“Meditation became my Life-Line”


I am Sameeta.


I am from Mumbai. I have been here since my child-hood.

I travelled to various cities in the country during my childhood since my father had a transferable job. I really enjoyed my childhood with my sweet little family with my younger brother and lovely parents.

After completing my graduation, I did not intend to study further, but had an urge to do something creative and start working. As I was very good in arts and designing, my father helped me to learn computer designing.

And, even before I completed the training, I started designing and teaching for the same institute. Thus, my journey to work and independence began a bit early.

For this I thank my mother because, she always put lot of emphasis on me and taught me how to be independent and create my own space in my life.

During my early years of childhood, I was taught to connect with God through prayers, reciting mantras or going to temples and doing certain rituals.

Although I enjoyed doing that I never made a habit of doing anything blindly, as I always used to feel why we have so many conditions to appease God. However, my questions were not answered instantly, in an easy way.

I had very deep attraction towards Lord Ganesha ..beautiful figure·· as I was so

drawn to its images. I started collecting many different shapes and sizes of Ganesha idols. I somehow, had inner feeling that this Lord is listening to me and also comes with me wherever I go.

This bondage started growing stronger with feelings of knowing that there is someone’s presence by my side. And this presence is always protecting me and ensuring that I am taken care.

I did not try to find much about it as I did not understand much then.

Later in my growing up years, as I started working, got busy with the corporate world for almost sixteen years, and met different sets of people personally and professionally. Here, I started losing touch with my inner self, my belief in God and got attracted to the glamours of the material world.

During my years of working before I left the corporate world in the Year 2008, I was put to lot of pressure and stress by the companies I worked, and personally went through strained relationships, hardships, and even mental breakdown.

During this period, I went through pains of every kind whether it was physical, emotional or mental. I was feeling lost with absolutely no clarity of why such challenging things were happening in my life and was finding it very difficult to handle and understand it.

Through friends, I was drawn to all kinds of astrologers, temples and many other places .. but did not find the right answers to many of my questions and never found the peace I was seeking for.

Slowly, I started my own search and one fine day, I was given an article by one of my close friends to read about “crystals” and also was also gifted a small beautiful piece of pink stone!

The connections with the pink stone became so intimate and I felt as if I had found a new friend.

I not only started talking with the stone but also carrying it with me everywhere.

With a little knowledge through books, I attended a workshop on crystals, which made me to understand more about it. This was my journey to connect with universal energy and consciousness around me.

My quest and urge to know more about crystals, made me to attend so many workshops on various modalities whether it was reiki, pranic healing, feng shui, etc.

In the Year 2009, I read an article on Angels and felt a deep sense of knowing, and started searching for more information about them.

Soon I got in touch with a lovely lady “Sunita”, and learnt the art of communicating with Angels, came to know about these divine beings who are our invisible helpers and how they guide us in our life journey.

I started understanding about myself, my hardships, people in my life, and lot more about my challenges in life.

In order to learn more about this, I had this feeling to share this knowledge with others. I also did teacher training from “Diana Cooper Foundation, UK”.

It was like life had put me into fast track and I started learning so many things from this Foundation and became master teacher in India not only to conduct the workshops as facilitator, but also started spreading knowledge and wisdom.

But, soon, I was back to the square one.

I had to make a decision to quit my job to pursue the work of teaching and guiding people full time. I felt God has given me an opportunity to spread the

LIGHT to others. It took me nearly six months to decide as I knew it’s like leaving a status, a fat salary, a senior position and all those perks I was enjoying.

But then, something inside me spoke “Go ahead Sameeta, you will be taken care .. take the quantum leap.”

So, my journey with Angels made me to trust and walk the path of helping and guiding people.

I happily started conducting workshops on various modalities, till one day, I read in the newspaper in the Year 2012, about Pyramid Valley International, near Bengaluru, and Global Congress of Spiritual Scientists (GCSS).

The moment I saw the. . pyramid shape in the picture given, I felt I had to go there, and there something is calling me. I called up the numbers given and registered for it on the same day. I asked my mother to come along and we went for the first GCSS.


Reaching at “Pyramid Valley”.. 30 km from Bengaluru ..was like over whelming experience and then seeing a huge pyramid there was like “Oh my God!” How come I did not know about it before ?? Does this place really exist here ??

 “Pyramid Valley”was another turning point in my life, not only for learning beautiful Breath Meditation here, it made me see my life with full clarity andmore than everything, meeting Patri Sir, for the first time, was like inner knowing of peace and joy.

I still remember that day, when I met him and introduced myself, he looked straight into my eyes and I felt a gush of energy passing through, and I asked him ”Sir, are you scanning my soul ?” and in reply, he just smiled.

Here, I also met many people and masters and one of them was “ Pradeep Vijay” from Australia·· who not only became by good friend but also guided me on this pathway of meditation and shared lots of insights and teachings of Patri Sir.

Since then,”anapanasati meditation” became my life-line and focus. I did take forty days challenge and the first impact was of course becoming total vegetarian and then slowly, I started getting answers all my questions about life, my purpose, my pathway, everything that I ever asked the divine presence!

