" The cup of my life is joyfully overflowing "


I am Ratnamala Patel.

I am residing in Ahmedabad. I am 57 now and I am living with my two sons, who are looking after their own respective businesses.

I am the fifth daughter to my parents ; and “ Swarnamala Patri ”, Brahmarshi Patriji’s life partner, is the sixth and last daughter.

My father passed away in the year 1969. My immediate elder sister died a couple of years later. I lost my husband SATISH PATEL about three years back.

I wonder when my search for knowing my “ SELF ” really began. The ignorance about self truly doesn’t have any beginning, is it not ?

I always had a craving to know something more and something beyond than the visible truth, even as a child. However, I could not exactly pin-point to myself as to what I really wanted to know.

I was lucky enough to be born in a family with spiritual fragrance, which kindled the inner fire in me, to know myself. Questions like : “ Who am I ? ”, “ Why am I here ? ” on and off pestered me.

May be, I had some past accounts to be cleared .. so I had to go into the marriage bond,in the year 1972, with SATISH PATEL, a Gujarati, who was working as a pilot in Indian Airlines. And, I moved to Ahmedabad and became a part of Gujarati family. SATISH was indeed a very mature person, very helpful and comforting.

And so, life went on .. but still my ears were always searching to hear what I wanted to know .. a pure thought would give its way to what you want.

When, I was 38 years old, I found a spiritual master who gave a turning point in my life and my spiritual journey started, but I did not get fulfilled.

My inner urge and same questions still persisted in me. However, it is said : “ Where there is a will, there is a way ”. And, soon, new doors opened for me to go into much more deeper levels of self knowledge.

Once, as per my desire, I found CHINMAYA MISSION , which was fully equipped with Upanishads, and many scriptures and it gave tremendous satisfaction.

I met many great masters, who guided me further, in those twelve years of association with Chinmaya Mission. I met Tatwala Avadhoot Baba, at Badrinath, went around Uttarkashi, Kedarnath and Gangotri. I was blessed with the pure vibrations all around.

I went to Dharmashala, met Tibetan monks, and Dalai Lama. I went to Sidhabari, I stayed for two weeks and day by day, I was a very changed person.

* * * *

I lost my husband, in June, 2008. At that time I was 55 years old. By that time, my husband too was a great master as he was practicing very sincerely meditation for hours and hours, and so left his body very peacefully. His body was so full of life ! After he left his body, I just stared at the body and did prayer / meditation for his onward peaceful journey towards his further evolution. I felt tremendous power to bear this tragic event, without tears in my eyes !

SATISH was very close to PATRIJI, and just before his death, we visited the pyramid valley, Bengaluru, during the month of December, 2007. We had great time by doing meditation in the valley.

After the visit to Pyramid Valley, we also attended Ahimsa Dhyan Yagnam, at Arunachalam, Tamil Nadu. I and SATISH climbed all the way to the Ramana Maharshi’s “ Virupaksha Cave ” on the top of the hill, along with my son SANJEEV PATEL, who is a great meditator too. It was such a great experience. We were taken aback to see the wonderful arrangements made by PSSM.

* * * *

In the Yagnam I also met wonderful masters from Sri Lanka. I had the opportunity to hear their great experiences.

I know Patriji since my child-hood.

Patriji is the second son of Sri P.V. Ramana Rao and Smt. Savitri Devi. Every one used to call Savtri Devi as “ Chachi ” and Ramana Rao, as “ Babuji ”.

Patriji’s parents brought up their children ..two sons and two daughters .. with utmost care and love, inspite of lot of difficulties. All the children are well educated. She sent both her sons for the FLUTE-MUSIC classes, and they play “ soul stirring ” flute !

It so happened that, Patriji's elder brother,Dr. P.K. VENU VINOD got married to my second elder sister, MRIDULA, in the year 1969 ( They are presently living in Chicago, USA) . A few months after their marriage, we lost our father, S.L. NARAYAN RAO, in a jeep accident, which was the severest possible blow to our family. This was a total turning point in all our lives.

