" I could feel the flow of Cosmic energy "



I am Antoun Milad Hanna from Cairo.


I am diplomatic journalist and Israeli affairs reporter since the year 2006.


I also work as Hebrew translator. I came to know about the meditation since an year and half through RAMESH GAJJALA and MADHU GAJJALA, in “ Breath Energy Health Sessions ” which they conducted in their home. That time, I was looking for peace which I could find in meditation.


For the past year or so, I have been seeking a peaceful life for myself.


Somehow, I didn’t enjoy it initially .. may be because I was with some forces and was stuck to materialism. For a while I gave up the practice, but I was not at ease. After year, I again came back to BREATH ENERGY.


This time, I experienced many things : I wish to share some of those experiences with you all.


“ receiving cosmic energy ”


From the very first session ( in the year 2011 ) I could feel the flow of cosmic energy in my body. Sometimes, I felt the energy flowing like a heavy downpour of rains in Ajna chakra, and sometimes through my crown chakra.


At times, I felt it like a weak stick and sometimes like a strong flow going into my body. I also experienced this energy, causing numbness to my entire physical body, and sometimes, I felt as if it is going throw every cell of my body. I also felt as if something is colliding with my head.


“ out of body experience ”


After two meditation sessions, I decided to continue for fourteen days at a stretch as Patriji advised us. One day, I tried to have out of body experience. Sometime, during this period, I could feel heat all over my body and my spiritual body was trying to get out of my physical body. Somehow, the process stopped when it came up to my chest level.

After about ten days, I got this experience once again, I felt severe heat in my body and I thought that I had got fever, as my body became too weak and I could not stand up. I felt palpitation. Thereafter, I didn’t get this experience. However, I continued doing meditation till I got out my material body totally.


“ sleep quality improved ”


Yet times, I was unable to do meditation at home on such occasions I did meditation even while I was in a bus travelling from Cairo to Port side.


Even though I didn’t sleep for two consecutive nights, I decided to do meditation and I did meditation in the bus. As a result, I reduced my sleep time for days together. I often practiced this meditation as a substitute to sleep. I never got tired or felt sleepy even when I got exhausted at work.


“ meditational visions ”


In one of my meditation sessions I could see a moving star. In another, I saw a huge tree and Sun in its right shape many times, the tree was changing it’s form and shape turning into a palm tree and again into some other variety and form and into many kinds of trees.


“ experiencing healings ”


One day, I got severe muscle pain in my right shoulder I couldn’t move my shoulder nor my arm. On this day, I did more meditation thinking about my muscle pain. Suddenly, I felt as if I was floating in mid-air. I did a power scanning of my right shoulder and my right arm. As a result, I could feel as though I was scanning every part of my body. Soon, I felt that I got cured of my muscle pain.


“ meditation everywhere ”


At the end of my fourteen days meditation session, I became peaceful and my anger subsided and my shouting habit died completely I turned out to be a new man with serene nature and my mind was no more in a state of confusion.


Meditation has now become my second nature and I find it to be a new way for knowledge. Now I can easily distinguish what I really want and what I really need.


We propose to form a Society very soon and teach Breath Energy Health along with RAMESH GAJJALA and MADHU GAJJALA.


I keep reading literature about meditation. I am planning to seek more knowledge about meditational experiences in many other languages.


I now do meditation at my work place whenever I find time. I also do meditation in buses and at gardens .. and also in sleep !



Antoun Milad
Cairo, Egypt
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