" I re - dedicate myself to spread Anapanasati Meditation "



I am Madhavi.


I was born in the year 1986, in “ Kadapa ”, Andhra Pradesh, India.


I completed my Bachelor of Fine Arts from JNTU, Hyderabad, in the year of 2007.


After completion of my studies, I found my soul mate .. Mr. RAMESH .. who was born into a highly spiritual family. We got married in November, 2008 .. and from then onwards, I started, in slight earnest, my spiritual journey.


Soon after our marriage, we straight away came to Cairo, Egypt .. the Land of Pyramids. At that time, we were not knowing the reason for our coming over to Egypt. Of course, now, we understood the actual purpose of our stay in Cairo, Egypt.


We make it a point to visit India once every six months. Whenever we visited Kadapa, I used to skip doing my meditation because, I never understand what exactly meditation was.


“ my father-In-law is my first guru ”


In the year 2010, during April, my In-laws .. GAJJALA RAMASUBBA REDDY and JAYAMMA came to Cairo. I happened to discuss so many spiritual topics with my father-in-law during those days.


I was suffering from a severe knee-pain. Then I did intense meditation everyday for one week. I set affirmations to myself .. “ If this meditation is true, then it should cure my knee pain ” .. and I dedicatedly, did my meditation : to my surprise I completely got rid of my pain !


From that day onwards, I started telling my friends, in right earnest, about meditation and its miracle cure.

On 5th May 2010, we did the first group meditation session in my house with about twenty members !


I took my father-in-law’s help. He explained in Telugu and I translated the same into English. So, after doing all these sessions everyday, I began teaching meditation by myself. That is how I gained entry into my spiritual journey through my fatherin-law. My most heartful thanks to him !


“ meeting Patri Sir ”


Along with my husband, for the first time, I met Patri Sir in my hometown, Kadapa, during June 2010 .


I got a call from my father-in-law informing me about Patriji’s visit to Kadapa. I decided to keep my mind blank. I was unaware as to what to ask of him. I was also a bit nervous as this was the first time that we were going to meet such a great master ! It was a Wedding Reception that he had to attend and even in such festive situation, we were made to sit in meditation !


After the session, we were called on to stage to share our experiences. While I was feeling butterflies in my stomach, it was a ‘ pat ’ and assurance from PATRIJI that enabled me to gain confidence and narrate my experiences without any reservations in front of a thousand odd audience !


I began by telling about my experiences in conducting meditation classes at Cairo. I felt so special at that moment and, later, we met Patri Sir personally and discussed so many things. I really felt as if PATRIJI came to Kadapa only to meet us. It was indeed a great feeling for all of us !


“ Patri Sir’s visit to Egypt ..September 2010 ”


After we returned to Cairo, we had plans to move over to a bigger home and we were in the process of making all the arrangements. We were able to locate a home on time with an owner who was very flexible in his dealings. With just a week left for Patri Sir’s visit, we were hurrying with the arrangements for classes to be held at a few places around Cairo.

On 22nd September 2010, Patri Sir came to our house and I was so thrilled and also a bit scared as to how to receive him. Then, I said to myself “ I should feel as if my father is coming home ” .. thus, I controlled myself and welcomed Sir .. with a big smile on my face ! Later, we did enjoy Patri Sir’s company with delicious food !


Subsequently, we had amazing classes at my place and also in my friend’s house. I should thank SHEELA Madam ( senior pyramid master from Mumbai ) for inspiring us with her words and songs. It was a grand success ! Quite a few masters came to my house along with Patri Sir !


Being an art student, I wanted Patri Sir’s hand impression on my canvas. We got some oil colours and asked Patri Sir to make an impression of his hand. There and then Patri Sir gave a name for our meditation as “ Breath Energy Health Meditation ” and all masters gave their thumb impressions along with their signatures !


“ my first visit to pyramid valley, Bengaluru, India ”


In August, 2011, we planned a trip to Bengaluru just to be at the pyramid valley. It was great experience for us for two days ! I learnt a lot from this trip. Early morning meditation in the pyramid and long walks in the lap of nature were all very invigorating and soul-stirring.


On the second day, we attended a workshop on Seth conducted in Kannada. That was a turning point for me. we met SRINIVAS SIR who conducted Seth’s Workshop.


We spoke with him for a couple of hours. He then asked me a question “ Do you have any health or mental problems ? ”. Usually, I never reveal anything, but on that day, I told him about an abortion I underwent in the year 2009.


Then, SRINIVAS SIR asked us to do meditation wherein he would ask some questions. When I began meditating, I began shedding a lot of tears.


SRINIVAS SIR asked me “ What is the reason behind your abortion ? ”


“ Then, I saw myself somewhere in Rajasthan, as a male, I could see myself so clearly as a very stubborn, egoistic and rude person.


“ In that incarnation, I was in my early 50’s. I had a maid servant in my house who was around 11-12 years of age. She did some mistake which made me so angry and when she was cleaning the floor I kicked her on her stomach very harshly. ”


Through this experience I could realize the reason for my abortion in this life-time. I then apologized to the girl in my meditation itself.


As soon as I finished my meditation, Patri Sir gave me a message :

“ Why do you worry unnecessarily for everything. There is time for everything. Have patience. ”


After this, I felt that I had a new birth. I was so happy and fresh. Thus, my unplanned visit to Pyramid Valley, Bengaluru, proved to be very very fruitful. My sincere thanks to SRINIVAS SIR who guided me in overcoming my guilt and burden through past-life regression.


