" Welcome to the Cosmic Patry on December 21st 2012 "



An entirely new phase of my life started in the month of May 1995, when I was introduced to Brahmarshi Patriji by my brother-in-law, Dr.K. Newton, on the occasion of Buddha Poornima at Kurnool.


The first time I met Patriji, he initiated me and asked me to sit in Meditation in the Pyramid. I felt the flow of energy in my physical body. After Meditation session, Patriji most elaborately explained to me about two kinds of spiritual apprenticeship :


1) Stalking and

2) Dreaming. He asked me to become a Stalker and ordered me to read New Age Literature extensively !


Meditation is the most simple thing to do ! By just observing your breath, you can bridge the unconscious with conscious, you can become a guide unto yourself; you can become a light unto yourself ! Doing Meditation is the need of the hour in this Aquarian Age. The most common experiences I have in Meditation are feeling of lightness, feeling like I am full of energy or receiving energy, total calmness and thought-free state of mind !


Some of the books, out of the thousands that I have read, are :


“ A Soul’s Journey ” by Peter Richelieu . “ The Celestine Prophecy ” by James Redfield.


“ Bringers of The Dawn ” by Barbara Marciniak. “ Where Two worlds Touch ” by Gloria Karpinski.


Each book taught me something new ! Some of the Truths, that I have learnt from The Books, which had a profound impact on me are :


“ Self-Knowledge is the primary step in conscious evolutionary change. ”


“ Lasting social change is only possible when individual consciousness has first been changed. ”


“ Energy does not build on simple addition. It builds on exponential progression. Your thoughts added to mine are much bigger than the sum of our two thought-forms. ”


“ Openness of teachings and absence of ritual is always the sign of true Earth-Keepers. ”


In this journey, a static stage in my life had materialised in the month of November 1996. I was very uncomfortable and chaotic in my mental plane.


I explained my state of mind to Patriji. He asked me to sit in Meditation. It was late night; seated by the sea-side at Mypadu Beach, Nellore. I sat in Meditation and immediately I was in a very high energy zone ! I had a vision of All Masters participating in a meeting i.e., an Intergalactic Masters’ Meeting. This experience lasted for two hours. I was physically absolutely weightless for the rest of the day ! And a high “ energy-drunken ” feeling ! After this experience, I had a totally new understanding, and a totally new view-point.


I understood the absolute importance of the “ Group ”.


Now the course was set, and all the chaos vanished !


From that moment I started participating in all classes and all workshops,that were being conducted under the banner of “ Hyderabad Pyramid Spiritual Society ”.


I got married to Parinitha, elder daughter of Swarnamala Patri and Brahmarshi Patriji on December 31st 1999.


My Message...

“ Stay put in the Group of Pyramid Spiritual Societies of India ! And, do participate in the ‘Cosmic Party’ to be held on Earth on 21st December 2012 ! ”



G. Srinivas Reddy
Flat No. 207, 6-3-595/26 to 29

Sri Kalpas Rajeshwari Mansion
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