“The Shift”


I am "Christine Anis", 29 years old, working as an Executive Secretary at Orphans' Friends Association NGO.

After my experience with "Madhu" and "Ram", I became more aware of my thoughts and am practicing mindfulness. I can stop the vicious loop of thinking negatively of scenarios from the past or future. I became more accepting of what cannot be changed. I learned and still practicing how to forgive, forget, and to let go.

"Madhu" and "Ram" are to be counted for my blessings; Because of them, my attitude and behavior have been changed positively ..

Cutting a long story short, I didn't believe that just by using this simple technique of .. sitting still with hands and legs crossed and focusing on my breath·· would have that effect of shifting my mindset ! I always hear some people talking about serenity and peace but I never knew how to be like them and if they are true or fake.

One day, I heard about " an Indian couple "who open their home five days a week for free meditation. I wanted to go but didn't do anything. Then, a dear friend of mine asked me to go with him to the same couple, "Madhu" and "Ram", so I felt like it is a sign and the time to go and see who are they and what they do. Their home was very comforting, it just feels so good to be there surrounded by genuine smiles and true love!

Madhu and Ram are simply magical, and with their meditation and inspiration, I had a huge "shift” in my way of thinking and in the way of perceiving almost everything. I started to go occasionally to meditation sessions.

At the beginning, I was fighting with my mind to stop thinking during meditation, but then, by Madu's and Ram's guidance, I realized that witnessing the thoughts makes the meditation session/ experience so good and energetic, by just focusing on my breath, That simple!!

Then, one day, I subscribed to their 40day workshop, and that was the beginning of greater shift !

I had a very complicated time back then. I think that was two years ago. I had problems on both of the personal and business levels and I was turning very negative, arrogant, helpless, and always in bad mood.

So, I joined that workshop thinking" Why not try something different ?" .. as the old way of handling my issues did not work positively. As the forty days passed, I literally acquired some new habits, skills and attitude that affected everything and changed my understanding to lots of things. I could see a different part of the picture. I understood what, ‘ego’, 'self-acceptance’, ‘accepting diversities’, ‘letting go’, and 'forgiving' mean !

Madhu and Ram used to lend their books for whoever is interested. I remember " The Shift " book by Wayne Dyer that literally shifted my way of thinking.

With them I experienced the quote that says "The teacher appears when the student is ready!” I was ready because I suffered a lot from the old way of handling and understanding everything. I will always be grateful to them. I learned how to just be! How to be present How to be happy with myself.

I share this experience and knowledge acquired with my friends and family to help and inspire them to see what I can see. And, I believe that someday they will help others too, and this circle will grow bigger and bigger consequently.

"Madhu" and "Ram" literally have changed the lives of many, many people in Egypt without wanting for anything in return. I can write about this experience forever and forever. And no matter what I write or say, it will never be enough ... Namaste!


Christine Anis



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