“ Patri Sir’s visit .. September, 2011 ”


After our visit to India, we came back to Cairo on 4th September, 2011.


This time, we came with fliers and other publicity material to conduct regular meditation classes and meditation for pregnant women. We had a very short time for making arrangements for organizing classes as Patri Sir’s visit was confirmed for 16th September. We were trying our best to reach out to people. We had classes and we found a group “ Discover India in Egypt ” .. in face-book . where they helped us in creating meditation events.


So, finally, the day came when Patri Sir was to arrive. This time Patri Sir stayed with us in our house ! We had wonderful meditation sessions inside the GIZA GREAT PYRAMID at 6 am where Patri Sir played his melodious flute ! It was an amazing experience meditating inside king’s chamber !


After that we had a class in my friends’ house ( Sankalita and Aditya) who joined us for meditation inside the GREAT PYRAMID. Meditation at their place was amazing with all their friends.


I should thank one of my close friends,“ Doaa ” who gave us an idea for conducting meditation class in a public place “ El Sawy Cultural Wheel ” which is beside the Nile River. The following day we conducted a class there. We put the event on the Face-book and about thirty people responded and confirmed their participation !


As we started the class, people started coming gradually and my friend “ Doaa ” helped us in translating what Patri Sir’s message and discourse. Thus, it became more easier for us. Many of them had no place to sit hence, they had to do meditation standing. The response was so very overwhelming ! When the meditation got over we took count and we were surprised to note that there were about 200 people !


They had many great experiences and Patri Sir gave them some spiritual books and pyramid caps ! They were all happy and took so many photos along with Patri Sir !


The very same evening, we organized a meditation class in our house where I called all my friends. It went on very well.


This time, I did not cook anything. To our utter surprise, Patri Sir cooked food for all of us ! I must confess that, I never had such a delicious and tasty food in my life !


The next day, Patri Sir along with Sai Kumarji had to leave for Dubai. It was so hard to say good bye to them. When we arrived at the airport, I asked Patri Sir : “ Can I hug you ? ” Sir gave me a hug and said :


“ Thanks a lot Madam, for taking a very good care of me. ”


I almost cried. Patri Sir also said that he would come to Egypt twice a Year. We felt so happy for that !


“ meditation for pregnant women ”


One day, when I was meditating, I suddenly heard an inner voice telling me that I should now teach meditation for pregnant women.

So, immediately, I did read some literature and understood a lot about the benefits that pregnant women would get if they did meditation during pregnancy. Accordingly, I made some fliers and distributed it to some maternity clinics and baby shops. Subsequently, I got a phone call from a lady who was in her advanced stage of pregnancy and wanted to learn and practice meditation.


For this purpose, I went to “ Noha ” and found her in her eight month of pregnancy. She came to know about our meditation through a friend who suggested her to contact me.


She describes her experiences in her own words :

“ I felt relaxed though it was very difficult to concentrate only on my breath and expelling other irrelevant thoughts. It gave me better concentration and relaxation. ”


On 29th November 2011, forty days after her delivery, I went to see the baby. Again, this is what she had to say:


“ It was a very hard and painful surgery. Whenever, I look at my baby’s face, I realize that my meditation has helped both of us ! It helped both of us to get connected to one another. ”


Henceforth, I got phone calls from some more ladies who also wanted to do meditation.


“ many surprises on our way ”


We were sincerely trying to visit many places and teach meditation but nothing was working out in our favor. Then, my friend “ Doaa ” .. who did translation and who is our strongest Pillar gave us an idea of talking to the “ Sawy Cultural Wheel ”, which is one of the popular cultural centers in Cairo. It is the same place where we had a group meditation class with about 200 people during Patri Sir’s earlier visit.


We went and spoke to the concerned person who initially did not agree. Then we offered to pay some amount and make the meditation free to all those who wished to attend.


The arranger then spoke to the owner of the center and asked us to get back to her within a week’s time. After a week, to our utter surprise, we got a favorable reply saying :


“ We are ready to give you a place for meditation without any fee. ”


We felt so happy and It was a huge and fabulous place where about a 1000 people could be accommodated at a time for doing meditation ! Further, to our utter surprise, she also included us in their weekly schedule and gave us space for conducting meditation sessions every Friday for three hours ! We also conducted classes at “ Al Azhar ” .. a big park in Cairo, Egypt.


A friend of mine gave our details to one of his friends, who is the owner of a school, “ Modern Educational School ”. The lady principal sent me a message to contact her and made arrangements to conduct meditation in her school.


There were about 500 children in the age group of 4 to 13 years. They were assembled and we taught them meditation, where we played Patri Sir’s flute music for about fifteen minutes. After the meditation, a few of the children shared their experiences.


We conducted further meditation sessions regularly at the school. As a consequence, the principal volunteered to conduct meditation classes in her school every day as a routine. She also gave us the school open ground for conducting meditation classes during week-ends !


“ plans for the year 2012 ”


Approach General Hospitals and Breast Cancer Foundation to introduce meditation to all patients in hospitals.


Going to villages and conduct meditation sessions to rural people.


Reach out to more schools to impart meditation to school children.


Conduct meditation classes at all Fitness centers. I re-dedicate myself to the task of spreading meditation as much as possible in Cairo, Egypt, before end of December, 2012. I have many more such targets to finish by then.


I seek the good wishes from all senior pyramid masters and Patri Sir.


Thank you all for being great guides / masters and leading me in my spiritual Journey.


Love and Light !



Cairo, Egypt
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