" ' Akash ' the Little Buddha "


Hello friends, masters and gods ! I am Poornima Adithya from Bengaluru.


I have been actively involved in the PYRAMID SPIRITUAL SOCIETIES MOVEMENT and have been doing meditation for the past thirteen years.


I thank my parents for introducing me to meditation, because over these thirteen years, I have reaped the benefits of meditation to a great extent.


Now, my family consists of my husband, and our two children .. son aged six years and a one year old daughter .. who are also great masters.


Having known personally the importance of meditation, I always want my children to adopt meditation in their daily lives and understand spiritual laws.


The birth of a child is an important event in a woman’s life. It is all the more so when it happens to someone who is exposed to spiritual realities through great masters.


And this was so when I was expecting my first child in the year 2005. Having been involved in the activities of PSSM since the year 1998, and through my very personal association with Brahmarshi Patriji, I learnt that a soul is born when it so desires, and to those who really deserve it.


During pregnancy, I used to meditate for long hours at a stretch. In the 5 month of pregnancy, I knew that I would have a son because in meditation I had a vision of an angelic face smiling at me.


I got it confirmed when our family friend’s daughter, a good third-eye master also revealed that it is a boy from the sky and that he was a Russian in one of his previous lives.


Even the probable date he would be born was conveyed to me through my dreams, one week earlier to the date he hopped into this world.


On the said date .. i.e., 30th August 2005 .. the little baby boy was born.


When the doctor showed him to me, I was stunned and pleasantly surprised to see the same face that had appeared in my vision !


He was christened “ AKASH ”, being the son of the Sun and Moon ( i.e., Adithya and Poornima ) .


Even in his early days, “ AKASH ” showed keen interest in music, since he would stop crying on hearing a song being sung by his granny.


When “ AKASH ” was as young, at fifteen months, I took him along to the “ Sadashiva ” Pyramid in Coimbatore, to meditate. At the beginning he was restless, but later when I went into deep meditation, he became absolutely still and silent. It would appear as though he too was in meditation.


From then on, I used to take him to the pyramid everyday and he would indicate his willingness by his silence to cooperate in group meditation. That was when he had his first experience in meditation which enabled us to know how powerful his third-eye was.


1. On the first day, when asked about what he had seen in meditation, he stated that he saw Patriji in an aeroplane. Later, he saw a tabla concert and added that all the persons there were giving a standing ovation. All these words were stated by him in bits and pieces as he was too young to utter complete sentences.


A few days later,on meeting Patriji, my parents told AKASH’S experience to him. Patriji gave us a graphic account of his days in Auckland City in New Zealand. During one such visit to a centre of ISCKON in Auckland,he witnessed a tabla performance and the programme had ended in tumultuous standing ovation. Patriji was rather surprised that this child was such a great third-eye master.


Patriji humorously added :


“ As everything that I do is being watched, I have no privacy and there is only piracy. ”


2. “ AKASH ” used to tell us often showing us a particular blank space on the wall near the ceiling in our house that “ Patri thatha ( as called by AKASH ) is here ” !


3. In one other meditation session, AKASH had an experience which proved to us that he has a perfect third-eye and the experience goes on like this : we were staying then at Coimbatore .. as mentioned earlier .. in a senior citizen’s complex which had a common dining hall. There, a boy named “ Girish ” used to serve food. Girish liked AKASH and used to speak to him often.


“ AKASH ” saw Girish driving a car in his meditation. At that point of time, the experience seemed to be impracticable because Girish used to express his financial constraints to me. Next day, when we went to the dining hall, Girish came running to me and told me that he had joined driving class and had driven around the city for the first time in his life !


4. Our meditator friends from Trivandrum,“ MINOOD ” and “ DEEPA ” have a daughter named “ Meenakshi ” who is a great thirdeye master too. She has seen herself as a mermaid in one of her past lives! When AKASH met her for the first time during the December 2007 “ DHYANA MAHA YAGNA ” at Tiruvannamalai, he revealed to her that she belonged to Water !


