Egypt Trip.. a more beautiful Enriching Experience "



I am Sahil Kandoi from Cuttack.


It all started back in Bengaluru, when I was pursuing my BBM degree.


One day, I was just out with my friend for a road trip on Kanakapura Road when suddenly our bike broke down with flat tyres on the way ; we found a mechanic and were waiting for him to get it fixed. That is when we suddenly noticed the signboard of “ Pyramid Valley International ”.


We had never heard about it but something just made me feel like going there. So, me and my friends entered the Valley premises and could not believe our eyes seeing such a huge pyramid in the middle of pure nature !


That time, I did not know anything about “ meditation ” and I entered the gigantic pyramid just to see, and co-incendentally, an international spiritual scientists conference was also taking place ! We just saw it for sometime and went in the woods to trek the place .. and again to our astonishment we saw the statue of Lord Shiva on the top of a hill !


That was my first visit to Pyramid Valley International. And, thereafter, I kept going there regularly with my friends just to enjoy the serenity of the place. One fine day, my dad ( who has been following OSHO and meditating regularly for long time ) also came along with me. So, I took him to the Valley and I sat for meditation for the first time with him. I sat only for about fifteen minutes and suddenly I could feel a gush of bright WHITE LIGHT entering my body from the head and slowly spreading throughout my body, till it reached my toes. I was shocked but, I continued my meditation. And after sometime, when I was filled with the LIGHT completely, it just continued flowing in front of my eyes like a water fall of PURE LIGHT. I opened my eyes and could not believe what happened ! I have had similar psychedelic experiences before, but never like this !


From that day, my transformation began and I started exploring meditation more and more. I started listening to Osho and continuously meditating whenever I got time and even explored the phenomenon of 2012.


I completed my graduation and was planning to do my MBA. But, somehow I felt that it was not what I wanted to do ! Suddenly, my desire to be a “ great business man ”, “ earn a lot of money and prove the world ” started disappearing.


I realized that the whole education system teaches us only about control, power, competition and ambitions full of desires. They teach us to become something we are not .. in return for power and money, which is important but not everything.


Then, I realized that if there is something true and genuine in this world, it is only our Soul.


And now, I have decided to pursue this as much as I can through my meditation along with helping my dad in his business.


“ my visit to Egypt ”


In the midst of my pursuits my guiding angel .. Manish Bhaiyya .. told me about the tour to Egypt. I could not resist myself from thinking about it and I asked my dad, just once. And to my amazement, he said “ yes ”. Thus it was decided and we were off to the land of pyramids .. Egypt.


Reaching the first day, I met people of great age and cultural differences, at first thought it would be a little difficult to adjust with the GROUP but as a day passed, we were all like one family where everybody was a kid. We had all the fun together !


Finally, the great day arrived and we got exclusive permission to enter into King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid. We were climbing the narrow tunnel toward the chamber. It was dark, gloomy, silent and nostalgic for some reason.


And finally we reached the King’s Chamber with the tomb like structure ( sarcophagus ) in the centre. All set, ready to take the leap.


Lights went off .. PATRIJI’S FLUTE started along with our conscious breathing. It was silence descending on me and after sometime, I felt the whole plane around me shifting and shaking .. not the inner but the outer. It continued for sometime and then there was pure “ no-thingness ” around me ! It was a very simple but profound experience ! I believe, it was a seed planted which I have to nurture with my meditation, for it to grow now.


The Egypt Trip thus ended and no one felt like leaving the place. But, we have to depart with beautiful enriched experiences. And as a NEW FAMILY , we all left with utmost happiness and joy within us !



Sahil Kandoi
Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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