" Be A Light ! "


I had grown up in a caring and loving family.


My parents did their level best to make life pleasant for me. They ensured that I remained healthy and happy and that I received the best education possible so that I might survive and prosper in the jungle beyond the nest. My father was more of a friend to me who could understand my inner feelings when others used to mistake me. It was he, whom I always trusted and respected.




My earliest personal recollections are of a house that we lived is when I was three years of age, situated in Reddy & Reddy Colony, Tirupati. I can remember my mother taking me to Gangamma Temple on a festival day.


That day, I encountered the worst thing in my life. I saw people sacrificing goats and hens to the goddess. Something stirred inside my heart. I could not see the pain of those innocent little ones. That day itself I decided that I will never take to non-veg ! My Mother used to force me to have it but my answer was always “ NO ”. Whenever that food was prepared in the house I used to cry and make a terrible mess of it.


From those early days of mine I used to tell people not to take non-vegetarian diet. My relatives used to tease me that by mistake I was born in their family.




At the age of five, I was kept in the custody of my maternal grandfather. My grandfather was a typical religious-minded, god-fearing person, and much admired by me in the childhood days.


He used to take me to many masters in and around Rayalaseema region like Pulliah Swamy, Kasi Reddy Nayana, Narasapur Swamy etc. We used to invite such masters for 10 or 15 days. I used to look after their needs along with my grandfather.


As a child, I was mystical and imaginative, religious to the very fingertips, and with a certain faculty of seeing visions and dreaming lucid dreams.


I used to see many masters like Lord Venkateshwara. Krishna in my dreams !


I always used to enjoy book reading. I used to be very much fascinated by fairy tales. I wanted to do magical feats like “ Alice in the Wonderland ”. And, I had a habit of losing myself so completely in a book that even if my name were to be called in the room where I was, I would never hear it.


When I was in the 6th standard, one day, my father brought me a book titled “ Bliss Divine ” by Swami Sivananda.


“ Eating, drinking, sleeping ! A little laughter ! Much weeping ! Is that all to life ?


Do not die here like a worm. Wake up ! Attain immortal bliss ! ”


These words on the cover page attracted me so much. I started reading that book intensely in order to know higher things.


I started reading all spiritual books that my father would bring home. But, something was missing in my life. I could feel that incompleteness.


I had two ideals in my childhood. Firstly, I wanted to become a doctor and do service to people; secondly, I wanted to become a musician. I used to sing for hours and I used to feel immense bliss. I used to reach a state of ecstasy while singing ! The whole world used to disappear for me in those moments ! I learnt music for one year and discontinued it as there was no one to encourage me.


My other interests were dance, writting poetry and painting. Everyone used to say that I was an all rounder, but no one really encouraged me. I cannot blame any one for not encouraging my talents because they themselves were ignorant of the importance of Music or other Arts.


However, I was a very happy person, content with whatever I had, I never compared myself with others. If someone had a particular talent which I did not have, I never felt that I did not possess ... I never felt jealous. I felt happy that they were having it.


It was a day of great joy for me when I got a Medical Seat in my first attempt. My childhood dreams had come true and I went to Kurnool Town and joined the Kurnool Medical College.


There was a sudden change in my temperament. I became an introvert, aloof, with very few friends. My only aim at that time was to serve people like Mother Teresa. I was not interested in other things. In some way or the other I must help people ! Even if I suffer ... I must make others ... happy !


I used to feel others’ problems as my own problems. I would go out of my way, I would do anything crossing my limits to make them happy. I became a ‘ do gooder ’. That attitude created so many untoward situations in my life. However, I created my own reality !




In the midst of those difficult situations, I met K. Newton, my co-medico in the Medical College. He lent me a helping hand to smoothly come out of those ‘ awful circumstances ’. He was like an ‘ oasis ’ for a person like me, lost in the desert. He gave solace to me when I was in distress. He had shown me the ‘ path of light ’ when I was groping in darkness. But for him I would have missed the main purpose of my life.


Whatever I am today it is because of him ! I cannot express my gratitude in words ! In short, I can say that, I have never until then encountered such a great master who was so full of love and compassion. I learnt many things in his mere presence, simply by observing him ! I still remember Brahmarshi Patriji said during our marriage: “ Newton is not only your husband; he is your friend, guide and master. ”




I started meditating seriously... the “ Anapanasati way ” ... as taught by Newton. I had many experiences and everything became absolutely clear for me. My views changed; my whole life was transformed; a new life came into existence.


