“Swami Vivekanand Meditation Pyramid”


 “A wonderful gift to Ludhiana”


Iam “Rachna Gupta” from Ludhiana, Punjab. I started practicing Anapanasati meditation from the Year 2005.

Before coming into this meditation, I was a very much disturbed person. Meditation is a spark that everyone needs to light the lamp of spirituality in one’s life. My spiritual journey started from the worldy mundane and ended in the spiritual magnificent.

Before coming into Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement(PSSM), I had any number of unproductive habits like wasting time, gossiping, watching T.V.serials etc. All these changed miraculously by reading right spiritual books like “Autobiography of a yogi”, “Living with Himalayan Masters” etc., etc.

Within six months of my regular and sincere and serious meditation, all my chronic physical ailments disappeared and brought me many surprise gifts like..good mental health, several spiritual experiences, seeing my past lives·· and getting answers to many questions that got raised in my mind.

I got total clarity about my life-purpose.

I found the purpose of my life, in this incarnation .. it is to share with everyone what all I could get out of meditation. And, it is a joy to share my meditational experiences with my friends, family, neighbors and with the whole city and with the world at large.

I got awakened and I can no longer go back to “spiritual sleep”. I started spreading Anapanasati meditation and vegetarianism everywhere and anywhere.

I always wished for a beautiful pyramid for Punjab State. The “Law of Attraction” worked indeed and a very very beautiful pyramid “Swami Vivekanand Meditation Pyramid” manifested in Ludhiana itself, on 15th August 2014.

My appreciation and hearty thanks to “Anil Bharti Ji”.. whose untiring efforts ultimately gave this wonderful Pyramid as a gift to the spiritual-minded people of Punjab.

The Pyramid was inaugurated by ”Brahmarshi Patriji” .. my friend, mentor, my guiding master and what not...! I learnt the “Art of Living”,  living joyfully and peacefully from him, and Ihave nowords to express my thanks and my love to him.

Following are a few activities that are being regularly conducted in the pyramid.

Every Wednesday, we conduct meditation sessions for new-comers by showing the video on “Spiritual Reality”, teach the technique of anapanasati meditation and we clarify all their doubts and queries.

 “Leena Bharti”  gives these sessions with a lot of conviction and clarity. Her absolute dedication, pleasing personality and deep interest in the subject besides her love for all, attract many many new comers, who in due course, become close members of  “PSSM world-wide family”.

Every Tuesday and Saturday, regular meditation sessions are being held. And on Sundays, meditation classes are conducted exclusively for children and teenagers.

These sessions are being taken by “Shaveta Sharma”.Children love to attend the special Pyramid Meditation Session, though it is on Sundays, as they are being taught in a friendly and in a playful manner.

Many schools, colleges, hospitals, N.G.Os., visit our Pyramid Meditation Center to learn anapanasati meditation. Anil Bharti Ji with his constant smile, hospitality satisfies every visitor. He has dedicated his total life to the pyramid. Sure, our Vivek pyramid family would continue to show increase in the number of its active

members day by day.

My heartful thanks to my husband, my family members all of who trusted me and gave this opportunity to express myself to the society. Till my final breath, I will be teaching meditation and pyramid energy.

I thank also Saikumar Reddy for being a true friend and bringing “Spiritual India” and “Spiritual Science” ..great life-transforming magazines ..close to our hearts.

My sincere appeal to all is read these New Age spiritual PSSM magazines, which are endowed with ancient wisdom and scientific knowledge meant for new insights and spiritual awakening.


I thank again our “Patri Sir” and all other pyramid masters for their close and constant help and guidance being extended, whenever I need.

Rachana Gupta



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