" I feel Joy and Happiness "



I am Doaa, living in Cairo, Egypt.


I am twenty five years old. I came to know about meditation from FACEBOOK with the help of a group called “ Discover India In Egypt ”.


I started doing meditation regularly for the past two years. It has helped me immensely in so many ways in my Life.


I am putting forth few of meditational benefits :


Earlier, I was having problem of sleeplessness .. I used to spend so many hours on bed for trying to sleep. Now a days, I can easily go into deep sleep whenever I lie down on bed immediately.

Secondly, meditation helped me to focus up on things in my day-to-day life.


I do daily, five times, namaz in addition to meditation which makes me more satisfied.


Thirdly, I used to feel shy to freely mix with people and I used to be alone and live in dreams and imaginations. Meditation helped me to make very good and nice friends and mix well in the society.


I also participate in group meditation sessions which helped me to be more social and friendly.


So, I find through meditation all my dreams came true and I feel really happy and enjoy my life fully.


Cairo, Egypt
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