Vijayawada ... they were also deeply involved in this spiritual pursuit. Together with the untiring leadership from Patriji, we were all able to sow the seeds for The Pyramid Spiritual Movement in Vijayawada. It was during one such meeting of Patriji on 19th January 1997, that so many spiritual brethren of Vijayawada discovered their purpose of life.


Masters like Raghava Rao, Padma, Vara Lakshmi, Suresh, Mukherjee etc., answered the clarion call of Patriji ! “ The Vijayawada Pyramid Spiritual Society ” was formed ! Spiritual Message of Patriji spread to all the nooks and corners of the district and the adjoining ones.


My spiritual activities appeared queer to many of my friends and relations. However, there were winds of acceptance on the domestic front. On the New Year day,1999, Patriji set up a marathon session at the Kurnool Pyramid Centre and kindled the spiritual awareness in one more soul. This time it was my wife ... Srilakshmi ... and my family became a “ Pyramid Spiritual Family ”. Patriji was at his best but on that day ! It was something special ! He had an overwhelming impact on my wife !


I read many books written by great spiritual masters and the best were the works of Seth, Ramtha, Osho, Bible, Kahlil Gibran, Richard Bach and Patriji. I always stumbled on the right books whenever I was in search or need for clarity.


My spiritual knowledge was put to test many a times. There was at least one occasion where my spiritual knowledge aided with cassettes and books of Patriji and other great masters had stopped a person from committing suicide !


Life is now so much more meaningful ! Life, now, is so full of clarity and understanding !


Life has become so much more exciting and fearless !


Following in the footsteps of Patriji, I taught meditation to many and shared my spiritual wisdom with many people. I was able to stop the meat eating habits of quite a many !


In Brahmarshi Patriji, we have a real Grand Master ! The visionary and task master that he is, he doesn’t rest till the dream is achieved.


Globalization of the Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement ... by the year 2012 ... will be a certainty ! It is my great privilege to be a part of this mighty Movement !



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