" Meditation is the only way to Enlightenment "



My name is Gamila. I am an Egyptian.


I am nineteen year old girl. I am studying Economics and Political science in Cairo University.


On a beautiful lucky day, I heard about meditation from my mom’s friend. I felt like “ This is it ” and that’s how I started my spiritual road guided by MADHU and RAM.


“ The art of enlightenment ”, that’s the name I’ve chosen to call meditation, it popped out in my head while meditating.


I was wondering what to call that thing that reversed all my perspectives upside down, what can you call that thing that unconsciously is making you a better person, that which unlocks the fullness of life, it turns what we have into enough, and more, it turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order and confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.


I’ve always known the path I wanted to tread, but never figured out how to start, how to search or even whom to ask. My seeking towards spiritual awakening was because I knew we are not just our physical bodies.


That’s why seeking what’s beyond remained my most unfulfilled desire until I started to see THE PATH OF LIGHT .. until I was finally able to grasp the essential .. that emotion, enthusiasm,enlightenment and confidence which communicated to me,I then wept for joy !!


Meditation is my key. I met those devoted guides, and they gladly showed me how to start. I started meditation just ten days ago .. i.e., 19th January, 2012 .. and I began feeling quite wonderful !!


During meditation, I felt various experiences as mentioned below :


I felt my body was expanding that’s when I realized I’m not just those visible dimensions.


I smelt beautiful scents that didn’t even exist in my immediate surroundings .. That’s when I knew how my senses could go beyond my understandings and expectations. I did really feel the heat of that pure cosmic energy flowing all over my body.


And then, I felt that terrible pain in my forehead, I thought it was nothing or just stress but it was astonishing when I was informed by my guides about the third-eye chakra and how it’s trying to open. And, that’s when I knew humans have limitless possibilities.


At first I felt worried, seeing myself all alone confronting that huge universe of knowledge and wisdom which was too much for me .. a 19 years old girl .. to handle.


I asked my guides, why was it happening to me when I didn’t even ask for it. One of my guides offered me the best satisfying answer I could ever get :


“ Flowers bloom not because they want to .. not because someone is asking them to .. not because there are people fawning over them. Flowers bloom because they WILL .. because they MUST. ”


I also had an awesome travel with astral body, where I was standing there between Earth and Sun, I can’t explain how enormous and joyful it was !


All these experiences that I felt during this period made me feel more curious and conscious every day, and confident of who I am or who I could be.


After all, what I did in meditation was just watching my BREATH and feeling myself. I enjoyed my capabilities and these feelings of love, fulfillment, and satisfaction.


Meditation helped me realize that I don’t need anything other than understanding what I am !


In a very short period, I’ve experienced a lifetime of joy .. I’m wondering about what all could happen during the rest of my life-time with continued meditation !


I cannot describe how wondrous it is to commune with GOD and your soul and the universe, when everything is flowing in balance and harmony .. when you shut your eyes and whisper I’m reaching the ultimate happiness !


That’s when you walk the road of enlightenment, that’s the Art of Enlightenment.


I deeply feel a huge amount of gratitude and love for those two faithful guides and friends who showed me the way.



Gamila Mourad
Cairo, Egypt
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