“Service to Humanity Gives Joy”



I am "Kamala Kumari" from Bodhan Nizamabad dist., Telangana.

I was born in "Parvathipuram", Vizianagaram Dist., Andhra Pradesh. In the Year 1999, my family shifted to Bodhan because of my husband's job.

I am a housewife and my husband R. Appala Naidu is Principal of "Indur B.Ed and D.Ed colleges", Bodhan. My children "Avinash" is doing his graduation in Sri Chaitanya IAS Academy and my daughter "Mounika" is studying 12th standard at Bodhan.

In my childhood I didn't know about meditation and vegetarianism. When we came to Bodhan we started searching for the permanent solutions for health problems. In that search we got some temporary solutions like Ayurveda, Yoga, Nature therapy etc. But they did not really give me any permanent solution.

One fine morning ...Yes, It's really a fine morning·· we got a pamphlet in a Newspaper. That pamphlet is nothing but an invitation to "Savitri Devi Pyramid Centre ", Shakkarnagar, Bodhan.

On 20th September 2009, we visited Savitri Devi Pyramid Centre. We attended a workshop there and we learnt how to make Pyramids.

For the first time, I tasted the sweetness of Cosmic Energy and I experienced the deep meditation. In my first meditation sitting itself, I saw the great grand master Buddha.

After the visit, my entire family started doing regular meditation and became vegetarians. And, there onwards life became happy and easy.

My husband is doing his best in transforming every B.Ed and D.Ed batch student as a meditator and a vegetarian while discharging his duties as a Principal of that college. For the past eight years, we have been practicing the PSSM principle" No Doctor .. No Medicine .. only Meditation" in our life.

My children's experiences are countless. Through my guidance they saw their past lives, did astral journeys. They can do auto writings. They can see akashik records. They can talk with plants. They can see and talk with any master at any time. Really they .. "Avinash" and "Mounika".. are blessed and because of them .. as their parents .. we are also blessed.

We started spreading our LIGHT through our classes at villages, schools, colleges etc... And also through "WhatsApp ".

Iam spreading Patriji's messages and my intuitive messages to more than forty groups. I am enjoying in giving distance counselings. Service to humanity is giving greatest joy to me. Thanks a lot to Patriji for giving this precious opportunity.

I am very happy to say that Patriji's birth place (his child-hood home) is my meditation centre! In his childhood days he spent here by playing and enjoying and we are meditating and learning in that same place.

One colourful day (Holi), 5th April, 2015, Patriji gave me a great opportunity ...that is, I was given the responsibility (being in charge) of "Savitri Devi Pyramid Centre ", Shakkar nagar, Bodhan. I took up the precious responsibility and Iam doing my best with the help of my husband and children.

And also with the co-operation of all my friends of our Pyramid Centre, I am viewing this responsibility as an tremendous opportunity to uplift myself and all those who are visiting the Meditation Centre. I am also counselings to people who are coming with problems.

I am very grateful to my husband and thanks to my children for their great support in my spiritual and material life.

I am very thankful to my parents "Ch. SriRammurlhy" and "Chinnammalu" .. who are also pyramid masters. They built a Pyramid Meditation Centre at "Parvathipuram ",Vizianagaram dist., Andhra Pradesh.

In my spiritual journey, so many visible and invisible masters are supporting me to evolve. My humble pranams to my beloved Grand Master Patriji.


R.Kamala Kumari

Bodhan Nizamabad dist., Telangana

Mob: 9949524888

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