I knew in my heart this is something I need to share with people, and I introduced this to everyone I met and also started teaching everyone who came for my workshops or healing sessions.

As the years passed, things started to normalize in my life and in my journey I started meeting many beautiful people who were likeminded, very renowned masters from different parts of the world from whom I learned the highest form of divine work and they shared the wisdom.

During such amazing time in my life, Iwas once guided to go to “Ladakh”, most beautiful place in the world.

I joined to be part of the group to attend His Holiness Dalai Lama “ Kalachakra teachings”. I did not know what it was meant or why·· I was attending it ..I just went there for two reasons, one to see the master himself, and another the calling for the place itself·· “Ladakh”.

During one of the meditations there, I was into deep trance and I saw my past lives as a Monk, and I was serving at one of the monastery there in Leh, was helping many people there.

I felt very strong connection with the place since then and felt this is where I belong to, it’s like coming home and I have lot of work to do here.

After returning back to Mumbai, I felt incomplete, some kind of deep sadness in my heart, as if I left my soul, my heart there in Ladakh and I am just physically here.

I immediately sat in the meditation to calm myself down. And again, I saw myself walking in the streets of Leh, and this time, I saw myself seating near the serene and peaceful lake and performing a ceremony like and guiding some people to meditate. They were all seated in a circle.

I opened my eyes instantly and got more confused with this vision. I asked the Angels and divine guidance to reveal what this means.

After almost a month I was given the answer in a funny way, I was just sitting and watching TV and as I was changing channels I just happen to watch discovery Channel, and it was showing the  “Glimpses of Ladakh·· Take this Pathway” my eyes popped up when I read the lines, as if someone asking me to read it. I felt there is some message for me, but did not understand fully.

And, later in time, the message was crisp and clear to me that I will be conducting a Spiritual Retreat in Ladakh and will be guiding people to get there for their transformation. As I was not aware anything about organizing it, I felt little lost but then as we say when we take the first step, the divine takes all other steps to make it happen.

With lots of excitement, my first spiritual retreat in Ladakh was conducted in August 2015, with thirteen people!

I did conduct meditation at the most lovely place “Pangong Lake on the Full- Moon” and the same vision was revealed about everyone seating in a circle.

With that experience, I got like confirmation from the divine creator that “Yes! This place is the place where I belong and I have to help people here, it’s not just conducting these retreats for people but also to teach breath meditation to local people, children, and youngsters .. Ladakhis. I have a mission to complete here and a role to play!! New responsibility was given.”

I was not having any plans how to work towards this new role, “how could Ijust go to this new place·· so cold most of the time .. do not know people etc.,” ..many such questions in the mind started surrounding me. At that moment I just surrendered to the present moment and asked for guidance.

And as I closed my eyes, “I saw, this person’s image whom I met at Ladakh in my first visit and felt instantly to connect.” I got in touch with this humble and beautiful heart person, Tsering, a Buddhist Ladakhi. I asked him to guide and help me in my work for local people. He not only become very good friend but also helped me to setup a base at Leh and now guiding me to learn Ladakhi language.

April 2016, I went to Cairo, Egypt, on an invitation to conduct a session with my Crystal Singing Bowls. I was more excited to meet Patri Sir again here and also to be a part of his meditation team, at Giza Pyramid.

During my stay at Cairo, I had lots of opportunities to meet Patri Sir and although he was on ‘Mouna’. I was just talking to him and sharing my work in Mumbai and my vision about Ladakh and teach meditation to local people there. He was very happy to know and guided me to connect with Shastriji from Delhi.

As I got connected with him, I came to know about his plan to Ladakh just recently in June 2016. Yet another divine plan to meet Patri Sir and Shastriji again in Ladakh! Ifelt immensely happy to meet Patri Sir and then had just wonderful conversations on many things.

I told Patri Sir about his daily messages ..through “WhatsApp“ ..how inspiring to read them and we feel as if our life is similar to his. One such conversation I shared with him about my vision to have a Pyramid Center at Ladakh. He was very excited about it and said it will happen soon. Later, one day I asked him if we can hold a conference here, at Ladakh, something like GCSS, and he said “Yes”.

Shastri Ji and Chandran Ji who were there also agreed to be part of it and were happy to make it happen. And, in no time, we all decided together the year as “2017”and month “June” to have our first IFSS at Ladakh.

My happiness and excitement knew no boundaries and was really on the top of the “Everest Mountains”.... I was nervous and at the same time very, very happy...

Patri Sir asked me to be in charge of this work and also asked to be part of the team. I just felt really emotional and at the same time so inspired by his words. I hugged him, felt as blessings from a father, a guide, a master asking me, and showing me this new pathway and telling me “go ahead” and take a step ... and show your true potential.Ahh·· still to digest about all the talk we had·· Patri Sir asked me to write about my life journey for the “Spiritual India” magazine!

My deepest gratitude to Patri Sir for trusting me, inspiring me and filling me with so much confidence that Iam all ready to walk the pathway to make the vision into reality .... Namaste!




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