“Meditation has proved to be a priceless blessing”


I am “Seema Jindal” from Ludhiana, Punjab.

I experienced Anapanasati Meditation deeply and beautifully only in the recent past·· about three months aqo ..when I joined “Swami Vivekanand Meditation Pyramid” at Ludhiana.

During March, 2016, for the first time, I visited this pyramid just out of idle curiosity. However, I liked this place simply because of its coziness and a peaceful nature, which a patient like me likes the most. At that time, I had no idea about the magical healing powers of anapanasati meditation and particularly the feeling of one’s own soul by sitting under the shower of pyramid energies.

My husband’s motivation and support have brought me to “Swami Vivekanand Meditation Pyramid”.

Initially, for about ten days, I just went there to enjoy my isolation from my hectic daily routine. In ever knew that I will become so much attached with the concept of loving one’s own soul. As I involved more and more, in the activities there, I became overwhelmed with joy and happiness.

I was a very busy and active person untill before the year 2008, when I had my second delivery. It was a twin delivery with C-section. Within three days of delivery, I started feeling an extraordinary stress and also developed “facial palsy”, for which steroids were prescribed for me. I could not come back to my routine comfortably as I felt difficulty in handling the babies and other things.

After fourteen months of delivery it was diagnosed that my spine had been broken. A fragment of L-5 had got detached and was lying wild. An emergency spinal surgery was performed in the peak winter to remove that broken bit. I faced all this with courage and hoped that “from now onwards everything will be okay”.

But there was something else waiting for me. I could not walk properly even after the recovery time. Within six months of it my upper limbs also stopped working with low grade fever and extreme pains in the body parts. The extent was such that I couldn’t move my fingers to get the switch on or off and there was difficulty in swallowing (even water); a long series of investigations and consultations without any fruitful results made my life miserable.

The worst part of the episode was that though physically challenged, I was mentally very active. The feeling of my helplessness shattered me completely. I wanted to run, but I was not even able to move on my own. A serious infection in my spine was suspected (which could not be confirmed in investigation).

So, on a hit and miss basis, the treatment along with heavy dose of steroids got started. Along with all this I also had a lot of duties towards my family, which I had to fulfill in spite of my ill health. The stress out of all this manifested as a condition called “fibromyalgia” and “cervical migraine”.

There are incurable and hidden diseases which are not common in India. Even the medical system is not much familiar with them, as I had to struggle a lot to get the doctor convinced about my ailments. Moreover, no laboratory tests or any other investigations could confirm them. It is a painful condition 24X7.

However, ever since I started practicing Anapanasati meditation, my life changed for better! My sufferings have been reduced. I was on heavy dose of medicines (without any positive result), which now has become less than 50%. Now, I am regaining my confidence!

My kids have found a new version of their mother, who can drive a two wheeler, play with them, and fulfill their petty demands and much more! Even I could never think about writing an article like this!

 Anapanasati Meditation has proved to be a priceless blessing in disguise for me.

For the last two years, I unknowingly used to visualize a place for myself where I could satisfy my soul with ultimate nourishment. By God’s grace, I am alive and could get there for this ultimate experience. Although I am just an infant in the field of spirituality, I gained a lot of experience, much more than my expectations in such a short time.

I have become emotionally much stronger. Now, I can see a better tomorrow for myself, my family, my social circle and for the whole mankind!

Life has now, become so meaningful and so worth living. A number of people from my surrounding including my family have been inspired because of this change that they percived in me!

From the core of my heart, I thank all the masters, angels, Lord Buddha,”Patri Sir” and the GUIDES at Pyramid for making it possible such a heavenly place on the Earth and helped me to enjoy the bounty of nature!

My sincere gratitude is also for my family and spiritual friends who always held a motivating and helping hand for me in this self healing journey.

Now, I am a peaceful, prosperous, blessed and successful SOUL! I love myself!


Seema Jindal

Ludhiana, Punjab

Ph: 9872823840

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