" Journey from Darkness to Light "



My name is Jasvinder Kaur.


I belong to a typical Sikh family. I was born on 14th February 1966.


My mother Rajinder Kaur, father Malik Singh brought me up according to the principles and values of SIKHISM along with my two younger brothers.


Since my childhood, I was fond of listening to ‘ Kirtan ’, ‘ Katha ’ at Gurudwara .. though I was not able to understand its meaning.


My spiritual journey commenced in the company of my grandmother when I was in the 10th standard.


She was a great ‘ third-eye ’ master. I started spending much of my time with her, sharing her wonderful experiences, and I developed a strong affection for her.


I told my parents that I am not going to marry and that I shall spend my whole life in her service. I understood my purpose of life and the way to attain the same. I also started getting a few ‘ thirdeye ’ experiences.


Meanwhile, both my younger brothers got married. My grandmother tried to make me understand that there is no shortcut in spirituality :

“ Any MASTER can guide you on the path but you have to do your own sadhana to attain self-realization. ”


But I was not mature enough to understand all this then.


On 31st January 2005, my grandmother vacated her body. Now, I was left suddenly alone.


As I know that nothing can be attained without the ‘ kripa ’ or grace of a Guru .. the big question I faced then was .. “ Who will guide me now ? ”


I was totally shattered.


Then, a new phase of challenge started. I had to take up a job for my financial needs. Family circumstances were going from bad to worse. Severe knee pain started suddenly without any reason. I was in deep depression and thought that all the spiritual teachings and values are good for reading only and that one ought not to take them all too seriously in life.


Physically, mentally and spiritually my condition was like that of a thorough loser.


I was not able to walk due to knee pain and I underwent some treatment. I was taking allopathic medicines at that time, my age was thirty eight years. However, medicines and physiotherapy was not helping me.


So my doctor advised me for arthroscopy. Both my knees were operated for the same. After the operation, the Doctor told me that my knees are like that of a seventy five year old and that finally I will have to undergo “ knee replacement ”. After ten years, he would have to again operate my knees for replacement and advised me to go for mediclaim of at least four lakhs to facilitate all the expenses.


He advised me to use knee caps for both my knees and not to move even a single step without them, not to sit on the floor, not to use staircases etc., as this could prove to be fatal.
It was all utterly shocking for me. I was working with Barclays Bank and it was at quite a distance from my residence and I found it tough for me to manage.


For a full eight years, I was following all these instructions but without any improvement.


In January 2010, I met a friend. He told me about “ meditation ”. For me it was only an English word.


I went to SAFDARJUNG ENCLAVE at Shri D.L.N. Shastriji’s house for the meditation session with him. “ Madam Vasantha Shastri ”, Pyramid Masters “ Maruthi ” and “ Lingareddy ” explained us about Anapanasati meditation. They made us both to sit in meditation for forty five minutes. Then the miracle happened !


Before sitting in meditation, my state of mind was like that of a total loser who had lost all the treasures. After doing meditation, my state was like a person who suddenly discovered all the hidden treasures !


I was so happy, calm and peaceful !


To my surprise, the pyramid masters categorically informed us that “ OUR BREATH IS OUR GURU ” , in the science of meditation. They further told :

“ We need not search for any other guru ! Meditation can be done anywhere, anytime, at any place ! Be a light unto yourself. ”


I felt all this to be a golden opportunity for me to recollect all my past experiences.


I used to travel three hours daily to and fro from my office. Now, I began utilizing all that time for Anapanasati meditation. I was becoming more peaceful, calm, and happier.


After one month, Patri Sir came to Delhi to be a part of the Flute Festival.


I attended the session ; on that day, I realized the importance of intense sadhana. Patri Sir asked me : “ How did you come into meditation and what is your experience ? ”


I told Patri Sir :

“ I had wonderful experiences with my grandmother .. but after her death, I was totally surrounded by darkness. However, when I came into meditation .. in the first sitting itself .. I realized the importance of Anapanasati sadhana and how easy it was to adopt Anapanasati meditation. Through this meditation I am becoming ‘ independent ’ and now I am not searching for any outer guidance ! ”


I told him “ Sir, I want to regain all my powers but I am afraid of darkness. ”


Patri Sir replied :

“ Why are you afraid of darkness ? There is always light at the end of the tunnel of darkness. After ‘ halahal ’ there will always be ‘ amrit ’. One who is afraid of darkness or halahal, how will he / she ever get the light / amrit ? !


“ Don’t be afraid ! Practice meditation sincerely, seriously and regularly. Everything is within you ! ”


Later, I attended a full-moon meditation session. Dr. G.K. from Visakhapatnam explained the importance of full-moon meditation.