5. One day, out of curiosity, I asked AKASH where was he before he entered my womb? Immediately he gave a reply that he was meditating with MAHAVATAR BABAJI. He told that MAHAVATAR BABAJI is meditating even now to save planet Earth !


6. One morning I was thinking about a friend of mine called “ Priya ”, AKASH read my thought and asked me whether I was thinking of Priya !!! I was totally surprised !


7. “ AKASH ” once saw KRISHNA in his meditation. He said KRISHNA told him the difference between chanting mantras and doing meditation. He also mentioned that when KRISHNA blew the hand fan, he created many stars and planets.


8. Once when we had visited “ Maha Maharshi Paranjothiar ” of UNIVERSAL PEACE FOUNDATION , in Paranjothi Nagar at Udumalpet, AKASH said that Guruji was from the Guru Planet ( i.e., Planet Jupiter ). On another occasion, he confirmed the experience that my mother had about Planet Jupiter when he told us how important the Planet Jupiter is because all astral masters go there to take rest.


9. From the beginning of the year 2010, AKASH expressed his need for a baby brother or sister to our servant maid. She used to ask AKASH whether a baby toy is enough and he used to reply that he wanted a baby which shook its legs and hands !


In July 2010, one morning all of a sudden AKASH told me not to have oily or fried stuff and to have only rice.


When I asked him why, he told me that in a week’s time a baby is going to come into my womb. After a week’s time .. as told by AKASH .. my pregnancy test showed positive !


Then he also told me that I should drink a lot of water because the baby stays in water in the womb. We were surprised about his knowledge at such a young age !


10. Recently one of our close relatives from.. “ IYER VENKATARAMAN ” Mumbai .. by name,who is also part of the PSS Movement, rang us up and informed us about an accident they met with while travelling from Hissar to Chandigarh. He told us that Patriji, Mrs. Nalini Kamal of Delhi, himself and some other people were also present in the car during the accident. The car collided head-on with a lorry.


We asked AKASH to sit immediately in meditation and find out how Patriji was. So he did meditation for fifteen minutes and told us “ Patriji is very strong, nothing will happen to him ” ! Then he said, “ There were four masters with Patriji, they were Satya Sai Baba, Shirdi Sai Baba, Mahavatar Babaji and Buddha. ”


11. In one of his experiences, AKASH said “ Patriji is God. He is all masters put together. ”


He also recalled his past life and said :

“ I was in Tibet, teaching all the people what Buddha’s teachings were. I am just like a Bodhidharma, a disciple of Gautama Buddha. ”


12. Recently, “ AKASH ” narrated one more experience which is quite significant. He said that soon the whole world will see everyone becoming Buddhas.


He said, he saw a crystal and many colorful lights entering the crystal when Lord Buddha appeared. He went on to add frankly that “ Gautham Buddha is the ultimate master from the ultimate world. ” When a Buddha meditates more, he becomes a “ Laughing Buddha ” and soon the world will be full of “ Laughing Buddhas ”.


13. During the month of October 2011, when the 4th GCSS was going on in the Pyramid Valley,one of our family friends and a senior meditator from New Delhi Mrs. ASHA GUPTA came to AKASH while we were all there, and asked where AKASH was in the previous life.


He lost no time in saying that he was with Buddha in his past life, whereupon she asked him where she was then. Instantly he said that she was also with Buddha.


She was elated as she got it confirmed through the young master.


There are quite a number of other meditational experiences which this “ Little Buddha ” has had, and which have not been reported here. Only the significant and notable ones have been included.


The fact remains, that many of these young masters are really “ Old Souls ” and it is for enlightened parents to spot them, so that they blossom into powerful entities as they grow up.


Some of their experiences and utterances could be very thrilling and also thought provoking. The elders have only to lend their ears and not brush them aside.


These kids take birth, knowing who they are and so they must be recognized, celebrated for their exceptional qualities, and guided with love and care.



Poornima Adithya

C/o S.K. RAJAN, Flat No.I -1001

Mantri Tranquil Apartments, Gubbalala Village

Bengaluru - 560 061

Ph: 91 72597 12587


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