“We are .. What we Eat”


I am “Sally Ibrahim” from Cairo, Egypt.

I was cured from a “brain tumor” by becoming vegetarian, doing meditation and yoga.

About six years ago, I was diagnosed with a thing called “tumor”. I traveled everywhere to seek help from the best doctors in the world and they were kind enough to offer me what they could, but unfortunately all the options were inadequate and incomplete, as I understand.

I thought a lot about the operation and the radiation and all the risks they told me about but .. I came to realize “Why not I take altogether a different path, for self-healing?”

It bothered me that no doctor ever asked me about my life-style .. “What bothers me end what doesn’t?”· “What do I eat? Am I happy? Am I in peace ?” etc., etc.

Slowly, Icame to the inner understanding that nothing happens without a cause, and to realize truth I must change my mind-style and change my life-style habits.

After spending one year in Germany and France for treatment, I took the decision and went back to my country and started the path of self-realization and self-healing.

The First realization I got was that “we are what we eat”. So much so, I became vegetarian avoiding eating anything that was killed, I don’t want to eat something that had no life in it.

I don’t want to eat something that was scared, frightened and badly treated, I don’t want to eat things that are just like myself except that they just look different. I don’t want to kill any thing just to survive.

I am happy to be a vegan. And, thereafter, I finally, found peace, sanity and serenity; I don’t harm or hurt any living thing and am not a part of savagery and cruelty towards animals anymore.

I actually love animals and I want to coexist with them rather than hunt and hurt them and feel superior, at the end of the day. I know the truth that we are all one here, we are all together to help each other and we have to live and let live.

Meditation took a significant place in my daily life; meditation helped me to get rooted and grounded to basic spiritual realities and helped me to realize “who I am”, not just having brain, nerves, heart, lungs, digestive and reproductic systems and feelings.

Now, I knew, who I am and “what I am here for”, I came to know that “I am” not sick, because the SOUL is never sick and it’s immortal!

Meditation helped me to realize the real essence of my being, helped me to be at peace all times, amidst all pain and suffering.

Meditation gave me immense willpower; it always lead me to my only life-force which is my BREATH. My BREATH is my constant companion at all times now, thanks to the gift of meditation.

After I became a pure vegan and a dedicated meditator, my life has completely changed.

My tumor began actually shrinking. And, now I know, I have the power and the strength to do anything. I know that when I find stillness in my mind I can do anything. I conquered my fear of dying by actually facing it and knowing that even if it happened I won’t die! My pure clean soul now just desires to live in this earthly body and realize that I am immortal.

Here, I am today·· a healthy soul living in a healthy body·· because of being vegetarian and constantly meditating.

Now, I am also an advanced and certified Yoga Teacher, and I can definitely stand on single leg in a tree pose, for as long as I wish and remain still, something, which I was dreaming six years ago.

I am harmless and in peace at all times!

Namaste ! My gratitude to all those who helped me to reach this start of spiritualjourney.


Sally Ibrahim

Cairo, Egypt.

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