“Only through Meditation can such miracles happen !”


I am "Jyothi" from Minneapolis, USA.

In December 2006; I was introduced to "Anapanasati" Meditation by Master Sudha from India.

I would consider myself fortunate to be introduced because I had a few health issues at that time and I have been looking for a practice that would help me heal holistically.

After my first session, I attended meditation sessions regularly and read many, many spiritual books. Since then it's been such a blessing! My health improved without taking medicines and I have learnt healing myself through energy-healing.

I also realized love towards other animal beings and since then I became doctrinaire vegetarian.

With regular practice of meditation, started experimenting on universal healing energy.

One day, my husband "Satya" fell sick with severe cough. In order to help him relieve incessant coughing, I took a glass of water and put both hands on the top of the glass, took a deep breath, and intended the universe to send all healing energy through me. I started noticing energy from my hands sprinkling down into the water. With a deep intent of healing, I handed over the glass to my husband. In just a couple of minutes, after he drank it, he felt relieved and had a sound sleep!

Following year ..in the month of July ..we moved to Minneapolis, USA. I started a weekly meditation gathering with my friends. We used to sit in group meditations for hours and share each other's experiences.

We also used to do a reading group every week. The books we picked were related to Mind body and spiritual development like "Autobiography of a Yogi ", "The Secret ", "Magic Power" etc. The insights that I gained through those discussions developed positive thinking and clairvoyance in me. I was able to see my 'Aura' and find lost things like keys and pendants using my mind power.

As my meditation practice deepened, I gained immense confidence in myself and suggested meditation as a solution to many of friends in problems.

During this time,one day,I met "Lauretta", my neighbor. She was suffering from some brain disease. As I heard her story, I asked her to meditate daily and to become a vegetarian. Lauretta believed my words, started coming to my meditation sessions and got converted to a vegetarian diet. After some intense meditation sessions, Lauretta got cured of her disease without needing to go for surgery. Since then she never stopped meditating and now it is her daily routine.

Meditation practice improved my clairvoyance. Let me share with you a very profound experience which got etched in my memory forever. After my intent to buy a new home, one of my friends suggested me to paint Lord Ganesha for our new houses. In India, Lord Ganesha is considered as "Lord of Good Fortune" who provides prosperity,fortune and success. I used to visualize Lord Ganesha during my deep meditations.

Before starting to paint, I prayed Ganesha that "Our would be new houses are about to be built with your painting as a foundation. Bless us that we don't become obstruction to anyone". As I started my painting I soon ran out of colors. But, to my surprise, new colors started appearing miraculously on the pellet! I finished painting and started waiting for my house construction to be completed.

I was totally excited about our new home as we have planned to have a roof top pyramid in it. But it is not the end of the story. We had some hiccups with construction too. However, with our collective intent and positivity, we did overcome all the obstructions.

At present a 7'x7' roof-top pyramid is being constructed in my home. I wish every pyramid master to visit my home when they visit USA.

Meditation enabled all miracles come true in my life. My message to everyone is.... "Please meditate daily, Purify your mind and body, Create your own reality".

I express my sincere gratitude to Patriji, my Guru, whose words still I remember ..."Only through Meditation can such miracles happen!"

Meditation wishes to everyone from our America Ganesh.



 Minneapolis, USA


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