“Do Meditation .. Be Vegetarian”

"my heart-full thanks to Brahmarshi Patriji who lead me to the path of Enlightenment"


Iam "Sadanandam" from Mancherial, Telangana State.

I was born on 26th May, 1981 in "Cherlapalli " Village, Warangal district.

I started doing Anapanasati meditation during my post-graduation in Osmania University (PG College, Mirzapur Campus) in the Year 2003 under the guidance of Pyramid Master "Dr. Narayana Rao Garu" from Medak.

Eversince I started doing meditation, I never missed it even for a single day. Initially, I did intense meditation which gave me immense energy and several meditational experiences such as, Third-eye visions, Clair audience, and astral travel.

Eversince I started Anapanasati meditation I became a pure vegetarian; my chronic asthama problem has totally disappeared. And, now I am totally healed and totally healthy.

Soon after completion of my Post Graduation in Chemistry I started preparing for my entrance exams of Ph.D.,(CSIR). Simultaneously, I was also searching for a job in order to be free from financial problems.

One day, while I was in meditation, I received a message that (in written words):

"You just do the things, accordingly you will get the results."

Very soon, I got a job offer from Aurobindo Pharma Ltd., at their Research Centre, Mumbai. I was not interested, as it is far away from Hyderabad.

After a month, or so, miraculously, I got a call from Aurobindo Pharma's Research Centre saying that they have a vacancy in Hyderabad location itself. Thus, I joined in Aurobindo Pharma at Hyderabad as a Research Associate in the inspection department for a modest monthly pay of RS.6,000.

Now, I have become an Associate Director and Head of the Department!

I know for myself that this was possible because of meditation, being a vegetarian, reading right spiritual books, sharing meditational experiences, spreading meditation to all and also living in the nature with law of righteousness.

As Jesus Christ said: "Seek ye the Kingdom of God and his righteousness first and then all else will be added unto you" .. the same has come true in my life·· what else, do I need!

During the Year 2006, I went to Kukatpally Meditation Centre, for the first time, where I met "Thimmaraju Sir" and practiced meditation hours together, under his guidance.

There and then, started giving ten percent of my earnings as a contribution for the meditation centre. Mirculously, this gave me immense happiness and eventually increased my earnings.

I met many senior pyramid masters in Meditation Centre. In spite of long hours my meditation (during nights), I never got any tiredness and I was quite normal and energitic during working hours in office. This enabled me to realize that one hour of meditation is equal to six hours sleep.

My frequent visits to Kukatpally Meditation Centre immensely benefited me with a higher level of spiritual bent of mind. During the meditation, I saw many spiritual masters viz., Lord Shiva, Mahavatar Babaji, Veera Brahmendra Swami and others. I also had walk-in experience of masters.

One day, I attended Patri Sir's class on Bhagavad Gita at Ravindra Bharati. During the meditation session, I experienced that two masters carried out an astral surgery to my head. I saw very clearly that they opened the middle part of my head, removed black particles/stones and placed beautiful crystal flowers, and again closed it.

Ever since, started reciting Bhagavad Gita shlokas in my meditation classes especially, in the presence of new meditators. Now, I am very much fond of Bhagavad Gita.

In the Year 2008, I attended a meditation program in "Pragati Resorts ", Hyderabad. There, I met Patri Sir personally and shook his hands. Patri Sir was holding my hand for a few long minutes, and took me along with him into the audience.

Prior to this incident, I was bed-ridden for couple of months. After this incident, I became very healthy and I never fell sick till today.

During the Dhyana Mahachakram 2011, held at Vishakhapatnam, I donated a sum of Rupees one Lakh (Rs. 1,00,000) as my contribution towards the Yagnam, and in the following year I got a new car worth rupees five Lakhs (Rs. 5,00,000). Thus I realized the truth of effortless giving and receiving.

During my child-hood, sometimes I used to experience thoughtless state, and could see the visions of future. Since my child-hood, Iwas very much fond of Gautama Buddha which continued even today.I become joyful whenever I listen the name of Gautama Buddha.

I was married in the Year 2011 and we are blessed with baby girl, who is now four years. Currently, we are staying at Nizampet, Hyderabad.

On my holidays and free time, I conduct meditation classes. I even take meditation sessions in my office and explain benefits of meditation. I associate myself with senior pyramid master "Balakrishna Sir" and also extend support to other masters in spreading meditation.

I sincerely advise everyone: "Do Meditation" .. "Be a Vegetarian"·· "Spread Meditation" and "Live in the Nature with laws of Righteousness".

My heart-full thanks to Guruji Brahmarshi Patriji, who lead me to the path of Enlightenment.


Mancherial, Telangana State

 Ph: 9948462132


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