Book reading helped me a lot I was inspired by the lives of so many masters, the sadhana they did, the problems they faced in the path of enlightenment. All that gave me immense confidence that I too can become like them with constant practice or sadhana. I changed from being a ‘ worrier ’ to a ‘ warrior ’ !


I stopped judging people.


I came to an understanding that no one is wrong. At best, some one is a little or informed or innocently ignorant. If I think an individual is wrong, either I am unaware of something, or the concerned person is ! I started forgiving people for whatever harm they might have done to me and started breaking the karmic cycles. Finally, I came to an understanding that “ if everything were to turn out just ... as I would want it to, just as I would plan ... I would never experience anything new ! My life would be an endless repetition of boring successes ! Whatever is happening is for my greatest good ! ”




In one of my meditation, I saw Dattatreya sitting on the top of a hill, holding a golden lotus flower. I started climbing the mountain. After climbing for some time I felt very much tired and asked him for his help. But he said : “ You have already reached the top. Only two more steps are left. You have to reach the top with your own efforts. I can’t help you in this aspect. Come and take this Golden Lotus ”. With much difficulty I reached the top and he gifted me the golden lotus !


Many times I had contact with my Overself, who was guiding me at each and every step of my sadhana. I saw my self in a golden triangle and ‘ he ’ said “ 98% of growth is over in this incarnation; a quantum leap and maximum growth has been attained in this life-time. With constant efforts and helping people through teaching meditation, the remaining part would be completed ”.




Once, I had a wonderful experience ! I entered into a big hall, a man wearing saffron robes welcomed me and said that I have to attend an ‘ interview ’ and showed me my way into a room. I saw Ramana Maharshi in that room and he started questioning me; “ Why, at such an young age, you have entered this path, instead of leading a worldly life ? ” So I answered him: “ after knowing the highest truth, I cannot possibly waste my time for impermanent things ”.


Then I entered a second room. There I saw Sathya Sai, who questioned me: “ Why are you not interested in earning money ? From where do you get money for these activities ? ” I answered him by saying ... “ money will come from different sources when we do good activities as you yourself are getting ”. He felt very happy.


In the third room, I encountered Shiridi Baba. He gave me a key and said; “ Whatever you want in this world-wealth, fame, you can have ... I am handing over the key to you ”. But I said: “ If you want to give me something, then give me the knowledge which liberates me from this cycle of births and death. I don’t want anything other than this ”. He embraced me and said “ Now there is no need for me to worry about you ! You are on the correct path ! ”




I have accompanied and assisted Dr. Newton in conducting about 200 Hypnotic Past Life Regressions. Now I have taken the responsibility of helping people through my own regressions, helping them in resolving blocks, conflicts related to their past lives. I have also started a Holistic Health Clinic which aims at treating a patient through Holistic approach, with the help of Acupuncture, Homoeopathy, Bach flower remedies, Hypontic regressions, Meditation etc.


I teach Meditation to each and every patient. Because all diseases fundamentally arise at the mental level and then manifest as physical diseases, Meditation is the only way to treat a disease from its cause ... slightly supplemented by Alternative Therapies.


Allopathy does not treat the cause. It deals only with the symptoms and indiscriminate use allopathy drugs has led to so many side effects and gives rise to so many new diseases.


We started two Pyramid Magazines Pyramid Light in English and Dhyana Bhagyam in Telugu for the Pyramid Spiritual Society, Hyderabad.




The main force behind our achievements is Brahmarshi Patriji, our beloved Master. I request every one to be benefitted by his teachings. Don’t miss the opportunity ... because it is rare that you will come across such a Master again ! Be careful, he will blast your ego ! You will never remain the same person after meeting him !


Become a Buddha to understand another Buddha ! Become enlightened through the threefold path of our Pyramid Masters.


  • Meditation
  • Swadhyaya - Reading Spiritual Books.
  • Satjana Sangathya

I thank each and every one whom I have encountered in this life-time for they have enacted their roles perfectly and have helped me in creating different situations ... good or bad doesn’t matter ... in my life and teaching me valuable lessons so that finally I could achieve whatever I set about to achieve.


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