“ I dedicate my life to teach Meditation to children”


I am “Shaveta” from Ludhiana, Punjab.

I belong to an orthodox Brahmin family and I grew up daily seeing and worshiping of idols and chanting mantras.

I got married and went to a family which gave me immense love and support. I was very happy in life but I always felt that “something” was missing!

Every day before sleeping, I used to speak to myself asking questions like: “What is the purpose of my life ? What is that big picture I’m looking for?”

One day, while I was going to my daughter’s PTM, a sign board attracted me “The Art of Living”. Then, I made up my mind to understand and learn the art.

My spiritual journey started nine years ago, when I met “Rachna Gupta Ji” .. my Guru, my mentor .. and above all a true friend. She taught me Anapanasati meditation and explained how this can Change my life. She introduced me to meditation which not only provides inner peace and satisfaction but also helped healing my physical health.

My brother, “Hitesh Vashisht” who is a Past Life Regression ( PLR) therapist introduced me to Dr. Newton Kondaveti and Dr. Laxmi Newton and to their life transforming workshops. These workshops helped me to realize my life purpose and enabled me to understand the Power of Soul.

Through regular meditation practice, I was able to seek relief from my asthama, cervical pain and stress. And, I could say “bye-bye” forever to all my health problems.

Now I’m at total peace and I can handle any of my problems with ease. I feel confident, happier, healthier and prosperous too.

Year2011, Istarted teaching Anapanasati meditation to children living in our vicinity.

Weekly meditation classes are being conducted in various modes and interesting ways. We use various other modalities along with the meditation like .. fun activities, writing exercises and traditional dance. We also use “Tibetan Singing Bowls” for group meditation, as it helps to experience deep meditation.

We explain them about the power of meditation. They are always very keen to learn something new. Meditation is the best gift for their life .. something which they will cherish lifelong and which will change their life for betterment.

Meditation helps children not only to secure good grades and shine in various extra curricular activities but also help to grow mentally, intellectually and spiritually.

I realized that children are budding masters who actually chose to come to us for their soul growth. I dedicate my life to teach meditation to children the ‘Little Buddhas’.

I decided to help myself with “Swadhyaya .. Reading of Spiritual Books” ..so as to attain awareness. I read books like “The Secret (series)” and “You can Heal your Life” which impacted my life in a better way.

Daily practice of anapanasati meditation .. besides being grateful to masters and making affirmations .. helped me significantly to attract more of positivity and happiness into my life.

On 21st December 2012, we arranged the “Cosmic Party” as directed by Patri Sir and about 200 meditators participated in it. It was on that miraculous day...we all prayed for manifestation of a “Pyramid” in Ludhiana.

As we were continuously conducting meditation classes and workshops, we came in contact with “Anil Bharti Ji” .. during January, 2013. He was very much into meditation and helped us to fulfill our dream of having a pyramid in the City of Ludhiana. 

It was really a miracle, that within nine months, the construction of the Pyramid was completed ! We named it as “Swami Vivekanand Meditation Pyramid” .. which is the only one of its kind, as on today, in the City.

We all are working in a direction to spread meditation all across the city and make people of Ludhiana understand the essence of going on a spiritual path.

Our TEAM has organized many meditation classes in several schools, colleges, hospitals, banks and at homes. We are highly encouraged by the feedback we receive time to time.

I want to spread anapanasati meditation to all nooks and corners across Ludhiana, and other parts of Punjab. I want to promote meditation through as many creative ways as possible. “Punjabi Sufi Dance” is one thing that Iwould love to work with.

My family gave me full support in entering and establishing my spiritual life. I’m very grateful to all of them. It is only with their support, I could start the meditation centre at my home during the year 2009.

My gratitude to “Patri Sir” for giving us the simple Anapanasati meditation. My sincere thanks are also to my parents and parents-in- law and to spiritual masters .. “Rachna Ji” and “Raj Kumar Gupta Ji”.

Many thanks to “Anil Bharat Ji” and “Leena Ji ..who are indeed a divine gift to all of us! Gratitude and love to each and every member of our vast pyramid family.





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