" Breathing to Enlightenment "



Humanity has entered a New Age of a higher level of consciousness at the turn of the millennium.


Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Mysore and the Mysore Pyramid Spiritual Society have organised a three-hour free meditation workshop and spiritual discourse from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. on tuesday, the 1st June 2004 at the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan Auditorium, Vijayanagar, Mysore. Brahmarshi Patriji, founder of the Pyramid Mysore Spiritual Societies, India, graced the occasion and conducted the proceedings.


This workshop is a significant step towards achieving the grand vision of Brahmarshi Patriji’s Dhyan Jagat ” or “ Spiritualize Planet Mother Earth by the year 2012 ”.


There is, currently, a great upsurge of people in the spiritual path who are endeavouring to seek to improve the quality of their lives and are striving to make the world a better place. We are all spiritual and Anapanasati Meditation being propagated by Brahmarshi Patriji helps to realize the same.


Adi Shankaracharya said ...


“ Punarapi Jananam, Punarapi Maranam, Punarapi Janani Jatare Shayanam ”


Brahmarshi Patriji often quotes this and says: “ If one doesn’t heed this message, then that’s one’s own choice. One has to bear the consequence to be born again and again. The two routes are crystal clear !


“ One can either postpone spirituality and come back again and again, or take up spirituality and make the current birth the final birth. There is no ambiguity whatsoever ! If we decide to be a ‘ disciple ’, or a ‘ devotee ’, we come back again and again ! But if we choose to be a Master, decide to know our own Grand Self, our own Universal Self, our own Cosmic Self, this would be the last birth ! The two ways are crystal clear ! ”

Nothing in life is more important than meditation ! A life that is devoid of meditation soon becomes dull and superficial ! People, who do not meditate, tend to over estimate the things in the world to give meaning to their life and health ... and under-estimate spirituality.


Meditation is not a pleasant escape from life’s sorrows and trials, but has traditionally been proved to be the quickest path to enlightenment. Meditation is an energetic path-way to enlightenment. Meditation is getting back in touch with your soul. Those who refuse to meditate know not what they are missing ! Now is the time to start meditating. Anapanasati Meditation is very easy and not at all difficult. It can be done anywhere and at any time by anyone.


You have to merely sit very comfortably, cross the legs, interlock the fingers of both hands, close the eyes and just observe your natural, normal breath.


Don’t say any mantra and don’t visualize any idol or God during this duration. As one’s attention is slowly directed on one’s normal breathing process during the time of the meditation session, your thoughts will get controlled. By and by, over a period of time, the mind becomes free of thoughts, allowing a spurt of cosmic energy to flow in you, culminating in the opening of the Third Eye.


Thus, all that is emphasized in Anapanasati Meditation is arresting the movement of thoughts and emptying the mind for you to be enlightened, to know yourself ! Make meditation a companion for your lifetime and make life a continuous joy, a continuous celebration ! All ill-health vanishes ! We become naturally efficient in whatever work we take up and we achieve it !


Brahmarshi Patriji is a spiritual leader of great charisma ! Brahmarshi Patriji got enlightened at the age of 28 in the year 1976. And, he started spreading Anapanasati Meditation from such an early age. He started the movement single-handed; he moved about a lot and could often, in those early days, be seen on his motorcycle visiting houses, motivating and teaching people meditation, so that they reap its benefits !


Presently, he is a source of towering strength and inspiration to lakhs of followers of this meditation. This meditation is not only spread all over India, but also abroad. What is truly remarkable is that he has touched so many lives in such a short time ! He puts the audience to practical meditation before leading them to the theory.


“ To touch the soul ... that is to get the answer to, who am I ? ... you have to go within ! And it is only intense being with your normal breath that will lead you to what is being sought ... the reality of the whole mind, the absence of conceptualising. ” This message ... realization is from within ... is universal in appeal and has been the message of the grand masters like Mahavir Or Buddha.


Brahmarshi Patriji is a playful child among children, a common man among ordinary men ! He is perfectly at home among men, women and children ! His simplicity conceals his real grandeur. One finds him spreading the aroma of peace and kindness impregnated with bliss inexpressible.


He is a Spiritual Scientist of the Soul ... probing into the most sacred aspects of man, life and the universe. This wise man’s appearance at this critical juncture, in the history of mankind, has brightened the lives of thousands and ushered in peace and joy for a whole new generation everywhere !


Apart from meditation, the Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement also encourage people to meditate under a pyramid. Pyramids are an extremely powerful source for the collection and dispersion of the freely available cosmic energy in the atmosphere. A meditator sitting below the pyramid transcends into the altered states of consciousness and enjoys extraordinary psychic and spiritual experiences.


More and more meditators in Mysore are building pyramids on the house terraces and permitting the neighbouring people to come and meditate inside it. Such pyramids can be found at J.P. Nagar, Siddartha Nagar, Dattagalli, Hebbal and Vidyaranyapuram. A 25 feet square base, 16 feet high pyramid has also been built in a farmland on Bannur Road and is attracting many visitors everyday.


I have personally met many people who claim that Anapanasati Meditation has transformed their lives, as well as their relationship with themselves and others.



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