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“ my family ”


I am Aditya Mehta.

I am the son of Smt. Sheila Mehta and Shri Snehal Mehta of Mumbai.


My mother, SHEILA MEHTA, is a senior pyramid master and one of the founders of Mumbai Pyramid Spiritual Society.


My mother has been with Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement ( PSSM ) for more than a decade. She has travelled extensively with Brahmarshi Patriji in India and Abroad. She conducts lots of meditation classes in and around Mumbai.


My sisters PARDITA and PAYAL are also excellent meditators. My father, SNEHAL MEHTA, is a successful businessman and he has also been having wonderful experiences while meditating inside the “ Indra in-house Pyramid ” at the Vashi Centre ( Navi Mumbai ).


“ my school life .. my snooker ”


I wish to share my experiences with Meditation and New Age Spiritual Books.


I am, currently, the No.1 SNOOKER player in India ! Even though I have all the success I dreamt of as a kid, it hasn’t always been as rosy. I would like to take you through my journey, its ups and downs, twists and turns .. and especially the effect meditation has had on me as a sportsperson and as a human being.

Ever since I started playing competitive SNOOKER at the age of fifteen, I suffered from a distinct lack of self-belief. To the on looker, I was a kid with immense talent and it was only a matter of time before it would show. But inside, my demons wouldn’t let me break through. I dreamt of being a great player but for some reason, I wouldn’t let myself believe that it was possible.


I was always confused about my purpose in life and I didn’t know if I was meant to be a snooker player, or anything for that matter.

As a kid, I was always the QUIET type. I still am. It would take me very long to open up to people or to trust them. My school life was interesting in that aspect because I played team sports all the way through till tenth grade. But I guess I found my calling in SNOOKER because it allowed me to be who I am.

Ever since I passed out of school, SNOOKER has been my only priority. But the good thing was that, playing snooker helped me in my studies as well. It made me more focused and I could grasp things in a much easier fashion. I scored 81% in my SSC and 70% in my HSC without really putting in as many hours as my friends did.

Being a sportsman also gave me an advantage when it came to seeking admission in college and subsequently, whenever I needed leave to participate in tournaments, my teachers were always understanding and supportive.


After the 12th grade, I decided to put my studies on hold for the game. I travelled around the world representing India in the Under-21 Team to places like New Zealand, Ireland, Malaysia, Iran, Bahrain etc. And, soon, I made the switch over to the Senior level. The turning point in my career came in the year 2008, when I finished Runner-up in both, the NATIONAL and the ASIAN CHAMPIONSHIP.


Since then, I have been travelling regularly to the United Kingdom to train with the best players and coaches in the game. All thanks to my DAD, who supported me financially, and to my entire family who gave me the emotional support that strengthened my belief to conquer the world.


Today, I live in England at a place called SHEFFIELD and play with some of the best professionals in the game. This has taken my game to new heights.


“ my spiritual journey ”


It is about this time, in England, that I began my SPIRITUAL JOURNEY.


My mother introduced me to MEDITATION a long time ago but it wasn’t until 2008, when the demands of playing professional sport, led me towards it to find some PEACE and QUIET in a hectic and tough world. I also got into reading a lot of BOOKS ON SPIRITUAL SUBJECTS and started noting down my favorite parts so that I could recall them everyday.


Books such as the “ Seven Spiritual Laws of Success ” .. “ The Ultimate gift ” .. “ The Celestine Prophecy ” .... “ The Four Agreements ” put me on the right spiritual / emotional track.

I started meditating regularly and found that I was a much happier person.


I found that STILLNESS WITHIN ME which helped me to be more alert and aware in any situation. In sports, once you reach a certain level, you will realize how much it .. actually is in the mind. MEDITATION gave me the .. THE SPORTS ability to focus better on the task at hand.


