" Reconnecting with the great Pyramid "



I am SHASHIDHAR, Founder, “ Singapore Chapter of Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement ”.


Ever since “ Pyramid Tours and Travels ” started the voyage to the Great Pyramid with BRAHMARSHI PATRIJI, this inner calling to make a Trip down the memory lane finally got fullfilled this year, when me and my wife USHA joined the group from Hyderabad.


The dates and days .. in fact the whole itenarary .. appeared all planned before hand. A week before the start of the tour, “ PYRAMID MEDITATION SINGAPORE ” participated in a holistic festival called “ Heart Mind and Body Festival ” .. it’s a get together of light workers spreading the work. Messages came from a few of the friends at the festival about my trip to the Pyramid “ it is a trip of re-connection ” .. “ journey back in time and activations for the future ” .. “ you had eight life-times in Egypt ” .. “ have an intent before you go ” so on and so forth.


We arrived at Hyderabad on 7th March 2012 and joined the group of nearly fifty people on 10th March 2012, to Luxor, the ancient temple town of Egypt.


“ Karnak Temple ”


Our first visit after checking into Nile Cruise is a visit to Karnak Temple. Like any of the ancient temples of India, the temple remained still for thousands of years with the deep message of spiritual dimension inscripted on pillars and walls. We were amazed by the grandeur and beauty of these temples set on the banks of Nile river.


“ Phile ( Isis Temple ) ”


A sense of deep connection with Goddess Isis surfaced when I first heard “ Isis ” previously .. from a friend ... two years After a short boat-ride to island we reached the temple. The guide “ Mostafa ” asked everyone to stand at the entrance of the temple and started explaining about the history of the temple .. tears started to flow from my eyes ! It went on until the guide finished and everyone started to walk towards the temple. As I approached the temple entrance, I was stopped by an invisible force .. an effort to move didn’t work either .. fear gripped my entire being. I started crying. I was the only one outside the temple and rest of the group already went inside the temple.


I closed my eyes and asked for help, message came to ask for forgiveness. As I did .. the energy field changed instantly. I felt very calm and a deep peace got bestowed upon me. I was able to move and I entered the temple and meditated inside the sanctum. Later, I came to know of past life unresolved matter and revelation that GODDESSISIS is one of my guides in this life-time.


“ Cairo - Egypt ”


Arriving in Cario on 14th morning, the whole group was excited about meeting Brahmarshi Patriji in the evening at the hotel and visiting The Great Pyramid on 15th morning.


Patriji arrived from Dubai. In the evening some of us managed to spend some time with the Grand Master. Every moment spent with Patriji is so joyful ! Special permission was obtained for two hours, for the group to meditate inside the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid. As we alighted the bus at the foot of the Pyramid, I was mesmerized by the gigantic structure standing so tall and so dignified for centuries. As we walked towards the entrance of the pyramid, the only thought was to get inside the King’s Chamber and start meditation.


Going through the narrow tunnel and steep stairs we got into the King’s Chamber. I headed straight to the Sarcophagus and sat inside and started meditation. I lost sense of time and space until I began to hear the celestial flute music of Patriji and with his guidance, I went into very deep meditation. There was a sudden gush of ENERGY .. the intensity shook my body violently for a minute or so .. it went on and suddenly everything became quiet and I was back into meditation posture. No earthly words can explain the wonderful experience !


After the meditation, we all had an opportunity to take some pictures with Patriji.


Patriji in his message said :


“ Every Pyramid Master must visit the Great Pyramid at least once in this life-time ”.


On our way down, we went into the Queen’s Chamber and meditated for some time. After visiting the Great Sphinx and few other places we returned back to the hotel.


I sat in meditation for some time and the message came that I should return to the pyramid. Since we had a free day, me and my wife took taxi next day early in the morning and went to the Pyramid again and spent three hours inside King’s Chamber !


We also availed the opportunity to teach meditation to a couple inside the King’s Chamber.


We were so happy that we got the great opportunity of spending sufficient time in the King’s Chamber. What more can we wish for in this life !


I am experiencing great changes within since my visit to the Great Pyramid. My heart-felt gratitude to Patriji for his divine presence which hastened / hastening our spiritual growth.


Our sincere thanks to SAIKUMAR REDDY and VENUGOPAL REDDY for going the extra mile to ensure everything, having taken good care of everyone .. not to mention the Indian food .. making new friends .. listening to the experiences of the masters and meditations in the cruise.



Shashidhar Reddy
E-mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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