" Spiritual Reality.. that one hour CD most memorable moment in my life "



I am Sunanda Patil.


I am a medical doctor by profession, married to another Government doctor and blessed with two children.


I am from Davangere, an important town in the middle of the state of Karnataka.


My physical journey on this Earth began in the year 1967. However, my real soul-journey began on 3rd January 2010, when I entered into anapanasati meditation as taught by pyramid masters.


I have / had no complaints in life, being born in a middle class family. I had everything, even the marks I would score in final exams were known to my inner self, as I worked hard and worked throughout the year and knew hard work was the only way to success.


As in everybody’s life, my life also had a few twists and turns .. during which only my inner strength and my courage helped me to go through them all smoothly. Finally, I would always turn out to be a winner.


However, all the trials and tribulations made me to ponder into many fundamental queries .. which made me to go through many poojas, japas, horoscope consultations, yoga classes and advanced yoga courses. Yet, something inside was unanswered.


After my post-graduation, I had to continue in rural service, during which time too, I read many spiritual books. And, seeing me reading intently such books, everybody used to cut jokes .. “ Madam ! You are reading now what you are actually supposed to read after your retirement. ”


However, in this fast phase of life, my inner voice used to tell me :

“ You are too much a workoholic, relax ; see how you are breathing ; do something for your own sake ; just simply sit. ”


However, I was too busy and never had any time to think about meditation. I used to think, “ Sitting simply is wasting time ” !


One day, I saw a pamphlet about full-moon meditation but never had guts to think or go to such night-long meditation sessions.


After a few days, one of my close friend’s husband spoke about the class he attended on “ MIRROR OF LIFE ” .. one of such class attendee or organiser was a medical shop owner .. where I used to purchase medicines regularly. I asked him .. “ Why didn’t you tell me about such a spiritual class ? ”


He replied : “ Madam ! Today, there is fullmoon meditation class near your home only and you can attend the same, free of cost. ”


I had to make great effort to attend such classes, as my children were very young.


However, I left my kids in my relative’s house and attended the class.


What a serene atmosphere it was ! Fullmoon shining in front of us, and all of us meditating in the cool breeze, in a rice mill’s open space ! I felt literally the moon was showering all its radiance and happiness just for all of us !


However, the technique taught .. “ to follow normal breath ” .. never really enchanted me that day. I was following my breath in my own way uttering mantra SHIVAYA ” .... “ SOHAM ” or “ OM NAMAH " as that was easier for me. At one stage, my breath was so short that the mantra almost disappeared and I wondered whether I was breathing or not, but didn’t give much importance to it.


Next full-moon meditation class was followed by all us watching a CD on “ Spiritual Reality ”, while my son who accompained me slept on my lap.


Watching that one hour CD was, indeed, the most memorable event in my life ! All the practices I did from my childhood seemed to fall in place and all search was answered and all I needed to know was getting known, with supreme satisfaction ! I was so impressed that, I took the mike and spoke about it at the end of the class !


The class was followed by a meditation course lasting for 41 days, which was inaugurated by Brahmarshi Patriji and attended by many pyramid masters.


Myself and my friends went to all these classes both at dawn and dusk hours every day by taking pyramid caps, shawls, socks, sweaters etc., to protect us from mosquitoes. We sat a little away from the crowd and meditated.


In those forty days, loud music used to disturb me on most of the days. However, Patriji’s voice and his flute meditation so enchanted me that I was totally bowled over ! What made me to specially wonder was his addressing all of us as .. “ friends, masters and gods ” !!


As days passed by .. we had glimpses of silence, of meditative states and started liking music and also wanted to sit for more time even after giving countdown to zero. Many a times, I felt, “ I just sat for meditation and it is all over so soon ” .. I felt as if I sat there for only a few minutes.


Many senior pyramid masters like “ Premanath ” .. “ Varahamurthy ” .. “ Lakshmi madam ” .. “ Bheemesh Reddy ” interacted with us. And their concepts and messages were very very lucid and clear.


Meanwhile, I read almost all the books available with PYRAMID SPIRITUAL SOCIETY. These are the real spiritual books written in simple language and containing great truths.


At the end of forty days, I had a question ..“ Should I continue meditation after the forty days classes .. or what else ? ”


It was a SHIVARATRI day, after 40th day and I was fasting. I read 1008 names of Lord Shiva, before I started meditation :


I must have sat for an hour or so. I had such a severe vibration and I was so scared, I straightened one of my legs and I heard as if a metal sheet was pulled with some friction. Then, I thought “ this may not be true ”. I straightened another leg only to hear another greater sound than the first one.


