“To Live .. and .. to Learn”


I am Nita.

I was born in Kerala and I completed my education in the capital city Thiruvananthapuram and also known as “ God’s Own Country“. 

Right from my child-hood, I used to wonder how my mother was always grounded and unfazed in facing life’s challenges while bringing up two girls almost single-handedly, since my dad worked far away.


“Autobiography of a Yogi”


One day, my father gifted my mother a book “Autobiography of a Yogi” by Paramahansa Yogananda. I still remember my dad’s remark while gifting her the book “This Yogi looked like you, so I bought it for you”. Actually my mother did resemble the great Yogi. I was fascinated by the book. Then I got lost in my earthly world of school, college and family. 

But, most of the time I used to wonder “who am I ? What is the purpose of my life?”


 “purpose of my life?”


My cricketing profession as chairperson of selection committee for women’s consumed a significant amount of time traveling alone to remote corners of the state. 

Those moments provided me ample opportunities to introspect and reflect on the meaning and purpose of life. Even as I moved forward in life, meeting the demands of a wife, mother, daughter, I still yearned for something·· something that was an unfulfilled part of my being.


“spirituality and PSSM”


Then, I started reading books on spirituality and as destiny would have it, a friend of mine introduced me to Dr. Newton Kondaveti and Dr. Lakshmi Newton.

I attended a few of their workshops including the 6 day Breath workshop some 7years ago. That was the turning point in my life and gave me insights into some of my past lives and understood why people, even strangers address me as “Princess” most of the time. I was one in my past-life.

Through them, I reached the great master Brahmarshi Patriji and the Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement(PSSM ).

Since then I have been attending the “GCSS” which is being held every year, at Pyramid Valley International, Bengaluru.


“tour to Egypt”


From the moment Patriji announced the Spiritual Tour to Egypt, in the GCSS, I determined to attend the same and placed my intent with the Universe.

So was it any wonder that my friend Nikhil Kapoor, (from the Breath Work batch) informed me of this particular trip where we get to meditate in the King’s Chamber of the Great Giza pyramid and the silver lining was that during this trip Patriji himself will be participating and travelling with the group throughout the tour. What more could a spiritual aspirant ask for? ! 

Immediately, I got ready to go with no money in hand and my husband refusing to sponsor this trip. But I was confident that the universe will find a way. Within no time, I got an advance against the property I was intending to sell. Immediately, I signed a cheque to Saikumar Reddy and booked my travel. 

Soon my husband relented and gave me $1000 for the travel. Yes, universe was conspiring! 

Then my husband posed a question. “How are you going to travel with 50 strangers for 11 days in a foreign country? “ Again, I calmly repeated “Universe will take care”. 

So reached Hyderabad from Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala on the 14th of April which happened to be “Vishu” which is a major annual festival for people of Kerala.

On 15 th early in the morning at 4:40 am we depart to Cairo via Abu Dhabi. We reached Cairo at 11:30 am where a wonderful soul couple .. “ Madhu” and “Ramesh” .. was waiting to welcome us !

We flew from Cairo to Aswan and during this trip I came to realize that Patriji is on extended mouna and will speak only if it is absolutely necessary.

We boarded the “Grand Rose cruise” and started sailing on the beautiful river Nile with Telugu, Kannada, Hindi and Tamil speaking Masters. After visiting the Aswan dam and Philae Temple we set sail to Luxor.

We visited the following most ancient temples of Egypt while travelling from Aswan to Luxor ( Philae Temple; Kom Ombo Temple; Edfu Temple; Luxor Karnak Temple; AI-Dier AI-Bahari Temples) which reflect their culture and civilization of their time. 

Karnak Temple is the most magnificent among all temples, we felt energies in Luxor temple as we sat to meditate. I went into deep meditation in minutes andsaw a lot of Egyptian gold jewellery flashing before my eyes !

The adventurous few in our group took a hot air balloon ride. We got a bird’s eye view of Luxor and watched the sunrise in unified wonderment. We returned to the Grand Rose for breakfast and to get ready for our trip to the Valley of Kings. 

From Luxor we flew to Cairo and visited Egyptian Museum. The museum gave us an overall view of the lives of the Pharaoh’s and the well preserved mummies. The best part was Tutankhamun, his coffin, gold jewllery and the most famous mask.


“the Great Pyramid!”


Subsequently, on 20th morning, at 4:00 am, was the best experience for which all 50 of us were eagerly awaiting to meditate in the “King’s Chamber” of the Giza Pyramid!

We climbed up through the small, narrow steep pathways inside the pyramid to reach the King’s Chamber to meditate with our beloved master Patriji along with his melodious flute. 

As we sat in meditation, many of us felt the energies of the pyramid and got special messages from higher masters. The message I received was to go on ‘mouna’.As we chanted “Om” inside the King’s Chamber, I could hear the intergalactic vibrations course through the entire chamber.

I am humbled as remember the other message I received at the King’s Chamber “You are here because all the 49 masters wanted you to be with them”.

Patriji later clarified that the sound inside the pyramid was totally pure and that I have to go on ‘mouna’ for three days, every month.

While on the cruise, Patriji called me and asked me about my experience. As he was on mouna, he wrote down the following message for me :

“Don’t just LIVE in the moment .. but live to learn in the moment. To Live and to Learn are the two constant Goals.” 

“Be a Good Learner, Good Enjoyer of the moment and remember the moments never end! Never-Ending- Present! We have eternity with us. Not just this BODY- LIFETIME! SO be Happy and Enjoy life with whatever TRUTH you can grasp.”

 “Spiritual Masters have no Relationships, but have only Friendships.


”spiritual retreat”


We reached the mystical Dahab, located on the Red Sea, in the evening to stay in the picturesque “Le Meridian Beach Resort”. The next day we gathered for the spiritual retreat on 22nd and 23rd with our beloved Patriji and world renowned spiritual masters from the different parts of the world to share their spiritual wisdom.

Among all, Dr. Sam Semir Osmanagich was the most intriguing because he inspired all of us to make a trip to “Bosnia”. He shared his research and discovery of Bosnian pyramids, first of its kind in Europe.

A “Bosnian Pyramids Tour” with Patriji and Dr. Sam is scheduled to take place from 13th-20th May, 2017.

After the two day seminar, we all started to Cairo by bus. We reached Cairo late in the evening and departed to Hyderbad next morning with specially made breakfast for all by “Madhu”. 

We bid farewell to each other at Hyderabad airport carrying precious memories of a wonderful trip made possible only because of our beloved Grand Master Patriji!





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