" Perfect Zen master.. Patriji "



I am Prem Kumar, from Bengaluru.


I am a member of Patriji’s Team .. PYRAMID SPIRITUAL SOCIETIES MOVEMENT - PSSM .. spreading Anapanasati meditation towards his mission of a “ Dhyana Jagat ”. In this effort, I learnt a lot, and all my confusions on various matters vanished.


In the year 2005, month November, I first met Brahmarshi Patriji in Bengaluru. When I saw him at “ The Institute of World Culture ”, he just looked into my eyes for about a minute, smiled and asked me “ How are you swamiji ? ”


I saw a PERFECT ZEN MASTER in him and told him, “ Sir, you look like a ZEN MASTER ”, he replied “ You too ”.


That whole night, I was awake and in the morning I was sure that my master has arrived.


When you go to a true ZEN MASTER, he will invariably ask you to sit down in silence, meditate for sometime, and go on an inner journey. He helps us to unlock the ‘ Gate of Divinity ’ within us.


He will take pains to make us understand that we are spiritual beings come here on Earth .. to have a brief painful / gainful human experience.


A PERFECT ZEN MASTER gives us total freedom to blossom on our own without his interference. He gives us unconditional love and kicks us only when we are wrong. For him everything and everyone is the same.


Patriji is the 21st century Maitreya Buddha !


Patriji is the symbol of NEW AGE SPIRITUALITY, a dynamic magical leader .. extremely humble and simple in his actions. Further, he is an epitome of the “ navarasas ”. He gave the perfect key for realization of TRUTH-WITHIN .. anapanasati .. to millions of seekers.


Patriji is a constant wanderer, who hardly stays in a place for more than two to three days. He makes instant friends wherever he goes !


Patriji is frank, extremely compassionate and playful. He lives in the moment but never losses his mission of life.


Patriji is a super fast net-worker, organizer, a powerful oratory speaker, a confirmed go-getter and a passionately expressive individual.


Patriji is always progressive, always positive and always loving. However, he appears very harsh sometimes .. like a ZEN MASTER giving a message to everybody around ... thus Patriji taught me how to go with the natural flow of life and how to let go in many situations.


After I met Patriji in the year 2005, I underwent a drastic change in my personality .. from being a confused seeker to being a liberated pyramid master .. from being a frog in a well to becoming as a whale in a sea.


He made me see life as a whole, yet living moment to moment with awareness and move toward that whole. He brought out my inner potential by giving me more responsibilities.


I had many chances to travel with him from one place to another. I have closely observed him : his thoughts, his feelings, talks and actions are always aligned. He walks the talk and talks the walk. He is a great musician ! He is a miraculous master always cool ... at times hot .. but Once an old devotee of the Lord passed away and straight went to heaven. He met the Lord and asked him : “ Oh Lord ! I want to know whether you were there with me at all times of my life ? ”


The Lord replied :

“ Please watch the replay of your life and also watch the foot-prints next to you. ”


Immediately, a flash-back of his life came. The Lord said : “ Watch carefully .. there are four foot-prints .. two of yours and two of mine. ”


The man watched them carefully and found that there were only two foot-prints when he was in a bad condition, in great trouble, business losses and bad health.


He asked the Lord : “ You said, you’d be there with me at all times .. but you left me when I was in trouble. Is it right ? ”


The Lord patted the man and said :

“ My dear child, when you were in good times, I stood next to you. But, when you were in your bad times, I carried you on my shoulders. The two foot-prints you see are mine ”.


The man then surrendered to the Lord.


Friends, feeling the GOD’S PRESENCE within us is real meditation, REAL ZEN.



TK. Prem Kumar
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Ph: +91 9448140198
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