" Patriji .. an embodiment of Enlightenment "



I am Sudha.


I am working as a trainer in one of the consultancies in Hyderabad. Today, as I sit to pen my thoughts and experience, I really feel overwhelmed.


I was born and brought up in Hyderabad. My husband is employed in the navy, as such I mostly lived in port cities and also being in education and training industry I always found a learning ground at every step of my life.


I was leading a contented life in worldly terms. My life revolved around my family and my work-place. I led a routine and monotonous life until the day when my world collapsed after the demise of my father. There were a series of unfortunate events that happened to me subsequent to my father’s death that left me shattered, disturbed and bruised.


I am basically very strong and active, but these incidents left me drained, deprived and shaken. I began to lose my footing and remained fear gripped. Little things disturbed me greatly. Fear of diseases haunted me and I couldn’t handle the situation. I tried many a times to rationalize the situation and to think positive but all in vain.


It was during this period that I went along with my husband to Sri Kalahasti Temple and as I was strolling in the temple premises, I saw a shop of Pyramid Spiritual Society. I was curious as I saw some pyramids being displayed along with CDs and books. My eyes were drawn to the shop and involuntarily I stepped inside.


The man at the shop answered all my queries patiently and asked me to meditate under a pyramid ! I did as instructed and meditated for some time and I found great solace under it !


I then picked up a few books, a set of CDs and a pyramid cap with a crystal in it. This was one of the miraculous steps which transformed my life.


After I reached Hyderabad, I listened to all the five CDs. It was for the first time that I heard Patri Sir’s voice which was so soothing to my ears and the content so very mesmerizing. I was awestruck at the wonders that meditation could do. The contents of these five CDs became regular food for my Soul !


I do not remember the number of times I listened to them ! Each time I heard them, they transported me into another world !

With the help of these CD’s, I practiced meditation and it was after searching the website that I came to know about the pyramid meditation centre that was closest to my residence.


Immediately, I associated myself with the centre. In Moosapet, the pyramid centre is being run by Mrs. Lakshmi Madam and there I found right guidance and great assurance. I began my meditation earnestly.


In my free time, I also did some good reading and eventually I noticed a lot of change within me.


My irrational fears began to disappear miraculously ! It was amazing that I began to exude great tolerance ! Now, I could empathize with others so easily ! I also became more efficient at my work-place. And, I began to see the positive side of all things !


Apart from this .. spiritually too, I began to expand. Till now the meager knowledge that I gathered about spirituality was from the books. But now, I literally began experiencing them !


We all know from ages through the scriptures that we are all spiritual beings i.e., “ Atma ”. But today, because of our greatest master Brahmarshi Patriji, we have experienced through meditation, that we are spiritual beings in human existence. What a great REVELATION !!


After this great transformation in me I was filled with immense gratitude and had a deep desire to meet Patri Sir. I wanted to see that incredible man who was instrumental in bringing about transformation in all of mankind.


As all earnest wishes are fulfilled I got the opportunity to meet him. Lakshmi madam made this possible for me and I shall be ever thankful for the same.


When, I saw Patri Sir for the first time, I was spell-bound. He was so simple and modest yet so profound and deep. It was a dream come true for me and it was as if I was in a trance when I shook hands with him !


I was very lucky to spend some time with Patriji in “ Spiritual India Office ”. He spoke to me about a few things and the lessons I learnt were the most precious ones.


Patriji made me realize that how great life would be if we are able to accept things as they are, and meditation is the sole channel that empowers us to do this.


Meditation has changed my whole life perspective. It has given me tranquility. I know that I have miles to traverse and innumerable things to learn and experience and also live a fuller life !


I am indebted to Lakshmi madam who was instrumental in my meeting Patri Sir, who is an embodiment of Enlightenment.


I think ENLIGHTENMENT means the ability to maintain a perfectly happy state of mind under all life circumstances !



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