" I Existed Before ! I Will Exist Here After ! "



My name is Monish Dhawan. I live in Hyderabad.


Its been four years now that I started Meditation and since then there has been no looking back. It was seven years back, I started my journey towards finding truth and looking for the method of meditation. After searching for three years one day I came across Madam Veralakshmi who taught me meditation and ever since I have been practicing it.


After a few days I meet Brahmarshi Patriji whose formulae of life have been helping me even today in a very simple but impactful way. I started seeing lots of miracles happening in my life. I came in contact with astral masters and received messages which I started applying in my daily life.


Then one day I happened to go, to a workshop conducted by Dr.K.Newton on “ Past Life Regression ” in November 2003, at Hyderabad. This workshop transformed my whole life and all my spiritual knowledge was aligned. It helped me in realizing the vision experienced by me during meditation and books read by me.




Dr. Newton used a technique called creative visualization to make us relaxed and energetic. After some time he regressed us and guided us into our past lives, and I was able to go into my past life and there I saw my self as a lady, who knew two persons there, they are Dr. Newton and Dr. Lakshmi in this life time. Later he continued with his lecture for some time. All this happened in the morning session. In the noon session Dr. Newton practically proved to us that “ Eyes are the windows of the soul ”. Then he asked us to choose a partner and look into his/her eyes without blinking for as long as he asked us to continue. When I followed his instructions I was able to see some of the past lives of my partner.


Then for some time we practiced telepathy. While practicing we realized that all of us possessed telepathic abilities. After that we practiced AURA viewing. Later we discussed many subjects of spiritual realities. In the evening session he explained all the above in detail and conducted with a talk on Spiritual Science.




In the morning session of the second day of the workshop, Dr. Newton asked us to look in to our past life and find out whether we have some one from our past life whom we also know in this life time, and what is the relationship that share in both the life times. In this regression session I saw a friend of mine named-who helped me when I was in the last days of my life in that incarnation and was suffering very badly with a great injury. In this life time she is being helped by me. This session gave me a great understanding on ‘ LAW OF KARMA ’ and how it applies to all of us.


In the second regression session, I happened to see one more incarnation. In that incarnation, I saw three persons. The wonder in this session was seeing that those three persons were along with me in the same workshop. Second wonder was that myself and one among those three named Geeta ( named changed ) was also viewing the same incarnation which I was viewing simultaneously. In this life time Geeta was in great pain and when I saw her I was able to feel that pain in my chest here. Infact, I opened my eyes as I was unable to bear that pain. After a few minutes of discussion on life we were regressed again. This time Dr. Newton asked us to go to the root cause of any problem in our present lifetime which is repeating again and again. Here I chose to find out why I was experiencing accidents involving only knee injuries.


When I was regressed, I went into a past life of mine where I saw myself teaching martial arts to my students, and whoever was not practicing correctly I was breaking their legs without mercy. This was one incarnation. In the same session I also saw another incarnation in which some people came and broke my legs in such a way that I almost died with pain ! In the same life time when I was in my last days my friend Rama was present who served me a lot.


Now she is getting help from me in this life time. After seeing all this I met a master who didn’t tell his name but told me that actually in this life also my legs were supposed to be cut of in an accident as a punishment for what I did to so many people in my past life. But they waived off my punishment because I have dedicated my life to meditation and spreading meditation.


However, they also said that I still have to go through a lot of pain to balance that karma.


From that day I have been feeling a lot of pain in my knees but in the second week of December I received a message that now my balance is cleared and from the moment I received that message, all my pain vanished.


In the noon session Dr. Newton asked us to practice psychometry ... which means getting information from objects by touching them and talking to them. Then he asked us to choose a partner and take an object which belong to them. So, I took a pen from my partner, held it in my hands and followed the suggestion given by Dr. Newton. As I did, I started talking to the pen and I was so surprised when it started giving me all the information about itself and its owner !


When I told all the information that I have received from the pen to my partner she was so surprised to hear the precise information on how she uses it and how it was and how there were plants out there, plants outside my house. After that session, I invited her to my house and she was surprised at her abilities. The amazing thing is that this was the first time I and my partner were meeting each other in our in our whole life.


Now we played one more game. Yes, now all these things had become games for us and we were enjoying ourselves so much playing these games that we almost forget all our problems. This time also we were successful as every one was able to identify the root cause of their partner’s present problem.


The benefits I extracted from this workshop cannot be expressed in words. With this workshop my understanding of spiritual science is growing day by day. I am experiencing many miracles in my life. Since then I am using E.S.P in my daily life.


I am very grateful to Dr.K. Newton for giving me such a wonderful opportunity.


Known is a drop, unknown is an ocean. I realized that I existed before this life, and I will exist after this life.



Monish Dhawan
108-B-Block, Vertexpride

Nizampet, Kukatpally, Hyderabad

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