“Breath is the Way”


 I am “Hari", from Australia.

Meditation has always been part of my life since my childhood. However, the impact of meditation started only when I found one of the simplest and the most effective meditation techniques .. "Being with the normal and the natural breathing process."

For me it all started over 17 years ago, when my uncle, Badrinarayan (Mantada, Ap, India), a regular meditator, invited me to try Anapanasati meditation. He explained me, "Meditation is a journey that begins with the breath and the journey is to just be with it !" His words had a profound impact on my understanding of meditation.

I was then told "to close my eyes and observe normal breathing process". In those few minutes, Ifelt such a feeling of calmness in my mind, and complete relaxation inmy body like I had never felt before!

That night, I decided that I would start meditating regularly. And so, I did. I started meditating for hours every night. Even though I had no idea what Iwas doing, I just kept at it. And, as I continued my Journey of Meditation, it has given me every possible benefit that I could think of! I was leading my life so happily! Absolutely no stress!

As a result of all these hundreds of hours of practice ..and tens of books read on related subjects .. there was deep transformation on several aspects of my life.

Before starting meditation, I never even thought that one can have any purpose in Life. But I gradually realized that life is too precious to be lived in mediocrity. This is because I've had so many experiences that guided me towards my grand Purpose of Life. These insights I received from are so magnanimous and so life-transforming, and I'm so excited to share these with you.

  • "You are the creator of your own life"
  • "We are Gods and godliness is withineve!}' living and nonliving being on Earth"
  • “There are no problems, there are only perceptions. With a right perception, every problem is nothing but a brand new opportunity to learn!"
  • "Respect every human being and every living being on Earth. Eating co-existing animal-beings is one of the biggest crime one can commit."
  • "Everything in Universe is a form of Energy. The more energetic we are the more creative we will be. Meditation is the most effective way of gaining Energy."
  • "Love is the only religion exists on Earth. All human beings ought to be specs of Universal Love."

I conclude with a message given by my beloved Guru Patriji.

There are three valuable diamonds one has to acquire in life for a beautiful spiritual journey:

  1. Practice of daily anapanasati meditation
  2. Reading meditation-based right spiritual books
  3. Listening to all spiritual masters' experiences in meditation


I truly" follow these three diamonds everyday in my life and I proudly say that Iam living my purpose. I have no regrets. I know I am loving what I have to live for in this life and itis possible only by the practice of meditation.

Alii can say is, "Begin with the breath. Be with the breath."





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