“ effectiveness of meditation ”


When you ask any sportsperson about his / her best performance, they will tell you how “ IN THE ZONE ” they were on that day. This is what meditation does. It gives you the ability to get in to “ THE ZONE ” whenever you want.


I have had such moments in my career, where everything around you no longer exists and you are completely in the PRESENT ! And, I remember the tremendous precision quality of my game that I played at such times !


My performances over the last few years are a testament to the absolute effectiveness of meditation. During the last three years alone, I have won five medals at international events, including two ( silver and bronze ) at the GUANGZHOU ASIAN GAMES 2010 and two ( silver medals ) at the ASIAN CHAMPIONSHIPS ( ‘08,’11 ).

Prior to these golden years, of my snooker career, came probably the worst. In the year 2007, frustrated by performances, I decided to take time off from the game. That was probably the best decision of my life. It gave me time to contemplate and evaluate what was really important to me.


“ follow your heart ”


When I came back in the year 2008, I was a completely different person. I played SNOOKER because I loved it, not because I had to. And there lies the secret of success :


Follow your heart and do what you love and no matter how much money you earn or you don’t, you will still find happiness.

Failures and set-backs are the most important parts of our lives. Without them we would not appreciate success .. nor would we learn and improve. They are blessings in disguise.


Over the last few years, I participated in PAST LIFE REGRESSION and REBIRTHING workshops and learnt first hand about the experiences of others.


Even at home, my sisters and mother tell me about their experiences with meditation and visions of their past lives and I can see in them the calmness, the happiness and the purpose which I look forward to in my own life.


I have met PATRIJI several times through my mom and I have always felt inspired by his complete dedication to make a change in this world through his vision for The Pyramid Spiritual Society Movement ( PSSM ).


“ the powers we all possess ”


Over the years, I have also struggled with many physical problems such as neck and head aches. After trying almost every type of treatment, I have realized that the only thing that would cure me was my thoughts. I changed the way I think and speak.


Through the book, “ Omni Reveals the Four Principles of Creation ”, I was able to get a better understanding of the dynamics of the universe and the powers we all possess. And it is only through MEDITATION that I have been able to achieve this control over my thoughts.

I believe that we all choose our circumstances in order to learn from them. I can see now that there was a reason that I had the particular challenges in my life. I can see how my thoughts since child-hood moulded me into the person I am today. And through my spiritual journey, I now know that I am the creator of my own destiny.


“ I love my family ”


I would like to mention the impact my family has had on my life. I have the most amazing two sisters and parents anyone could ask for. Even though I don’t express, I love them as dear as my life.


My mom, who is a very important part of The Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement, has had her own share of challenges through her life and through MEDITATION, she has come out on the other side better than ever before. My sisters have always been there for me and they are my biggest fans !


And, my Dad is an absolute gem of a person within. Where would I be without him ! He was my first coach and is the biggest pillar of support for my life and my dreams. In a way, I feel I’m living his dream too. In fact, my entire extended family who I’m extremely close to, have supported me to get me where I am today.




Finally, just a few weeks ago, I won my first NATIONAL SNOOKER TITLE and I owe it all to my journey through the spiritual world, without which, I would still be struggling to overcome my demons. It was a privilege to have my mother there with me that week to witness it and in fact, we had our mini MEDITATION sessions before each and every match. I am still only at the beginning, but the realm of possibilities excites me.


The best part is that I have stopped struggling and fighting through life. I’m embracing every moment as an opportunity to move forward. I guess I can say that now I am truly awakened. My mom says that in these past few months, I have completely changed as a person and I can feel it too.

I think I have found my purpose and I have a clear picture of where I want to go. But during this journey, I have realized that it’s important not to get attached to specific out-comes. So, I keep myself open to a number of possibilities everyday and truly enjoy the given moment. I suggest you also to do so. Become a meditator and make your fondest dreams come alive and true.


All the Best !




Aditya Mehta
101, Apurva Castle, Union Park Chembur, MUMBAI
Ph : +91 9820131964

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