" My new life started with Breath Energy Meditation "



I am Mahzen.


I am twenty one years old. I got to know about the “ Breath Energy Health Meditation ” through Facebook. I started doing Meditation since November 2011 .. initially with some breaks but later on I continued everyday without missing even one day.


I extend special thanks to RAMESH and MADHU, because they are the reason for getting me a lot of benefits through meditation.


In the beginning, I used to sleep at a stretch for ten hours. I used to become nervous quickly and my anger was totally controlling me or my moods. I used to be compulsive to do anything because I had to do so.


My body was always weak and easily get ill, for example :

I always had severe headaches. I didn’t know what the reason is ! Actually I am averse to taking medicine.


I used to forget everything thing quickly and easily and as a result I do not remember what I wanted to do. I always feel that I’m depressed and disappointed. That was my earlier life.


Now, my spiritual life has started with Breath Energy Meditation sessions. Consequentely, my sleeping time has reduced to five or six hours a day. As it is known that one hour of deep Meditation is equivalent to six hours of Sleep .. meditation in turn is resting my body and increase peace in my mind.


Now, the meditation session enables me to control my mind. It makes me to feel happy in any situation.


Now a days, I don’t feel frequent headaches since it has healed completely .. Thank God !


It is only through meditation, we get abundant cosmic energy and the spiritual wisdom and the intellect becomes mature.


Meditation is the only way to heal all diseases. Now, I do more work with greater efficiency, through meditation.




Cairo, Egypt
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