“Guru and Mentor .. Patriji”


I am Kulwinder Singh Mehta from Delhi.

I was born in Gaya, Bihar. We reside close to the “Bodh Gaya” ( three hours journey by road) the place of Lord Buddha's Enlightenment.

In my early childhood, I was not aware of meditation, though many times, I travelled via Bodh Gaya and saw many people sitting with their eyes closed.

Soon after my education, I moved to Delhi and I met Pyramid Master “Jasvinder Kaur (Jassi)”. First time, when Jassi invited me to attend a meditation class at her residence I took it lightly. But, second time, again, when she reminded me I readily accepted and joined the class.

DLN Shastriji was giving the class and all were following his instructions and I also started following his instructions and went into deep meditation.

And, after the meditation class, when opened my eyes, Ifelt my body very light but energetic and fresh.

Subsequently, I received a call from Shastriji asking me to arrange a place for pyramid meditation center in our colony. And within a few days, I arranged a suitable place for establishing a Pyramid Meditation Center. Regular classes were held by Senior pyramid masters.

After some days, I decided to attend Brahmarshi Patriji’s class which was held in south Delhi. His flute music, his new age concepts attracted me a lot.

Patriji’s unbounded spiritual knowledge and his bubbling and joyful presence enabled me to arrange three meditation and enlightenment sessions in Tilak Nagar, where, everyone enjoyed the flute meditation and also the follow up speech by Patriji.

With this experience, I started conducting regular meditation classes myself in the meditation center and also at my home.

After some days, I attended an astral surgery class, in South Delhi, conducted by Premnath Sir which was life-changing experience. I became pure vegetarian and felt astral master presence in the meditation.

A few days later, some of the pyramid masters decided to visit Pyramid Valley International, Bengaluru. Then, I remembered Patriji’s advise to go to the Pyramid Valley and meditate there, in King’s Chamber. So, I accompanied them to the Pyramid Valley, Bengaluru, to fulfill my dreams of meditating in the Valley·· that too in the King’s Chamber.

After reaching Bengaluru, I felt very tired, may be because of the tiresome, prolonged journey. And, more so, I took it a bit easy and tried to skip the program, which worried me. Then, I decided to wait and watch myself. Eventually, I remembered Patriji’s words:

“You are not Body .. You are Soul. You just have to sit and enjoy”.

Soon, I started sitting in meditation for thirty minutes and a message came to me from my inside.

 “You are a flower and your fragrance of love has to spread to all nearer and dearer. Here no friends and no enemies. We are one. Be independent and not as a dependant.”

And, from that day onwards, my life got totally changed. I started regularly doing meditation and working very hard to spread meditation.

I installed a pyramid 2’ X 2’; in my house. I was attracted to its power. I have also started attending full-moon pyramid meditation sessions at Shastriji’s residence cum meditation centre. I felt a sparkle of light in front of my eyes. In the next morning, I felt very light, energetic and fresh.

I have, so far visited Pyramid Valley Bengaluru thrice .. Kadtal Pyramid twice, besides Kurnool Buddha Pyramid, Betam Charla, Sadanand Yogi (Patriji’s Guru) Samadhi and meditated there and in all places of Pyramid Power.

I have had the privilege of travelling with Patriji many times, to different parts of North India and I learnt a lot by closely following him. He is my spiritual Guru and a spiritual mentor too.

Lessons of Life I learnt from Patriji:

  • How to listen *How to speak * How to eat • How to meditate. *How to live

My life got totally changed after becoming a meditator. I became a pure Vegetarian, totally left eating garlic, and totally left taking liquor.

I have had many out-of- body experiences. Ihave experienced my Astral Body which I felt moving in my meditation. Whenever, I contact my Guruji (in astral world) he gives his blessing to me and soon after a few days, a call from Patriji was to sure to come.

I have several experiences during meditation, and many a times, miracles also happened in my life.

By nature, I am not much interested in reading books, more so, in English. Senior Pyramid Master “Jassi Kaur”, insisted me to subscribe “Spiritual India” and “Spiritual Science” and read them regularly. They are in fact full of spiritual knowledge and carry invaluable wisdom of great Masters from all over the globe.

Though I ignored reading PSSM magazines initially, for some time, I did subscribe for the same and I started reading them regularly. However, I don’t know how I became an addict to these spiritual magazines. Now, I am deeply attached to these PSSM magazines and also started reading books written by great spiritual Masters. I always try to learn from books and apply the essence into my life.

So far, I have read about fifty spiritual books written by Masters viz., Lobsang Rampa, Richard Bach; Robin Sharma, Osho, Deepak Chopra, Anodea Judith and others·· besides all publications from Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement (PSSM) viz., Tulsidal, Teachings of Patriji, No-Death, Pyramid Energy etc.

An year ago, I was diagnosed diabetic. My family members advised me to seek the help of a medical doctor. But, I turned down their suggestion and met Patriji who came to Delhi at the same time, at Shastriji’s residence. By then, I had lost some weight. Patriji hugged me and also blessed me !

With that inspiration and motivation, intensified my meditation from one hour to five to six hours daily, using the help of Pyramid Energy and Group Meditations whenever possible. I also followed strict diet control and took only sativic food.

To my utter surprise and to the surprise of all my family members, within a month’s time, I was able to heal my diabetes and became normal ! I am blessed and healed with the practice of meditation and Swadhyaya.

I am highly thankful to my Spiritual Guru and Spiritual Mentor Patriji ..to my beloved MOTHER .. and to all my family members for their cooperation and unconditional support that they have been extending to me.

I am also thankful to all the astral masters who are taking care of me in my spiritual progress.

I am always a beginner and a learner in my spiritual journey.


Kulwinder Singh Mehta


Mob: 9971848073

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