During those days, I was studying in 10th standard. Those days, Patriji used to give me tuitions in physics and chemistry subjects ! Patriji used to be so very simple, so very shy and so very quiet those days !

During that period, Babuji and Chachi used to stay in Warangal, where my elder brother-inlaw, Dr. Venu Vinod was working as a professor in the Regional Engineering College.

Then, we lost my sister, PARIMALA, in a plane crash .. all of a sudden. We had to shift from Chennai to Hyderabad. My elder sister, Parimala, had to take up a job, as air-hostess in Indian Airlines after my father’s death. But, she was destined to leave her body, within six months after joining her duty. This was indeed another great loss to whole of our family.

Life went on, as it has to, and we settled back in Hyderabad. Patriji's family too shifted to Hyderabad, in their new home at Amberpet.

Myself, my mother RUKMABAI, grand mother RATNAMMA, sister SWARNAMALA, brother DWARAKANATH, were staying very near to Patriji’s family.

As the time passed on, life carried on. Patriji’s and ours were like one family. And Patriji visit our house almost daily. When Patriji became close to my younger sister, Swarnamala, and liked her, he wanted to get married to her. There were some objections for this marriage, with no reason whatsoever. They got married in the year 1974, at Yadagirigutta.

In the year 1975, Patriji and my sister, shifted to KURNOOL as Patriji was posted there, when he got a job in Coromandel Fertilizers Ltd., as a Sales Promotion Officer.

Patriji is an excellent host, and whenever we visited Kurnool, he used to take care of us, by taking us out for dinners and movies.

Even now, he always takes special care of every person, and sees that everyone is served properly. He, himself serves everyone, and also is a very good cook ! He makes everyone comfortable and special. No one escapes from his compassionate vision. That’s Patriji !

Even after his ENLIGHTENMENT, in the year 1979, with so many loved ones around him, he never felt high of himself or wanted any special treatment for him. He is always one among the crowd.

My sister Swarna gave birth to one baby boy, in the year 1977, but she lost him on sixth day itself, which was a severe shock for all of us. In the year 1978, she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Parinitha.

Parinitha, and we call her “ Munni ”, is a very intelligent, bold, courageous girl, with high values and simple living. She got married to a great pyramid master, G. Srinivas Reddy, brother-in-law of Dr. K. Newton, of her own choice, in the year 1999 during the second Dhyana Maha Yagnam in Kurnool. Both of them are doing very great work currently, in spreading meditation and spiritual knowledge.

Patriji met several spiritual masters, and gained tremendous knowledge and he has read more than 50,000 spiritual books. Half his salary would always go into buying books !

Patriji also did a lot of experiments, with pyramid energy, which is most powerful and of great help for meditation.

Patriji formed the Kurnool Pyramid Spiritual Society in the year 1990, and with the help of Sri B.V. Reddy and other Kurnool Masters, built the first 30ft X 30ft Pyramid in Kurnool, in the year 1991 and named it as “ Buddha Pyramid Dhyana Kendra ”.

Patriji gave up his job in the year 1992. He then, began his wonderful mission of teaching meditation, without charging anything. He moved from place to place, and taught meditation, and put people on the Path of Perfect Enlightenment.

Patriji got his beautiful second daughter, Parimala in the year 1982. We call her “ Guddi ”. She is a very charming lady with a great love for the family. She got married recently, to Mihir, a Gujarati gentleman from Mumbai, who is working in USA. She also supports her father’s mission of spreading meditation. They are, at present in USA.

My sister Swarna always supported Patriji, and helped him in every way. She has no complaints about anything in life. Today, she is the most happiest woman. She is a great yogi too, and has had many amazing experiences. Though she displays a rough attitude, she is a very understanding and helpful person.