Soon, I was sharing this experience in the meeting. It was an indirect message for me to continue meditation ; another forty days I continued meditation.


My mind’s emptyness increased day by day in meditation .. and I could sense lot of energy coming through pyramid cap sometimes. I felt so imbibed with energy and my body became very heavy and so huge !


My thought power increased.


My phone calls to my friends and their calls to me occurred almost simultaneously. My biological clock became so accurate that I used to wake up just one minute before the alarm was getting to ring !


I started making pyramid caps, and I used to give the pyramid caps to all my close friends along with a CD on flute meditation and spiritual reality. All the talk I would do on phone ( for hours together ) to anybody was either on pyramid power or meditation !


I used to get continuous energy through anterior fontanelle as if a chisel is being used to drill into my skull. On such days, when I saw the calendar, it used to be a full-moon day. I used to get scared and would wonder whatever is happening to me. But, I got some solace, when similar experience happened to one of the meditators, in our group. We get to know all these only when we share our experiences with others.


Listening even to the word ‘ dhyana ’ brought similar energy to me ! With eyes wide open and getting connected to breath also I began to get energy !


When we were doing a certificate course on meditation conducted by “ Shivaramappa Sir ” .. when we were told that we are Atma, Aham Brahmasmi .. I started getting continuous energy flow through my “ BRAHMA RANDHRA ” for almost three days continuously !


I feel similar energy flow that I received in the MAITREYA BUDDHA pyramid in Bengaluru that too when I sit in front, behind or besides Patriji.


I get glimses of such energy when I am teaching meditation to many groups and when I silently pray to Patriji to bless the group whom I am teaching so that they practice meditation life long.


Once, in the silence of meditation, I heard somebody calling my name so loudly, but there was nobody around. In the silence I’ve got message that I should not worry for my transfer, both mine and my husband’s transfer to district place happened after so many years.


Another time, I had a message in the Pyramid Valley International, Bengaluru, saying to that “ You have come here to spread meditation ” .... which I am doing to my best.


My son who started doing meditation at the early age of eight .. saw violet light in between his eyes. Later, after many months, I read “ Ajna Chakra ” is in violet colour. Recently, he did meditation for four days and he said he had some pressing sensation in the third-eye region. He was scared to continue meditation and said ”.. “ What if a lotus grows out of my head ! My daughter too regularly meditates.


Once during meditation she saw Patriji, who said “ do meditation .. do meditation ” many times. It was the examination time for her, and she saw many gods in her room, saying not to worry about examinations.


She has some minor health problem .. and when she enquired regarding that in meditation, they told “ Don’t you worry, be happy all the time.

In my first visit to Pyramid Valley, Bengaluru, during “ BUDDHA POORNIMA CELEBRATIONS ” .. I was asking so many things for my family and children, I could not meditate at all ; later I spoke about this to “ Animesh Gowda ” senior pyramid master from Davangere, who told me, “ Uddharet Atma Atmanam .. everyone should strive for their own progress. ”


After listening to him, later on the same day, I meditated with ease and with no expectations. What was surprising was, my friend who stayed in the same tent told me .. “ What Sunanda ! You did not meditate at all ! You were busy asking so many things ! I could almost hear it all ! ”


On November 14th last year “ Bheemesh Reddy Sir ” was measuring one’s Aura with some device for meditators and non-meditators. I was on the stage. and as a doctor .. I wanted to be clear about the experiment. In the case of non-meditators the indicator deflected in less than one foot distance or so.


I was one among meditators’ group. Reddy Sir asked me to take a few steps towards him on the stage and all I could hear was the whole audience clapping ! Later I did realize that Reddy Sir got deflection from the other end of the stage while measuring my ‘ Aura ’ ! Later, I got my Kirlian photography done for me. It was blue in colour all around me.


All these are all my own experiences.


Patriji encourages everyone to share their experiences. And he also asked me to put it in writing and send it as an article.


I bow in deep gratitude to Patriji, who says ..

“ every pyramid master is a Jagadguru ; I am not great, meditation is great ”.


Only an enlightened master can say this, and I am fortunate to have seen him, met him and spoken to him in this life-time.


I have seen Patriji giving singular importance to all religious leaders, gurujis, masters on stage acknowledging their Sadhanas. But, he, at the end, has only one thing to say .. “ Do meditation, teach meditation. ”



Dr. Sunanda
Door No. 722, First Stage, First Cross, Sivakumar Swamy Extension

Davangere, Karnataka
Ph : +91 9448337823

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