" My Spiritual Voyage ! "



A new and magnificent chapter has been opened in my life when I began my spiritual journey, conserving the energies in exploring the unknown.


This phase of life has been sparked in the month of November 1990, when I met Patriji along with my friend Dr. K. Newton. I was a student of the Kurnool Medical College, then.


I grew up in an environment of mischief and academic interests, with a slight family-induced devotion towards ‘ gods ’. My early spiritual background included a multitude of Astral Projections ... which always bestowed a great amount of thrill ... which as per the then knowledge, have been categorised as ‘ hallucinations ’, ‘ coincidences ’, etc. It was Patri Sir who for the first time explained to me the validity of these experiences.


With the advent of Anapanasati, which was never understood by me earlier, meditational experiences started simply pouring down ! Initial experiences included jolts and jerks of Kundalini, and a great many flashes of the Third Eye visions which used to dazzle behind my closed eyes.


Seeing and meeting the Masters became a common phenomenon !


All these experiences were always shared and discussed elaborately with my initial colleagues Dr. Newton, Paul, Prakash, Ranga, Madam Patri etc. The ‘ day ’ never used to be complete without the gathering usually at Patriji’s house after 9’0 clock in the night and the sessions used to run, on many occasions, till the dawn of the next day !


Apart from the meditational experiences and sharing of the same with others, the understanding that “ books are a must for any aspirant ”, had taken roots gradually. Books of Rajneesh, Lobsang Rampa, Richard Bach, Carlos Castaneda, Jane Roberts, Ruth Montgomery, Shirley Maclaine, Neale Donald Walsch etc., were read ardently. Books have always been a source of knowledge, inspiration, and balance. Book reading had become my most regular habit.


Fourteen years passed by. An year of celebration, an year of miraculous events, an year of a serious self-exploration ... thus, a lot of understanding and a lot of changes.


‘ Change ’ is the only thing that seemed to be unchangeable ! All old misconceptions, wrong mental conditionings and half-baked belief systems started melting away. I am greatly indebted to Brahmarshi Patriji for giving this ‘ hair-pin ’ bent to this incarnation, and there is nothing equivalent to repay him back with, other than extending the same help to others.


The following are the changes experienced during this period of my Spiritual Voyage ...


  • I was a bad asthmatic before coming into this field and not a single pill was ever required during the past more than five years.
  • ‘ Lord ’ Hanuman became ‘ Master ’ Hanuman and ‘ Lord Krishna ’ became ‘ Krishna, the Great ’.
  • Forgotten memories of the past have been re-kindled, making me recognise many of my previous lives.
  • ‘ Worry ’ has totally lost it’s meaning.
  • The concept of ‘ dependence ’, in the form of prayer or otherwise, lost it’s force.
  • Spiritual responsibilities have grown, many spiritual tasks have been taken up.

In short, life has acquired a deep meaning and purpose ... and glory ... and delight.


Now, at this juncture, the purpose of life is clear i.e., to share the spiritual wisdom with one and all and to play my role well during the on going frequency change of the planet earth.


My message to everybody is ... keep the intent of enlightenment on fire and be a master.



Dr. G.R. Yugandhar
Srininidhi Apartments 401, Gandhinagar, Hyderabad
Ph: +91 9849296409

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