“Meeting Patriji in Bali”


I am "Chan Seow Hong" from Malaysia. My friends and acquaintance call me "Chan". My spiritual journey started in the year 1999.

I always had this question in mind "What is my potential, really?"

I achieved significant successes in my career and in my family life but I always believed I had more to offer. This made me constantly to search for ways to know more about myself. With this, I started my INNER journey.


“my inner journey”


In the year 1999, I was introduced to a personal discovery workshop. This workshop was about “The INNER Me”. Althrough the four months of guided workshop, I gained more awareness about my inner self, about my strengths and my weaknesses as well.

In the year 2008, I was introduced to Kundalini meditation. I went through seven days meditation program and the program was called "Seven days Transformation Journey". Here, I was guided to do heart centre meditation. My chakras were initiated through this program. It made me aware that life is about moment by moment living and meditation is the way to clear our karma.

Since then, I have been doing meditation on and off. This lasted for about three months and after this period I completely stopped meditating. Many reasons accounted for it besides my own busy schedule. I do have urge to meditate on and off but I just could not take action.

I do share my meditation experience with my family members .. especially my sister, "Chui Fun" who is very much into Kundalini meditation and also practicing Reiki healing.


"Master Pradeep - crystal meditation"


In the year 2016, she invited me to a meditation with a special crystal brought in by "Master Pradeep" from Australia. I happily accepted the invitation.

I was told in this meditation the only thing that I need to do was to observe my own breath. And I did just that. I was amazed of how simple meditation is! There were about twenty of us attending this meditation. Master Pradeep showed us the crystal, and it's such a beautiful one!

We did a group meditation with the help of the crystal and my experience was absolutely wonderful as the group energy was great and without realizing it we meditated for one hour thirty minutes! This was my first experience of time travel! I thought it was only for twenty minutes.

Master Pradeep also explained about "pyramid meditation" and answered a lot of questions. Through the methodology of questions and answers, I could understand more about spiritual science. And the best part it was the duration of meditation. Meditate for ten minutes for ten years of age. By meditating everyday, I experienced more calm and more energy. I also feel very good.

In February 2017, Master Pradeep came to Malaysia again to have another session with .. us. I went with my wife for this session. This time Master Pradeep threw a challenge .. to continue to meditate for 40 consecutive days and see the result by taking "selfie "before and after.

I took up the challenge. He also invited us to go to Bali in April 2017 to meet up with the founder of Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement, "Brahmarshi Patriji''. Without hesitation I decided to go. Indeed the 40 days meditation challenge was great! It's to create a momentum to meditate everyday, beside improving focus in life.


"meeting Patriji in Bali"


On 2nd April 2017, we arrived in Bali and I was so looking forward to meet Patriji. We had four days of sessions with Patriji ! There were senior meditators from India, Vietnam and Malaysia sharing their experiences for four full days in the presence of Patriji !

Patriji explained why we need to be vegetarians and with that Master Pradeep set another challenge for us .. to be a vegetarian for the next 40 days·· and without hesitation I again took up the challenge! I had very good experience being a vegetarian, I felt lighter and healthier. Surprisingly, I lost urge for meat there after!

This meditation journey brought me to "Pyramid Valley International", Bengaluru, India, on 2nd June 2017, exactly two months after our Bali trip.

This trip was wonderful besides enjoying great vegetarian food. I also meditated in the King's Chamber of the mega pyramid. They were many senior masters who shared their experiences and answered all our questions.

I understood the importance of being a vegetarian and also being a meditator. I also shared this wonderful message with my family. Of late, my wife, son and daughter also started doing meditation! And, further, my wife and daughter became vegetarians!

This is my sixth month of Pyramid meditation and the third month of being a vegetarian!

I could experience many changes surrounding me. Also, I'm calmer, better focused and my relationships with my wife and children have improved significantly. I will continue this spiritual journey more vigorously and I will continue to share and TEACH meditation!


Chan Seow Hong

Kuala Lampur - Malaysia

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