" From Mundane Thoughts to Magnificent Reality "


It was never in my list of priorities in life ... i.e ... facilitating the Building of a Pyramid !


When I met Brahmarshi Patriji for the first time, in July 2000, I just wanted to learn to do Meditation and should circumstances shape up suitably, even assist in teaching Meditation, or at least organise the sessions for this purpose. But ... one fine evening ... in an informal chat ... while in Mysore ... he told me “ You are building a Pyramid soon ”.


And, things so miraculously shaped themselves... “ Pyramid Meditation Centre ” ... got inaugurated at Coimbatore !


As I think back, I find I have questions to ask myself :


Was it a play by the great spiritual masters ? Or was my intent so powerful as to aid the process ?


I had the inner conviction after reading about the Law of Intention in the great master Gary Zukav’s “ The Seat of The Soul ” :


 As an individual, you participate in group experience; you participate in a group energy system. You contribute to the creation and the evolution of each of the collective consciousness in which you participate; the dynamic of creating reality operates at more than one level.


“ Creating a building is a group effort. Several souls participate in the construction of that reality. It is built with group energy, and not with just individual energy. Therefore, it has an existence that is independent of each of the individual that built it. ”


Then, “ Ramtha ” chipped in :


“ How is your thought created ? Through thought. All of your tomorrows are designed by your thoughts this very day. For every thought you embrace, every fantasy you have for whatever emotional purpose, creates a feeling within your body, which is recorded within your Soul. That feeling then sets a precedent for the conditions in your life, for it will draw to you circumstances that will create and match the same feeling that has been recorded in your Soul. And know that every word you utter is creating your days to come, for words are only the sounds that express the feelings within your soul that have been given birth through thought. ”


Further introspection led me to what Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov had to say in “ Cosmic Moral Laws ” :


“ Heaven looks down on us and watches what we do with the energy and power it has given us, whether we are using them for purely selfish reasons or with a divine goal in mind. You should organise your life so that everything works according to the plans, projects and intentions which are in tune with Cosmic Intelligence so that you can vibrate in unison with the universe. ”


In conclusion ... it is apparent that thought is the parent of our action and our nature sets itself to embody that which is generated by thought. Hence with greater appreciation of the power of thought, it becomes a matter of great importance to know how exactly to use this power to maximum personal advantage and to the advantage of the citizens of this cosmos.


S.K. Rajan
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