" Patriji's guided flute meditation so extremely pleasant and so sweet "



I am Rebecca Ling. I am a 26-year old, living currently in Singapore. I studied Biotechnology and then Visual Communication for my education. I grew up with a certain kind of awareness of what was happening around me, and my first ever memory of being alive was being in a baby’s cot.


I had the fortune of having a father who was into “ crystals ” and “ tai chi ” .. I learnt the latter from a young age and so SPIRITUALITY was not foreign to me.


My first foray into MEDITATION was probably when I was eleven, when I read a book about out of body experiences and I tried many ways to do that, one of which was to empty the mind and roll the eyes in a direction.


Then puberty came and I forgot all about my experiences as I was transfixed onto the material and social world.


It was in the year 2008, when I started working that I was introduced to DR. MASARU EMOTO’S research on water due to a client who specialized in selling machines that beam frequencies into water to make it more ‘ energized ’.

My curiosity was piqued and I spent whole days and nights on the Internet and You Tube, researching on similar subjects. I lost interest in my work and I gradually took months off from full-time work to research, to meditate and to find out more about spirituality.


Now, I was hooked on to MEDITATION, and I could sit in a corner in my bedroom for hours !


It was pleasantly surprising to see my old ambitious, aggressive and combative personality dissolving into something more still over the months, and interesting sights such as seeing people’s auras and seeing symbols came into my life.


Now, I was beginning to become more aware of synchronicities happening in my life as well, and people who were of a more spiritual bent suddenly started appearing in my life.


In that period of stillness and research, I must have seen at least three UFOs in the skies, one of which occurred during daytime, something which I previously thought was not possible in Singapore.


A friend who knew that I was into MEDITATION, brought me to a PYRAMID MEDITATION SESSION one day. I tried it and found I could get into a state of no-mind in a much easier way and for a longer period than my usual meditation practice. This greatly expanded my ability to concentrate on work and to see my tasks to completion.


With crystals attached to the top of the pyramid, the experience was more intense and more invigorating. I also met wonderful individuals of the PYRAMID MEDITATION GROUP. One thing led to another .. and now I found myself conducting spiritual workshops and being a facilitator for the group !


Recently, in the month of August 2011, I had a chance to meet the founder of “ Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement ”, BRAHMARSHI PATRIJI, in Singapore ! His guided flute meditation was something much beyond whatever I had experienced until then. If I could describe it, it would be a very deep meditation that was so extremely pleasant and so sweet.


Thank you, PATRIJI, for your grand work in aiding humanity towards enlightenment, and thank you, dear all, who are working tirelessly to spread meditation to everyone.





Rebecca Ling


Ph : +65 - 9843 1207
E-mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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