“Meditation gave me immense clarity and awareness”


I am Shilpa, originally from Hyderabad and now living in Nagpur.

My life was perfect. I was enjoying as per my fantasy world and I was blessed with a very loving, caring and soft-hearted best friend / husband "MaheshMaloo".

Cosmos blessed me with everything and gave me everything even before my

Early in our life, I and my husband did world tour and almost all our wishes and dreams were accomplished.

Iam a bit stubborn over-confident aggressive straight forward by my nature with lots of do's and dont's ..and at the same time, I was fun loving and jolly natured with full of `masti'

With my type of background, I was not at all aware of any , ‘meditation’, , `reiki' or `pranic healing'.


"meditator husband"


In the Year 2005, my soul-mate Mahesh Maloostarted practicing Anapanasati Meditation which I used to ignore and feel itwas mere waste of time.

Once, when Mahesh asked me to do meditation, I said: it is not for me and not even for my kids".

However, as time passed, I could see some significant changes in Mahesh. He stopped taking tranquilizers and his sleepless nights turned into peaceful sleeping nights. This made me curious to know what exactly is happening with meditation?

For me, I used to do " moorthi pooja ( idol worship) " vigorously for hours and also was into fasting. But, Mahesh never forced me to do meditation. He would always say " One day, surely, the time will bring you into meditation ".

Mahesh was always polite and used to explain everything about meditation and would narrate the essence of every spiritual book he reads.

Those days, it was indeed very boring for me, as "spirituality" was not really a

subject of my interest. Mahesh used to keep listening to CDs of speeches by

"Osho" for hours together and also tried to make me to listen. But, I could hardly understand any of them.

" the turning point"

In the Year 2012, the turning point came in my life. Iwas getting bored with my life, and some questions like "What Now?" started cropping up in me.

During this period, Mahesh insisted me to attend some of the workshops that were being conducted by Dr. Newton in Hyderabad. I did attend a few of them along with Mahesh.

In one of the Past-life Regression Sessions with Dr. Newton, Idiscovered that in one life-time, Iwas a soldier. In another life-time, I was a snake. In another life-time, I happened to be a dinosaur! These findings aroused much more curiosity and interest to probe into meditation and spirituality.

"I start meditating"

Thence onwards, I started meditating and commenced reading books not so regularly, as it was not much of my cup of tea. However, Mahesh asked me to take to meditation a little more seriously and regularly. But, somehow, I was not regular. I was doing it very casually, in intervals. May be, that why there was no "thrill" in life .. which I was looking for. Being worldly ambitious was my nature. I always wanted to be active and dynamic and always wanting to do something.

Mahesh suggested me to read spiritual books. I attended workshops like GCSS in Bengaluru, listened to Patri Sir's speeches and attended Patri Sir's flute meditation sessions regularly.

"meditation and spirituality"


Now, it is clear that there is "life-after- life "and we keep doing same things again and again is every life.

So, we ( I and Mahesh ) decided to clear all koshas everything at once, in this life-time itself, and experience almost all material things of the world and get liberated here itself. So much so, our lives have become totally dedicated for meditation and spirituality.

In mid 2014, Mahesh gave me the book by Dr. Newton "The Art and Science of Meditation" about which Patri Sir declared that it is the Bible, Quran, Bhagavad Gita of New Age.

This book cleared all my doubts and distractions. In - meditation sessions, I used to fall asleep, every time. Iasked Dr. Newton, Mahesh a number of times about this problem.

"thrill and happiness"

Finally, during February, 2015, Mahesh suggested me to participate in group meditation sessions which cleared my distraction of "sushupti" and I started being alert in meditation. Now, I can clearly see/ feel my breath, which gives me thrill and happiness that I was longing for, in my life.

Once again we both attended GCSS during the Year 2015, in Bengaluru, where I met Global level spiritual masters. When I met Patri Sir and Dr. Newton, they advised me to go ahead and teach meditation to school children, in Nagpur.

Patri Sir specifically told me: "We were waiting for You". I was really shocked, amazed and couldn't believe, how they get to know my inner thoughts, intentions, intuitions etc. It was a miracle for me how masters could know about our inner intentions also.

I have a huge stage fear and I cannot express myself on stage. But during 2015 GCSS session, surprisingly, Patri Sir called me on to the stage and asked me to share my experience !

In front of all masters, despite my stage fear, I could speak with courage and told about my experiences and could express my views openly. This sudden incident cleared my "stage fear" and gave me confidence to "express my views".This was indeed a miracle to me !

"90 days of intense meditation"

From that day onwards, my life changed because from 6th October 2015 to 6th January 2016, I completed, regular non stop 90 days of meditation, which gave me lot of clarity and awareness in my life. And, now, Iam enjoying my meditation fully.

Now, I am eager to give meditation classes and also explore myself to get more awareness. The same old books, which were earlier not understood and masters' words which earlier Mahesh used to tell are very clear now. .

Now, I am aware of myself, many times in a day. My nature of being stubborn, over confident, my aggressiveness etc., all has changed to maturity, understanding, acceptance and politeness.


"thankful and grateful" 


I am thankful and grateful for my Guru .. my husband .. "Mahesh Maloo" & .. who always supported me, accompanied me in fulfilling all my wishes. Now, we are in our spiritual journey together!

Mahesh also supported me in upbringing our kids in a great way. Now, my kids "Shailey Nakul and "Nihaal Maloo" are very regular in their studies as well as in meditation.

Iam thankful and grateful now that the DIVINE is guiding us and supporting us in our MISSION to spread meditation and fulfilling our life goal.

Specially, I wish to mention here, that we have started a company called "Pyramid Trading Company ( PTC)" for carrying our

spiritual work and helping everyone to know meditation. It is giving wonderful results with the blessing from Patri Sir and Dr. Newton.

My sincere, heartfelt, thanks and gratitude to All the Masters of the Cosmos !


Shilpa Mahesh Maloo




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