“Meditation makes Life much more meaningful and Gratifying”


Iam Olivier !

I hail from France and am presently living in Singapore with my wife and two kids for the last three years.

I used to practice Reiki, and working with the universal energy for many years now.

I started practicing "Anapanasati " meditation only since last one and half year. In such a short time, this spiritual journey has brought me a quantum jump in my spiritual and emotional growth and I could never have imagined otherwise.

For years, I wanted to meditate but I never had time nor could find an appropriate space to do it. However, towards the end of the Year 2015, I intensely felt a calling to practice meditation sincerely. I then started searching for a right meditation group. I tried different types of meditations, but none of them resonated with me until I met "Pradeep", "Navneet" and "Arti" from "Pyramid Meditation Singapore".

These three Pyramid Masters introduced me to Anapanasati meditation. Being already accustomed to the life-force energy, I could immediately feel the difference between this practice and the other guided meditations in my very first attempt itself. With a regular and intense practice of meditation, I started reaping its benefits almost immediately.

The first significant change was in my diet. I felt a need to become a vegetarian! After my third month of practicing Anapanasati meditation, I became totally a vegetarian! I now have much more energy during the day and I feel great about this shift!

As time passed and my meditation practice deepened, my third-eye started Showing symptoms of activation .. as sometimes I feel the vibration between my eyebrows during the day even without being in a meditative state. Third-eye activation can be experienced indifferent ways like clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience. For me, it is clairsentience.

As I go through my day and if I think or hear about something that would benefit me physically, emotionally or spiritually, my body will react, and I feel a sense of vibration and shivers all over. I also get flashes of information allowing me to understand the causes of past trauma or difficult situations that I've experienced.

My awareness·· ability to focus, and ability to live in the present moment·· have heightened. I am now fully present during my interactions with friends, co-workers and family, bringing a new depth of interaction with them. Finally, I feel much more gratitude for life and the different life-experiences.

My knowledge of SPIRITUALITY also increased through reading the books that were presented to me and by mixing with like minded people. During the last twelve months I read many books such as "Autobiography of a Yogi", the Robert Monroe's "Trilogy", "The Secret" and "Way of the Heart" etc. These books allowed me to reach a new level of understanding about life on Earth and to realize the fact that we are all eternal beings.

While I wish to express all the benefits of Anapanasati Meditation in my life, it is beyond words. All I can say is, life is about growth and expansion, and through the practice of Anapanasati Meditation one can get access to higher states of consciousness, connect to our guides and higher beings. This makes life much more meaningful and gratifying.

I'm incredibly grateful to Pradeep, Navneet and Arti, who are the pillars of the Pyramid Meditation Movement in Singapore.

I now look forward to meeting Great Master Brahmarshi Patriji and continue my meditation practice which would further help me to develop my understanding of life.


Olivier Naudo


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