Another meditator shared his experience as to how he cured himself from the final stage of brain cancer within forty days through meditation.

Earlier, I was quite happy and contented after re-attaining my peace of mind. But, this time, a new thought came into my mind .. that my knee pain was not as critical an illness as compared to his brain cancer.


I mused : “ Let me experience the power of full-moon meditation. ”


On that night, I felt COSMIC ENERGY flowing into my body. The effect of the energy remained for a whole month !


In all meditation sessions, I never discussed about my knee problem with any body. However, after doing six full-moon meditations, my knee pain totally vanished by itself !


And, I threw away all my medicines into the dustbin ! I also had my knee caps removed !!


In the year 2010, I went to Amaravati, Guntur district in Andhra Pradesh, South India, to attend “ Dhyan Mahachakram ”.


I was attending the evening meditation session when I saw a big ‘ diya ’ glowing like the golden sunlight and lakhs of small ‘ diyas ’ all around that ‘ diya ’. Suddenly, all the small ‘ diyas ’ also started glowing.


I heard the sound of astral masters saying :

“ Do you know the easiest way to light a lamp / diya. Just go closer to a lighted lamp and you are done ! ”


They explained that :

“ This big ‘ diya ’ is Patri Sir .. and all the pyramid masters and dhyanis are like small ‘ diyas ’. All this collective energy is being utilized by Patri Sir for ‘ dhyan jagat ’ and world peace. ”


I then asked : “ What is the message for me ? ”


They replied :


 “ Your ‘ diya ’ is with you for your guidance. Go and spread this light / meditation everywhere you go and to every person you come across. ”


After coming back I started earnestly conducting Anapanasati meditation classes in several Schools, and nearby Mandirs.


In the Year 2011, I again went to Visakhapatnam for “ Dhyana Maha Chakram - II ”.


Before going there suddenly knee pain started once again and I was unable to understand. It was difficult for me to walk-on.


On 26th December, Saroj Malik Madam from Delhi told me that today morning Patri Sir said to Premnath Sir to conduct “ ASTRAL SURGERY WORKSHOP ” in Hindi, for North Indians, as some people are having severe problems that were not being cured through meditation.


I went there to attend the workshop. When I sat on chair, I felt that some astral master had taken control over my body and mind. Huge amount of COSMIC ENERGY entered from my head and spread all over my body. I felt as if some anesthesia had been administered to me and I felt like vomiting. I fell down on a lady sitting by my left side. She asked me “ What happened ? ” Without opening my eyes I again sat down on the chair. I was not able to sit even I wanted to lie down, I bend down on my knees to get some relief.


Then, pyramid master Someshwar Rao came to me and started giving me few instructions and sankalps. I followed all that in an unconscious state. Suddenly, I felt that a cool breeze from inside and outside wrapped my whole body and I was feeling as dew drops were pouring on me.


I was in a blissful state, in a thought-free zone ; and I heard the voice of astral masters saying :

“ We have three departments and you are in an ‘ ICU ’ department. Your knees have been replaced. You should stay here for the whole night in ‘ akhand dhyan ’ department that is a private room. We will come for next check up. ”


Then the session was over and they asked me to share my experience. I was not in my senses completely .. I was in a trance state, I said I will write and share it later on.


When I got up from the chair, all the pain had vanished and I was feeling very weak. I went for evening meditation. After some time, when I was in meditation, I felt some ASTRAL MASTERS

come and they applied some solution on my legs and knees and dressed it properly. There was a soothing sensation in my legs.


I stayed there in “ Akhanda Dhyanam ” for the whole night and in the morning we came back to New Delhi.


ASTRAL MASTERS advised me to do meditation for forty days ; they were guiding me and taking care of me. They asked me to share all this experience with Patri Sir and then write it.


After few days Patri Sir came to Delhi. I shared all this with Sir.


On March 30th we went to Mahavatar Babaji Cave and I did a two kilometer trekking ! Now, I can sit on the floor and meditate for an hour or so which was not possible earlier.


While sharing my experience with all of you I am heartily thankful to Patri Sir, and also all the ASTRAL MASTERS for this miraculous change in my life.


My message to all is :

“ Do meditation and spread meditation. Miracles will follow on their own. You need not worry about anything. Nature will take care ! Our duty is to be sincere in doing our part. Everything will be taken care of. ”


I heartily salute Patri Sir, for his unconditional love and brilliant technical guidance.


I am very happy to be a significant part of “ Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement ” and my rest of life is dedicated only to “ Dhyan Jagat ” for creating HEAVEN on Earth.



Jasvinder Kaur
New Delhi
Ph : +91 9212318775 / +91 8459170115

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