" I collect real pearls of wisdom "



I am Padma Latha.


I am currently working as a MCA faculty in Sai Sudhir PG College, Hyderabad.


I chose Sri Rama Murthy and Smt. Krishnaveni as my parents in this life. I have an elder brother, Suneel.


I am fortunate to be a vegetarian since childhood. My mother, my first Guru, taught me that “ Word is mightier than a sword ! So keep a track on your words all the time ! ”


My faith in the concept of “ IMPLEMENTATION ” is very strong and ever so deep .. and, as such, I tried to implement my mother’s dictum to the best of my abilties all through my life.


On 13th April, 2007 my father had a brain stroke followed by paralysis and ever since he has been bed-ridden.


Three months later, i.e., during July, 2007, I came to know about Anapanasati Meditation through Ramana Sir, pyramid master from Machavaram. Ramana Sir, patiently listened to all my questions and made me to meditate and to read right spiritual books.


I started doing Anapanasati meditation seriously from 6th December, 2007, and also began reading Patri Sir’s books. Lo and behold, most of my doubts got cleared ! Thanks to Patri Sir !


My brother and me met Patri Sir for the first time on 28th January, 2008, in “ Spiritual India Office ”, Mehdipatnam, Hyderabad.


I used to over-react as regards to my dad’s health recovery issue. And, I was unable to understand as to why I could not implement the concept of “ detachment in attachment ”.


However, when I came to know .. through meditation .. that my dad was my son in one of my past-lives and that, I didn’t take proper care of him then, I began to truly relax !


With meditation, I achieved steady progress and enhanced my skills in every facet of life. Especially, I could gain clarity in every life situation and all family relationships.


Reading wonderful spiritual books, like “ The Power of Now ” by ECKHART TOLLE really helped me to calm down my mind and I could learn how to be in the “ present moment ”.


As suggested by Patri Sir, I read the books “ Conversation with God ” Vol. 1,2 & 3 by NEALE DONALD WALSH . These are such wonderful and excellent books and I got clarity on several things and I felt the whole wisdom very similar to Patri Sir’s teachings.


On one occasion, I came to know from Patri Sir that I was being ragged by masters.


He said :


“ Seniors sometimes will want to have a hearty laugh at juniors .. and rag them in giving some so called ‘ messages ’. They would particularly like to see whether you keep your intellect intact or not in every split second situation ! ”


This astonished me and I was also disappointed a lot. But, Patri Sir, in many such instances, instructed and cautioned me to be wise and aware all the time.


Patri Sir said :


“ A master is always guided by universal spiritual principles and is a very poor respector of any particular person. ”


With this statement, all my pain vanished and I got healed.


Patri Sir also said :


“ Meditational experiences and third-eye visions are always on one plane, and your personal life is an entirely different matter. Never try to understand your third-eye visions, meditational experiences .. in physical life terms ; just observe and leave them then and there. Absolutely no jumping to conclusions please ! ”


One day, I posed a question to Patri Sir : “ Sir, I am so stupid, yet, why do you like me ? ”, Patri Sir replied “ Because I am you ! ”


In turn, Patri Sir asked me : “ How do you know that I like you so much ? ”


To which I replied : “ Sir, your eyes reveal everything ! ”


Patri Sir felt so happy and said : “ Very good, you have given me a prefect scientific statement ! ”


He also told me that :


“ Every senior master should just listen to his / her own experiences based on intuition. And he / she should advise the same to the junior master. Never try to offer solutions to personal problems. I never give solutions to anybody’s personal problems. However, I will readily answer everybody’s impersonal and legitimate spiritual questions. ”


In one particular situation, I was in a dilemma. Patri Sir told me :


“ Experience, in due course, removes all the questions from your mind. ”


Recently, I met Patri Sir in “ Dhyanandra Pradesh Office ” in connection with the magazine work. I told him about the content of one of my dreams : “ Some pyramid masters are struggling to understand you Sir ” !


He laughed and replied :


“ A limited mind thinks that it can understand other minds. And that’s absolutely impossible. However, all limited minds can be instantly read by an unlimited mind. Great maturity is required in such matters. You don’t have to be perturbed at all over such very small non-issues. ”


Patri Sir is my living spiritual encyclopedia and I strongly feel that Mother Earth has bestowed all her infinite patience on him ! Much as he loves us, so he corrects us and alerts us !


Patri Sir is a vast awareness, that cannot be understood by any through the body, mind and intellect. All his words are real pearls of utmost spiritual wisdom. So, I carefully collect all the pearls.


My search for a true friend since my childhood ended with pyramid master “ Sita ”. Thanks to “ Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement ” and many, many thanks to Patri Sir !





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