Swarnamala stands as the backbone to the whole of Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement, and whenever there is a call, she immediately attends to it. She is also doing a tremendous job of spreading and sharing what she gained.

She is a perfect example to prove that, “ You don’t have to leave your home, desert your children, for the sake of spirituality. Everything is a part and parcel of the spiritual game. ”

Patriji came several times to Ahmedabad, where I was living with my family. We conducted many meditation programmes. The time had come, for me to build the pyramid .. and an intent arose, and soon it was put into action. KISHORE, a senior pyramid master, helped to build the pyramid. Soon, I got a beautiful pyramid built at my home !

Patriji came for the inauguration of our pyramid, and soon I and all the pyramid masters of Ahmedabad started doing intense meditation inside the pyramid.

Soon, I was going into deeper levels of meditation and within a few days of constant meditation for more than two hours, I got tremendous shivers in my body, and on the 4th day of Navaratri, in the year 2008, the following is what happened :

“ A ray of energy just shoot up from my Mooladhara Chakra and rise up to Swadishtana Chakra and I felt vibration at that spot, and the energy rose straight up to Manipuraka Chakra, and this went on till Vishuddha. And, I could feel tremendous heat around the neck, and my face became red and purple.

The energy, now passed towards Ajna Chakra, and I felt a bright light all around my forehead. My body was trembling, and the energy passed towards Sahasrara.

After a few seconds, I felt the energy flowing down my face, and body. I felt as if cold showers of water flowed down from my head, and drenched me all over. ”

It was the most beautiful feeling I ever experienced, unexplainable. My forehead, my eyes became so cool, and I remained in that state for some time and enjoyed every moment.

It so happened that Patriji had to do a programme in Gandhi Ashram, during one of his earlier visits to Ahmedabad. So all the dates were fixed and all the arrangements were made. My husband and myself went to Gandhi Ashram, three days before the programme, to re-check the arrangements.

We met the person in-charge, and asked him about the arrangements for the programme. He coolly said that Patriji had come down to Ashram and they had a talk with him ! Then we said, “ No ! Patriji is not in Ahmedabad ; he was in Darjeeling at that particular time. ”

He said, “ No ! We met Patriji personally, and we had a long talk with him. He also ate some groundnuts that we offered him. ”

Then out of great astonishment, we showed him the picture of Patriji, and asked, “ Are you sure this is the same person ? ” He immediately nodded his head and said, “ Yes, he is the very same person ! ”

We stood spell-bound, and this was a miracle indeed !

I continued with my daily routine of meditation, and enjoyed every moment of it. Suddenly, I felt a severe pain in the lower back.

I have never experienced, such a severe pain all my life. I was not able to turn around in my bed, and had to cancel all my tickets booked for Hyderabad. This went on for two weeks. However, I was absolutely alright after two weeks.

Last Navratri, again I was into deep meditation, and early morning my nose was bleeding severely which I had never got before. It continued for three days, and this was also cleansing of my past “ engrams ” ( a term used in Scientology and Dianetics for a “ recording ” of a past painful event not normally accessible to the conscious mind ) . It was the cleansing of my past “ engrams ”.

Now I do meditation for hours and hours and I feel that time gets stopped for me. My mind now has become very transparent and I can feel anyone around me. Whenever I sit for meditation in my beautiful pyramid, I get to feel many of the fragrances of great masters around me, and I know that they are always there for me.

Patriji once said : “ Soon, the whole of Gujarat will be having beautiful pyramids ! ” Yes his words have turned true, many pyramids have come up and our mission “ Dhyan Gujarat ” is being fulfilled.

I thank, with all my heart, for my cute pyramid at my place, and much more to my brother-in-law Patriji.

Now the cup of my life is joyfully overflowing !



C/o Satish B. Patel
232/2, Bodelldev S.G. High School - B/H Sankalp Restaurant - AHMEDABAD
Ph : +91 9898112298

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