“Meditational Experiences of Young Masters”


“floating in Galaxies”


I am “Shubham”.

I am from Ludhiana, Punjab. I have been doing meditation for the last two years. Within these two years, I had a lot of experiences which have given me lot of peace, happiness and good health. I have become a very balanced due to meditation.

The day I sat for meditation for the first time, a lot of water was coming out of my eyes. For the first month during meditation I used to have experiences like heaviness in the head, strained forehead.

During my second month of meditation, my third-eye got activated and I used to get experiences like·· as I am floating in galaxies, dipping in glittery water and looking at a golden pyramid.

I have always done my meditation under pyramid only. It used to give me a lot of peace and positive energies.

I feel energies very well. I feel as if I am in bliss all the time.

Meditation has given me all the answers of my questions. Since the time I have been doing meditation regularly, I have not taken any medicine. I am really thankful to pyramid energies for changing my life in a better way and making me more balanced.


- Shubham


“I feel more energetic”


I am “Hanita”.

I started my meditation six months ago. It was a very heartwarming experience for me. It really relaxes my mind.

I see different colours during meditation. It really gives me energy. I love to attend “Kids’ Meditation Session” at Swami Vivekanand Pyramid on Sundays. Whenever, I sit for meditation, I feel more energetic and happy. I am so thankful to Shaveta Ma’am.


- Hanit


“my tiredness vanishes”


I am “Kashvi”.

I started my meditation six months ago with my sister and my mother. I love to do meditate as it gives me so much of energy. My tiredness vanishes away.

I love to go to the pyramid on Sundays. “Singing Bowls” sessions gives me comfort and peace and I feel more energetic.

 I am so thankful to our Shaveta Ma’am.


- Kashvi


“my chakras are activated”


I am “Meharamat Hora”.

Meditation is the main part of my life. Through meditation, I feel many changes in my life. I started scoring good marks.

The game Basketball·· which I earlier used to dislike .. is my most favourite game now. Through meditation, I got message that I should play Basketball and now it is my best game. I played district level and won medal which made me and my city proud.

I feel that all my chakras are activated. I love to do meditation. Thanks to anapanasati meditation for coming into my life.


- Meharamat Hora


“from being religious to being spiritual”


Iam “Rashim Bakshi”.

I just have a few months of experience in meditation.

And, these few months have added a lot of spiritual, mental and physical growth. Meditation is a transforming experience that makes me more clear and happy.

Meditation has truly changed me from being a hard-core non-vegetarian to a “pure vegetarian”. I could see the impact of being a vegetarian in my relationships, my studies, and most importantly in my own Self.

I have changed from being religious (confused in believing in God-hood) to spiritual (all that exists is one pure divine light and that is love ).

From all of this, I believe in only three things in life .. we stay in love, spread peace and be happy .. rest everything else is a mirage.

For all this awareness, I am very grateful to Patriji, Shaveta Ma’am, Rachna Ma’am, Bharti Ji .. Pyramid Meditation Centre and everybody whom I met in this journey.


- Rashim Bakshi

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