" Life is Real .. Only with Meditation, Otherwise it is Death ! "


I am a Marine Engineer in the Indian Navy. I am Presently working in Visakhapatnam.


I have a postgraduate degree in Ship Construction. I am a qualified SAP ( Software Application Products ) Implementation Team Leader in my organization.


I learnt Meditation in the year 1996 at Tirupati. From then on, my life became totally immersed in Anapanasati Meditation. Also, I am an extensive reader of New Age Spiritual Books.


In my very first Meditation Session, I started seeing with my Third Eye !


I visited many Dimensions of my interest and gathered much Spiritual Knowledge from the Entities of those Dimensions. I visited Dimensions, which were technologically advanced, as they always fascinated me ! I was surprised to realize that its only sense-less technological advancement that had led them to almost extinction and wide-spread destruction of their respective planets and their environments.


Their advanced technology is now employed to just sustain themselves with basic requirements of healthy air, fertile soil and maintain peace ! They now understand that Spiritual Science and Self-Knowledge ... as presently advocated and taught by our Pyramid Spiritual Societies ... is the most urgent need of, not only our time on Earth, but in any Dimension in the Universe !


I was ... in one life-incarnation ... on the continent called Atlantis. At that time Atlantis was in the last phase of its existence, before it sank to bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. Advanced Scientific Technology, devoid of Spiritual Science and Self-Knowledge, led to tragic end of the Magnificent Land. Thus, if at all there is something magnificent in life, it cannot be anything other than Meditation, Spiritual Science and Self-Knowledge ! Basic human happiness can never result from any one-sided materialistic technological excellence.


My agenda in the initial years of Meditation was:


To understand the why and how of my life with respect to .. why my psyche is in a particular pattern ?


How events in my life are formed ... and how they are influenced by my present personal attitudes ?


I went about finding answers to these by the following ...


Visiting technologically advanced dimensions !


Seeing my past lives !


Exploring spiritual truths from my own consciousness !


Application of all the above in my day to day life - thus observing minutely the dynamics of the grand truth ... “ You Create Your Own Reality ! ”

I always felt the urge to meet Co-Meditators in my life, which made me travel to many Pyramid Spiritual Societies in India ... to places like Hyderabad, Vijayawada, Eluru, Kakinada, Calcutta, Mumbai, Goa, Coimbatore, Tirchy, Erode, Palghat, Tirupati, Sangli, Hospet, Kurnool, etc.


I visited some other countries too like Russia and Austria ... where I have taught Anapanasati Meditation most successfully !


It has been my personal experience that any person in the world could easily learn this simple yet wonderful Meditation and get experiences immediately in the very first Session !


Our unique Pyramid Literature had those people spell-bound, as it was, in their own words ... “ its all so simple and straightforward ! ”


Now-a-days, I feel the presence of my Higher Consciousness rather more permanently in me, which now steers my life-journey in synchronicity and harmony with the grand Cosmic Plan.


My personal agenda does not, now, clash or take priority over the spiritual work, which I need to execute. Currently I am enjoying automatic acceptance and compassion with all living beings and other elements of nature !


Reading books on Cosmology like “ UFO : The Reality of Alien Consciousness ”, “ Pleiadian Agenda ”, “ Bringers of the Dawn ”, gave me further insights, adding to much of my own understandings.


Here I acquired total knowledge about the bigger picture of events of Human Evolution for the past one lakh years and Other Entities involved therein ! All this connected up and gave answers to the much asked questions of the ‘ WHY ’ of the Events Presently Happening on the Earth and their Links to the Beyond. My initial hunger of knowing the details of the Beyond got totally satiated.


Also, now, I sense the strong and long forgotten female part of me beginning to express itself ! That is ... the sensitive and the caring nature is beginning to appear in me ! In this regard I can say Marriage is a Grand Adventure wherein my perseverance and my accommodative nature developed into realistic and balanced proportions.


My wife Sathya and my son Rachan have shown me a grander spiritual way to live and they allow me to progress on the spiritual path in the way I am innerly convinced.


At the end, I would say that the grand way to Enlightenment is :


  • To Meditate Regularly !
  • Extensively read New Age Spiritual Books !
  • Share Meditational Experiences and Life Truths.



G. Rajasekhar
5D Godavari, Noval Coastal Batteries

Maharanipeta Visakhapatnam-02

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