" Meditation Gave me a Brand New Life ! "



I am Soumya.


I am twenty years young ! I have written my final year B.Sc. Biotechnology Examination. I stay in Vasanth Nagar Colony, Kukatpally, Hyderabad.


I was first introduced to meditation in May 2001, when a Pyramid Master explained the importance of meditation.


I was inspired and an urge developed to meditate. However, I could not start ... as I was told by my family ... that it is not the right age to meditate. Again in August, another pyramid master, Jeevan, explained to me about it and this time I declared to myself  “ I’ll meditate at any cost ”.


As earlier, obstacles were expected ! However, I was pleasantly surprised to know that there were none to object my decision. Instantly I understood that “ When a person decides to do something from the core of his heart ... there is nothing in this world which can stop him ” !


Yes ! I started being a meditator !


On 19th August 2001, I attended Patriji’s class in ‘ Agrasen Bhavan ’. I sat in meditation. Many thoughts flashed, one by one. I saw colours, triangles, rectangles ! All this ended in looking at a bright light with the greatest calmness in my own self ! Throughout the sitting, I experienced the ultimate state of bliss ! I was so happy ! I stood still and tears rolled down my eyes !


My journey towards truth, reality, realization, acceptance and Buddha-hood started ! The journey is still going on ... and it, of course, is a never-ending process ! Doing meditation and teaching meditation have become the only mottos of my life. Every time I sit and meditate, I feel that there is something great and amazing about it and I have to know it !


Meditation gave me a brand new life ! I got rid of asthma, fever, dust allergy, skin allergy and many more from which I suffered for many years since my childhood. Through constant meditation practice, I healed all my diseases by myself. Meditation helped me to conquor my depression completely and today I am perfectly alright ! Today I am so active doing everything all the time.


Mentally, I got concentration, memory power, self confidence, will power, thought power, patience, self reliance and most important of all ... I developed the attitude of constant positive thinking. I began accepting myself. I stopped finding faults with others and presently I am leading a most happy and most contented life.


Past two years and nine months, I have had many experiences ... third eye visions, astral experiences ! I started knowing new concepts from astral masters !


Every meditational experience is such a new joy ! I am constantly reminded by all masters, that “ We create our own reality ”.


I have seen many beautiful places through astral travel, and the experience of travel to Manasarover being the best till ! Today I confirm and confidently believe that “ I am God ”. All the spiritual experiences helped me to acquire a multi-dimensional thinking in my life.


I started giving meditational classes in many places in twin cities and many places in Andhra Pradesh. My first class was on 18th January 2002 and from then onwards I have given so many classes in schools, colleges, educational institutions, private firms, offices, temples, etc. I love taking early morning sessions !


I went to Bellary, Vizag, Kurnool, Kadapa, Guntur, Nallapadu, Angalakuduru, Tenali, Valigonda, Nirmal, Adilabad, and many more places to teach meditation.


Teaching gives me tremendous amount of pleasure and contentment in life.


I attend all the classes of Patriji ! Every class creates a new awareness in me !


I have met so many great pyramid masters, attended their classes. Recently I was appointed General Secretary to the “ Pyramid Young Masters Association ”. It is a sister organization of “ Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement ” where Young pyramid masters work for the welfare of their peers ! We conduct classes, rallies, and work for promoting pyramid magazines !


To come to complete understanding, one has to constantly meditate, teach meditation, read a number of books and constantly share experiences !



Soumya A.K.
Vasanth nagar Colony, Kukatpally, Hyderabad

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