" Most Memorable Experience in my Life "



I am D.L.N. Shastri.


I was born and brought up at Vishakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. I have done my Business Management from Waltair. I am currently working at very senior level for Boeing Group Company, based at Delhi.


I have been living in New Delhi since the year 2003. I am married and have two children ‘ Alekhya ’ and ‘ Amulya ’.


I was introduced to Anapanasati Meditation by Mahesh Maloo Nagpur .... Director, Maloo Industries, during my business discussions in August 2008 .. and since then I have been regularly practicing it, now, for close to three years. Subsequently, I was guided by Pyramid Masters .. Bhanu Prasad, Linga Reddy, Maruthi and Sujana Madam during their stay at Delhi.


After they completed their work at New Delhi, I was advised by Senior Pyramid Masters of PSSM to look after New Delhi for spreading Anapanasati Meditation. Since then I am leading the PSSM activities in New Delhi and surrounding areas.


During the year 2009, we used to conduct meditation classes at our home in Safdarjung Enclave. Besides everyday sessions, we also are conducting Full-Moon meditation classes every month. We also organize classes as per the request of the meditators at their respective homes or at other convenient places .. community halls or temples.


On 26th June 2010, we have taken up a beautiful place in Safdarjung Enclave .. near to my home .. for conducting meditation sessions and the organization has been registered as “ Pyramid Meditation Centre ” under Societies Act. We also obtained 80 G approval from Department of Revenue, Ministry of Finance.


During the early morning session from 3 am to 6 am, on one Full-Moon night, I received a message from ASTRAL MASTERS suggesting that :


“ You please help innocent elderly women and young children who are in the Jail. ”


After the session was over, we all discussed and shared each other’s experiences. We deliberated for quite some time over breakfast at our residence and tried to figure out, how we should proceed in the matter.


On 14th December 2010, one of our regular meditators, Ms. Nalini Kamal, called and enquired whether I could join for an inauguration of a Painting Exhibition to be opened by her friend’s husband who has joined recently as Director General of Tihar Jail.


Immediately I said “ OK ”, and met her at the venue next day. After the Inaugural function her friend introduced me to Sri Neeraj Kumar, Director General of Tihar Jail. I shared all the literature of PSS Movement including CDs of Brahmarshi Patriji.


Mr. Neeraj Kumar, then, immediately introduced us to Mr. R.N. Sharma, Deputy IG, and advised him to do the needful for conducting meditation sessions.

We sought appointment with Sharmaji on 20th December 2010 and visited him at his office. Till that time we were not aware of the number of Jails and inmates strength. Sharmaji informed that they have nine Jails and a combined strength of 11,000 +.


During discussions, he gave us permission to conduct classes at Central Jail No : 6 which is a Women’s Jail and Central Jail No : 7 which is for Adolescents and for inmates between the years 16 to 21 male children.


After the meeting, we met Jail Superintendents of both Jails and asked for details about the inmates. Further, they allocated us Ward No’s 6 and 7.


After return from the Tihar, we did meditation at our Centre. We were so happy that Masters’ Guidance during meditation helped us to get so much clarity. As per procedure, we submitted all required documents on 22nd December 2010 to the Jail Authorities and got formal approval for conduct of classes from 11th January 2011.First Meditation Session at C J No. 6


Our Pyramid Master Ms. Vasantha Shastri spoke to Ms. Pallavi Bomma Reddy and Krishna Bomma Reddy and sought guidance for conducting meditation session at C J No. 6.


I, Ms. Nalini Kamal, Ms.Vasantha Shastri, and Pankaj Roy reached C J No : 6 on 14th January 2011 and met Jail Superintendent Mrs. Vinayak. She directed us to meet her Deputy Superintendent who in turn allocated ASP Mrs. Sunita and Mrs. Lowker took us to Ward No : 8.


83 out of 123 inmates attended the meditation session. Everybody enjoyed the session and shared their experiences.


The presence of ASTRAL MASTERS throughout the session and efforts of our senior masters, Mrs. Pallavi and Krishna, was felt. After the session, all the inmates were very keen and asked us “ When are we having our next session ? ”


It was the most, most memorable day in my life ! An overwhelming response was received indeed !


We recorded all the experiences of the inmates and re-produced in our “ Dhyan Bharath ” bi-monthly magazine which gets published regularly from Chandigarh.


First Meditation Session at C J No. 7


On 15th January 2011, Makarsankranti day, while travelling in the car, we tried to connect / contact with Patriji who was on overseas travel. We came in to contact while we were on our way to Tihar Jail No : 7. I explained to Patriji about our experience on 14th January 2011, and sought his guidance on conducting meditation session to Adolescent children.


During the call, Patriji put us on speaker and explained to local masters of New Zealand and clapped for us ! He assured that all ASTRAL MASTERS will be present during the session !


While we reached C J No. 7, Jail Superintendent Sitaramji made all the arrangements with Deputy Superintendent and two ASP’s during the session. Total of 350 + Children attended the session.


All of them were so happy and enjoyed the meditation session ! A few of them got fantastic experiences !


They all promissed that they shall do meditation daily for at least half hour ! This is another most memorable experience in my life. Vibrations of all ASTRAL MASTERS were felt.


The Director General conducts monthly review meetings with all Jail Superintendents, once in 15 days. Both Jail Superintendents spoke about pyramid meditation and the mental discipline learnt by inmates and practice of the same regularly. After the meeting, Sharmaji called up on me and congratulated all of our Pyramid Masters for their whole hearted support to make them aware about their “ SELF ”.


The senior staff of Tihar Jail also liked the Pyramid Meditation process and promised to attend sessions regularly at our centre.


Completed five months of meditation sessions at Tihar Jail


Pyramid Meditation Centre, Delhi, with the support of all Masters .. Mrs. Nalini Kamal, Mrs. Asha Gupta, Mr. Pankaj Roy, Dr. Saurabh Ranjan, and Ms. Jasvinder Kaur completed five months of bi-weekly meditation at Tihar.


During the same time Senior Pyramid Masters from Hyderabad .. Mr. Bhanu Prasad, Mrs. Shareen Madam., Mrs. Vijaya Lakshmi Madam and Brahmarshi Patriji conducted Meditation Sessions for inmates at both Jails in the months of March / May /June 2011.


Later on Mrs. Nalini Kamal took complete charge of the training in the Jail.


During all these hectic months, we never faced any problems from any of the inmates for conduct of the meditation classes. All officials / staff members at Tihar were also extremely cooperative for smooth conduct of meditation sessions. The inmates found that Pyramid Meditation was simple and easy to follow. All the inmates are getting wonderful experiences during their very first session itself.


Delhi Prisons have also given us the opportunity to conduct three day work shop to all the Asst. Superindents of Police. As a result, they also decided to conduct similar meditation workshops for their officers in the coming months too.


I am sure some day a big Pyramid Meditation Centre will come with in the Tihar Jail ! That would truly be a big day for PSSM indeed !!



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