" Be A Seeker of Truth ! "



I am working as a History Lecturer in a rural College.


I travel daily from Mysore to T. Narasipur, a travel of one hour.


One day I met a bank employee Mrs. Vijaya in the bus who gave me a pamphlet on ‘ Meditation Workshop ’. I attended the morning session of meditation on 18th March 2001 more out of curiosity.


I saw Patri Sir in a white dress, scated cross-legged on the dias, playing flute and teaching meditation. I found his teachings simple and easy to understand. It struck me that I was more or less adopting Buddha’s Eight Fold Path in my life for the past 26 years but unknowingly ! Surprisingly, I did not know how to meditate ! I now know that with meditation, I would be able to turn the knob to spirituality with more precision.


During his discourse, Patri Sir said, “ I lived with Buddha for 40 years. Do more meditation. Have more experiences. ” These sentences were really thought provoking and sank deep within me only to creep up many times with a query, “ will it be possible for me, an ordinary person, to know my past life also ? ” In fact, during those days, an act of a terrorist in Bamiyan in Afghanistan i.e., the demolition of the ancient statue of Gautama Buddha, had given a great shock to the peace-loving world. At that time, a thought had cropped up in my mind to do something purposeful in the name of Buddha. I understood that the truth is within me and is definitely accessible. And it took a concrete shape when I moved to this path of thyself in depth with seriousness and perseverance.


I have been meditating since 23rd April 2001, the day a meditation class was held in my residence by the Mysore Pyramid Spiritual Society. Highly motivated, I did meditation sessions for 60 days continuously without a break, 2-1/2 hours per day. I also made it a routine to meditate in the bus during my to and fro journey to college.


Later, I was surprised when my friends conveyed to many good changes they noticed in me. I was totally unaware of the changes till then. Things just happened to me within and without, without me putting any forceful compulsions on myself. Many physical ailments got eradicated due to the cosmic energy received during meditation. For example, toothache, eye swelling, numbness in hands, joints pain etc all vanished.


I was highly impressed by my achievements gained through the power of meditation. Besides practicing meditation, I started teaching this simple technique of observing the natural inhalation and exhalation of breath and its benefits as per the knowledge I gained out of my experience.


I invited the Pyramid Society to conduct a meditation class in my residence on 24th June 2001. After the class, Pyramid Master Lakshmi Narasimha Murthy suggested me to take the initiative to do meditation in a group. That is how a centre sprang up in J.P. Nagar in my house, the first of many at present in this area.


As a token of appreciation and incentive, she gave me a pyramid cap as a gift. I wore the cap and meditated for 25 minutes in the afternoon itself.


To my surprise, I had a wonderful vision experience. I saw Patri Sir with Buddha in meditation ! This experience made me to trust Patri Sir’s statement that he had moved with Buddha in an earlier life. I knew I was on the right path to Truth. Also I realized that there is three times more energy if meditation is done under pyramid. From then on, I never looked back. Meditating to know thyself and spreading meditation became my mission, my sadhana.


Within a few days, I happened to meet Pyramid Master P.N. Chandrashekar, who is a Soul Master, with whom one can converse in silence. An invitation to attend Dhyana Maha Yajna on 5th Aug 2001 at Shimoga provided me an opportunity to sit by the side of Patri Sir for the first time and share all my experiences on the dias ! On this occasion, Patri Sir also mentioned Chandrashekar as “ Great Grand Master P.N. Chandrashekar from Mysore ” Once again Patri Sir conferring such a high title to Chandrashekar lead me to seek the truth in the statement.


As a teacher by profession, Patriji’s announcement inflamed a filament of jealousy in me, because it is rare to see a teacher to rise to such a high pedestal. I attended a few Pyramid Spiritual Science Research Academy classes conducted by Chandrashekar. His guidance to the meditators to reach soul consciousness now more or less convinced me about Patri Sir’s title bestowed on Chandrashekar. I then came to know some of his past lives too through my meditation and was now completely certain without an iota of doubt of the truth. It is true that he is the Architect of the pyramids of Mysore.


So, here, I would like to say that for every feeling or problem, there is an answer or solution within; we need not seek the answers elsewhere on the exterior. Go inside and tap it. Having returned from Buddha Poornima celebration at Himavat Gopalaswamy Hill in May 2002, I decided to spread meditation on a war footing to as many as possible and allow the chain to continue through the meditators.


A question arose here, “ Do I popularize this only through conducting meditation classes ? ” No. I can teach people to make pyramid caps to boost their eagerness to become meditators. When this idea flashed in me, I came to know that a retired scientist Shri Natraj had already taught the society members the method of making pyramid caps at home with their own skillful hands. I took his assistance and conducted classes teaching people meditation and the use of pyramid caps prepared by the participants. I conducted meditation classes with the participants meditating without and with the caps on the head. Thus pyramid cap making became popular. Shri Natraj also taught the meditators how to construct the 91-in-1 hanging pyramid structure.


Now, many have it in their houses including a large one hanging at J.P. Nagar centre. Apart from the use for meditation, it also radiates the energy throughout the house. Many have realized the pyramid power, its strength. Many have built pyramids in their house terraces making it accessible to the neighbourhood for meditation. A nice way to propagate meditation and build up a better society ! These developments have made me to realize the truth in the words of Master Pratap Reddy, “ You create and enjoy your creation ”; he suggested this when I intended to purchase a pyramid for my center.


Thought is the creator of all things. Sheer thought, but a very strong thought, to do something in the name of Buddha transformed me into a Buddha, an enlightened one.


I learnt many things about thyself through experience. Non identification with your mind demolishes the wall of difference that separates you and the rest and creates the reality of a state of wholeness. I identify myself with All That Is. I am nature, light, energy, thought, space, consciousness, knowledge, eternal, infinite. However, knowing is a never ending process and I have to experience many more truths.


In conclusion, it will not suffice for us to merely listen to the talk or teachings of the enlightened Masters like Patriji, Rama, Krishna, Jesus.


Or even read the research findings of great masters or the wonderful experiences of Mrs Lakshimi Natraj narrated in her book “ Autobiography of a Pyramid Master ” ( in Kannada ). Mere book-learning won’t do. Self realization is not offered on a platter. One has to assimilate the works, analyse and ACT.


We should reason and contemplate on what Buddha has spoken and achieved, how he became the Enlightened One. Instead of quoting the Buddha, Be the Buddha ! Be the enlightened one ! Truth is in silence. Truth is your true nature. Be a seeker of Truth. You have it already. You just don’t feel it because your mind is making too much noise. You have to nurture the seed, so that it sprouts. Regain your peace and happiness.


New, being an enlightened one, I am using the awakened ever present built-up potential within me to guide others also to boldly climb up the spiritual ladder and become enlightened souls in this incarnation itself. This is my strong resolve. Enlightenment or Self Realisation is Within One’s Reach Now. It’s A Small Step .... If One Acts.



Usha Rani
433, ‘E’ Block, J.P. Nagar, Mysore - 570008
( Pyramid Master H.S. Usha Rani is a key leader of The Mysore Pyramid Spiritual Society, Mysore... Editor )

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