“As Breath is essential to every individual, so is meditation”


I am "Devi".

I was introduced to meditation by my mother when I was fifteen years young. I loved practicing meditation and was passionate about gaining knowledge about New Age science through books and speeches.

Being a seeker of truth, I was deeply drawn to Patriji's speeches. I heard almost all the speeches of Patriji. I feel his every word is an ultimate truth!

I met Patriji for the first time in the Year 2002 during Buddha Poornima Celebrations in Pyramid Valley, Bengaluru.

On the same day, I decided to become a vegetarian. My life changed totally since then. "I became more prescient, developed amazing thought-power.

As a student, I was quite scientific and always tested the facts before believing them. Through meditation, I reaped many-fold benefits and I felt this wisdom needs to be passed on to others.

Nothing gives me the same feeling of wholeness and deep calm that meditation does. It has awakened me to the vast reservoirs of peace within me, and it encourages me to help other people find that same peace.

Even as a high school student, I spent most of my holidays conducting meditation classes in nearly forty neighboring villages of East Godavari District (Andhra Pradesh, India).

After my marriage .. because of my husband's job requirement .. we shifted to Hyderabad. That is when I got a chance to meet Dr. Newton Kondaveti .. a pioneer in Past life Regression and founder of Life University, Hyderabad. After meeting him, my meditation practice increased in intensity. I used to visit "Life Research Academy" regularly and participate in many workshops. My special interest was in Spiritual Parenting and slowly I learnt many things about true parenting.

While I was meditating in "Maheshwara Maha PYramid ",Kadtal (near Hyderabad ) on a Shivaratri day, I got a psychic message that I have to write a book on "Spiritual Parenting". With my willpower, I started the task. The book called "Dhyana Maathrutvam ( Spiritual Motherhood)", became one of the best sellers in Telugu now- which got re-printed four times.

Currently I am living in New Jersey with my husband "Surya" and two adorable daughters "Pragna" and "Nirvana",

Meditation influences each and every minute aspect of our life and revamps it to make it a wonderful masterpiece. When we start meditation, we observe the situations in our life from altogether a new perspective. We do not see them as small pieces .. we rather observe them as a whole big picture. This makes it easy to understand them very well.

Meditation gives us immense patience to accept people around us as they are. Meditation takes us towards our Life's True Purpose. As Breath is essential to each and every individual, so is Meditation!

A Guru's love and compassion is always beyond our wildest imagination. I am grateful to my Guru, Patriji, who shared this amazing process with us!


Devi Surya chakka

New jersey, USA


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