There was a time when my heart was incredibly weary. I always felt life as a constant suffering!

I had lots of responsibilities and my life seemed to be full of troubles. To the outside world I was a woman who has everything that one needs for a happy life...a wonderful family, lovely parents, a secured job, supportive friends and everything. But I was heavily lacking in internal peace! I wasn't able to enjoy time with my son and there were constant arguments at home.

It just seemed like there was no way out and I just have to live with it! No day passed without shedding tears and I was not being able to share or express my feelings with anyone! I was constantly looking for the elusive happiness and mental peace.

Months stretched into years of enduring, waiting, hoping, praying, clinging, and surviving suffering that seems to have no conceivable end. At the epitome of my suffering, in May 2013, I met "Pranahita". "Kiran" and "Rajasekhar" at the "Manavata family event ". UK. Since then my life has changed completely!

I attended their meditation session on both days at the event and felt that this is the answer to my prayers and will guide me in my life. Since then, I have been practicing anapanasati meditation almost every day.

The positive change that Meditation brought into my life is indescribable.

It made me realize that happiness lies inside me and that I have to stop looking for it externally! It's such a beautiful realization that it changed the entire way I look at life! From that day onwards, I started to live with that truth and made sure no external factors affect my happiness!

Day after day, as I deepened my meditation process, I learned to live in the present and this has filled joy in every moment of my life.

My power of intent also became so strong and I have the will. courage and energy to achieve whatever I want in life.

I am not worried about the future anymore nor I regret my past! All I do is enjoy my present moment! I realize a playful and joyful energy behind everything I do! Things didn't change, nor my life situations .. nevertheless, I feel complete. It's all because of the deep internal realization that meditation has brought within me!

I have found a path to happiness and it is the path called "Anapanasati Meditation"! I feel I have been reborn the moment I started meditation and hence the title of this article!


Sree Lakshmi



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