" I Feel Proud to be Born as his Daughter ! "



Hello Everybody ! My name is Parinitha ! And I am from Hyderabad ! I would like to share my experiences with you !


I was born on the 2nd of February 1978 as the elder daughter of a very unique couple, my father Brahmarshi Patriji, and mother Swarnamala Patri !


Then came my sister Parimala in 1982 !


I grew up in a very spiritualized environment ! Day-in and day-out I had nothing but ‘ Meditation ’, ‘ Auto-writing ’, ‘ Masters ’, ‘ Ouja ’, ‘ Energy ’, ‘ Kundalini ’, ‘ Aura ’, ‘ Soul ’ and other things to talk and hear about ... apart from my school activities. My mind was honed and toned in my childhood itself !


Osho and Jesus used to be my most frequent Meditation-Time Visitors, and I used to ask so many questions ! I used to enjoy the moments spent with them !


My father Brahmarshi Patriji, to rightly say, is my Guru ! I feel proud to be born as his daughter ! He is such a nice friend ! He is such a constant guide ! He is such a great philosopher !


I learnt a lot about healing through my mother ! She used to heal many people ! As the days passed by, she used to heal the ailments without her knowledge and take the suffering from other people ! I was very much inspired by her and I used to do many experiments on myself in healing !


In the year 1998, I suffered a disease called ‘ rheumatic fever ’. An Allopathic Doctor had advised me that if I did not take anti-biotic ‘ penicillin ’, I would face major heart problems in the coming year. However with Meditation I recovered within a month ! I did not have any major heart problems after that ! With this instance, I advise you to rely on your Inner Healing Energy, instead of taking recourse to medicines. Medicines can never eradicate suffering ! No matter how many medicines you take, they will all boomerang on you ! If you want to free yourself from all ‘ dis-ease ’, then you need to go in to ‘ ease ’ ! For that, you need to do Meditation. Be your own Doctor !


I would like to share another experience with you. From June to December 1999, I taught Meditation throughout Kurnool Town ! I spread Meditation in offices, schools, medical college, etc. During this time, I realized that as I was teaching Meditation, I was becoming more energetic and more active like never before ! All the people used to have miraculous results during Meditation which gave them happiness. Seeing their faces glow with happiness was so thrilling ! In those days, I did not have even a single rupee in my pocket. I used to literally beg and borrow from others just to conduct a Meditation Session ! The six months that I spent in Kurnool Town, spreading Meditation and Enlightenment, are the most memorable moments in my life !


I got married on 31st December 1999 to Srinivas Reddy who is a very great Spiritual Master ! He has deep spiritual insights into life, and has tremendous wisdom-knowledge !


Finally, my message to all is .... “ Do Meditation Regularly ; do read books regularly; and do exchange experiences regularly ! ” I request everybody to immediately stop eating animal ‘ food ’ ! Stop taking medicines ! Stop idol worship ! My last piece of advice for all is ... stay pure ! Spread Meditation as much as possible ! Practice Miraculous Thinking !


Thank you for giving me this opportunity to share my experiences !


Parinitha Reddy
Flat No. 207, 6-3-595/26 to 29

Sri Kalpas Rajeshwari Mansion

Khairatabad, Hyderabad - 500 004

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